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Five Hot Promotional Giveaway Items for Summer Travelers


It’s that time of year again when the days are long and the nights are short. In most parts of our country, the weather ranges from mildly pleasant to scorching hot. It’s more likely that when your business clients are traveling, they will tag on an extra few vacation days to enjoy their destination. Take the opportunity to provide them with quality promotional items that can not only contribute to their summer trips but serve as a memorable reminder of you and your company.


Corporate Giveaway Item Keeps Clients Hydrated

In the heat of the summer, there’s probably nothing quite as important as staying hydrated. Whether you’re on the go running from one meeting to another or taking a break to enjoy some relaxation by the pool, you’ll want to make sure drinks are nearby.

Provide a customized insulated can holder with your corporate logo to help keep your clients thinking of you while they are keeping their fluids up.


Quality Promotional Items Increase Exposure

If you have the budget, consider going with something a little higher end that may be used frequently throughout the summer. The pelican cooler is extremely durable and can keep food cold for up to three days.

When your clients are traveling for business or pleasure, a promotional item such as a heavy-duty cooler can become a lifesaver. They will not only be reminded of your organization but they will become a walking advertisement for wherever they may be going, summer day after summer day.


Keep the Sun at Bay with Corporate Giveaway Item

While everyone enjoys time in the sun, it can become hard on the eyes and the face after some time. Providing summer caps or sun visors can be a great way for your organization to help.

Hats and visors are some of those things that you can never have too many of. They are relatively inexpensive and are often left at friends’ homes, in cars or at other public places. Your unique corporate message can be seen by many people who are out enjoying the summer weather.


Help Protect Eyes, Skin, and Lips

It’s tempting to stay out in the warm weather for a little too long at times. Providing your business clients with items they can use while they are traveling in the heat of the summer will be much appreciated.

Simple, inexpensive and extremely useful items are lip balm and customized sunglasses. It’s easy to print your logo, slogan, company name or special event on these items to serve as a reminder of your business or organization.

A great travel accessory is the no-burn outdoor sun protection kit. It’s small and compact, making it easy to carry on business or pleasure trips.


Specialty Items Make Great Conversation Starters

When you’re selecting summer promotional items, you may also want to go for something more unique that can be great conversation starters for your clients while they are on the go.

Consider investing in golf umbrellas or this folding travel umbrella that’s great for not only blocking the sun but on those rainy days as well. This unique cooling towel is 20 degrees lower than the outdoor temperature once you wet and shake it to activate.

For more great ideas to help you find the perfect corporate giveaway item, browse through the offerings at Ad Cetera, Inc. This promotional item website offers a myriad of items that can be customized and ordered in just about any quantity to help you promote your business or organization.

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Quality Promotional Items to Help Avoid These Top Three Branding Mistakes

When it’s time to invest in quality promotional items, you are probably looking for ways to capitalize on an upcoming event, trade show or conference. Before you spend your precious budget dollars, be aware of common branding mistakes that can occur when you’re looking for corporate giveaway items.


Mistake #1: Selecting the Wrong Item

In today’s competitive marketplace, you want to make sure all aspects of your marketing are buttoned up from strategy through execution. This means that you should select quality promotional items that fit well with your brand and company image. For example, a branded screwdriver might work great for a repair company but not so well for a law firm.

Promotional suppliers have a wealth of creative giveaways for just about any sort of business or organization. You can purchase anything from quality promotional pens to tote bags to customized food packaging. Doing a little research can help you find a creative way to share your brand with your key audiences.

In addition, the right promotional company can help you select not only the best items but also help you with messaging, branding and image management suggestions. You’ll also want to incorporate your call to action, if possible, in your promotional product. Perhaps your item can invite a phone call or a visit to your website.


Mistake #2: Selecting Useless Giveaways

In the age of environmentally conscious consumers, you’ll want to be sure you’re not giving away items that will just take a detour to the landfill. Select quality promotional giveaways that can be useful to your key audience. Items like pens, drink koozies or candy are always appreciated and used.

Another idea would be to ask your customers, shareholders or other partners what types of items they would like to receive. They may have great ideas that you haven’t thought of yet or help point you in a fresh direction.


Mistake #3: Selecting the Cheapest Products

Although all companies are trying to be cost conscious, you want to be careful not to select cheap items that will fail to work or break immediately. That not only conveys a negative impression of your company but also means that your item is not around for very long to do its promotional job.

Select quality promotional items that will work well, convey a positive impression, and float around for a long time reinforcing your brand and your message to a wide variety of audiences. Ideally, the promotional item you select can be re-gifted or passed along to others.

Consider items such as custom calendars, which could be used for an entire year, reinforcing your brand and your message day after day. Each time your customer glances at it to check an appointment, your brand will be front and center. Your phone number and contact information are also constantly available.

Finally, be sure to plan ahead so you can get the best bang for your buck. Give yourself time to ask around, browse through our other blog postings about promotional items, and order some sample items to see what they look like. Spend some time thinking about your branding, how you will distribute the items and what shelf life they will have. Pre-planning always pays off and gives you an overall better result in the end.

Once you’ve sharpened your brand, selected a well-fitting item, and choose quality promotional giveaways from Ad Cetera, you’ll be ready to make a big impression at your upcoming event, conference or trade show.

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Make a Memorable Impression with Quality 4th of July Promotional Items

Observed on the 4th of July, Independence Day is a day of remembrance and appreciation. It’s a time to honor the lives of men and women who have fallen in service of their country. In the United States, the day is generally synonymous with cemetery visits, colorful local parades, trips to the park, and backyard barbecues. As this year’s Independence Day approaches, consider gifting your clients, staff members, or potential business contacts with top-quality  4th of July promotional items. Draw attention to your company logo while providing people with functional or fun gift items that will enhance the day’s activities.


Use American Flag Promotional Items to Get Your Message Out

As people start planning their 4th of July outings, you should be thinking red, white, and blue. We’ve got a vast assortment of flag-themed goodies that can be personalized with your company logo and business contact information. From our star-shaped stress reliever and flag-shaped keychain to our red, white, and blue beach ball, ad cetera, inc. appeals to a wide demographic with our 4th of July promotional items.


Fire Them Up with Top-Quality Promotional Grill Items

Barbecuing combines everything that folks love: fresh air, hot food, and easy conversation with family and friends. At ad cetera, inc., we’ve got dozens of  promotional items that will make barbecuing easier. You can boost your brand recognition with a personalized silicon basting brushstainless steel spatula, or set of tongs. Be sure to check out other awesome cookout items featured in one of our previous blog posts “Burgers, Wings and Red Hot Giveaways: Quality Promotional Items for your Clients’ BBQ.”


Turn a Local Tradition into a Promotional Opportunity for Your Business

What better way to spread your company’s message than to distribute promotional items at your local parade or event? Flag-themed hand-held fans will offer instant relief from the heat as will sturdy reusable slim-fit sports water bottlesthermal tote bags. All of these items can be imprinted with your company information. We also have a huge array of caps and visors, which can be a real boon in the blazing sun. When shopping for promotional head gear, consider the following options:

  • Material: We offer hats and visors crafted from a variety of durable materials, including mesh, cotton twill, nylon, chino, and polyester.
  • Style: We’ve got a huge collection of cap styles, including unstructured, structured, flexfitflat bill, and sandwich bill.
  • Colors: Browse our collection of hats and visors, and discover endless colors and color combinations. We’ve got traditional red, white, and blue, as well as cyber green, Vegas gold, heather gray, hot pink and hundreds of other fabulous eye-catching colors.

4th of July promotional items can earn your business the attention it deserves. Contact ad cetera, inc. today to discuss how our products can help you build your brand. Our helpful service representatives will guide you toward just the right product for your audience, and we’ll be sure it’s at a price you can afford.

top tradeshow giveaways

Capture Attention With These Top Trade Show Giveaways

When you set up a booth and represent your company at a trade show, you need to set yourself apart from the competition. Give attendees a reason to stop by your booth and learn about what your company does with these top trade show giveaways. In addition to having an eye-pleasing display and a setup that people can easily see, you could capture plenty of attention by using these quality trade show items for promotional purposes.


Trail Mix and Energy Bars

People at trade shows may get hungry. If the place has a cafe, the food there is likely to be greasy and unhealthy. Consider trail mix or energy bars. The presentation of the trail mix, energy bars and other edible items is also important. Consider using attractive bowls to hold the packets of trail mix. For tins of mints, consider stacking them up in a fun pyramid design. Serving trays are an elegant option for displaying edible trade show giveaways.


Stress Relievers

Traveling to a trade show, being on your feet all day and the disruption to your usual routine could all be stressful. One of our top quality trade show items is the stress ball. They come in bright colors, and they’re also available in star, football and hat shapes. Let your guests see you use it. Play a game of catch with passersby and the stress balls. Show them how satisfying it is to squeeze the ball and release it. Display these promotional items in clever containers such as metal wash bins or sand pails. Consider setting up a mini basketball hoop for people to throw the stress balls into. In this blog post, we offer additional quality trade show items that are known to help people with stress relief.



T-shirts with your company logo are the ads that keep on giving, but in a good way. Every time one of your trade show booth guests wears the t-shirt that he or she got from you, your business gets a little bit of free advertising. People are naturally observant of what other people wear, and your company’s name could get noticed by dozens of people every time one of the trade show booth guests wears it. You could also wear one of these pre-shrunk cotton t-shirts for yourself. They come in a variety of colors, so you could have a rainbow of them printed up with your company’s details. Arrange them on your display table like trendy stores do with their clothing. Keep everything sorted by size and color and ensure that the shirts are properly folded.


Popcorn Buckets

You know how the smell of popcorn in the office seems to spread around and make other people want popcorn, too? Put this to your advantage at your next trade show by giving away popcorn buckets and setting up a popcorn machine at your booth. The sound of popcorn popping and the smell of the freshly made popcorn could be irresistible to the guests at the trade show. You might even develop a reputation for being the popcorn guy or gal among attendees who come to the shows on a routine basis.


Golf Trade Show Giveaway Items

Many people play golf during their leisure time, so you could take advantage of it by including some golf tee at your trade show booth. In addition to the golf tees, consider adding some coordinating golf towels. When you’re giving away golf items, you could go all out with your trade show booth setup. Bring a mini putting green and set it up on the floor. Have a few putters ready. You could even have a prize wheel set up or give the prizes to people who make the hole in one or two swings. You could do some putting yourself between visitors at your booth.

These fun giveaway items can all be customized with your company’s name, logo, web address and anything else you’d like to add. By showing guests and passersby how much fun the promotional items can be, your booth could be one of the most popular spots at your next trade show. Check out more of our fun trade show giveaway items at Ad Cetera, Inc.

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Pens vs. Business Cards: Why Promotional Gifts Are Better at Boosting Your Customer Base

Business cards have long been the go-to tool for sharing contact information with current and potential clients. Business cards are compact and easy to distribute, but they lack the punch of personalized promotional gifts. Consider how top-quality promotional products can help you connect with your customers, clients, and peers in a way that business cards can’t.

Promotional Products Offer Greater Visibility

Business cards have limited reach and offer less visibility than quality promotional items. Traditional 3-1/2 x 2-inch business cards tend to pass casually from one pocket to another, where they sit unnoticed. You might spend considerable time and effort designing the perfect business card, nitpicking about layout, fussing over card stock quality, and obsessing about print colors. In the end, however, many potential business associates will shove your card — along with many others — to the back of a desk drawer. Your company’s message will be forgotten. In contrast, visually appealing promotional items with your personalized logo and business contact information can thrust your company into full view. A personalized hand spinnersports bottle, or mouse pad will earn you the positive, repeated attention that business cards don’t.

Promotional Gifts Create Positive Associations

Business cards are standard, impersonal, and predictable. In contrast, promotional items leave a unique and positive impression on clients, customers, and business associates. Imagine yourself at your next major conference or trade show. Picture yourself handing a future customer a personalized memo clip or sun visor instead of a traditional business card. Chances are, he’ll appreciate being gifted with something concrete and functional. That appreciation will foster positive, long-lasting feelings toward you and your brand.

Quality Promotional Items Are Constant Reminders

As mentioned in a previous blog, “5 Ways a Small Business Can Effectively Use Promotional Items at a Convention,” promotional gifts are constant reminders that your business is out there doing great things. A business card gets stashed away in a wallet or purse pocket, but stainless steel travel tumblerssoft touch stylus pensdesk diaries, and drawstring sports bags are all functional items that can be put to use every day. That translates into increased name recognition, more buzz about your business, and, ultimately, new clients who are fired up about your product.

The staff at ad cetera, inc. are masters at choosing the right promotional product for any and every business. If you’ve decided to ramp up your promotional efforts, start by thinking out of the box. Move beyond the standard business card model, which has questionable promotional power. Opt, instead, for top quality promotional items that get your name out there. Contact ad cetera, inc. today to discuss your company’s profile. One of our friendly service representatives will help you find the promotional item that best meets your needs.

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Graduate Your Gift Giving With Honors: The Best Promotional Gifts for the New Grad in Your Life

Graduation season is upon us, and quality promotional items are an ideal way to get your name and business information out there while also celebrating the momentous accomplishments of new graduates. Graduation promotional gifts with your company’s logo are suitable for high school, college and graduate school events. You might even consider having some ready for the parents of the new grads since their support is key to the success of the newly accomplished individuals.

Frame for the Diploma

New graduates are proud of their accomplishments, and it’s natural for them to want to show off their diplomas. A magnetic clear on black acrylic certificate frame is an ideal way for the graduate to hang up his or her diploma at home or on a desk at work for everyone to see. These frames can also be used for other awards the new graduate has received.

Stress Relief

multi colored mortarboard hat stress relievers

Mortarboard Hat Stress Reliever

Graduation can be a stressful time. The months after graduation may also be stressful, especially for graduates who are searching for a job in their area of study. A mortarboard hat stress reliever gives a new graduate something to fidget with or squeeze when his or her emotions are overwhelming. In this blog, we also have many more ideas on quality promotional items that would be ideal for a new graduate entering a stressful job in the corporate world or another life path, such as the medical field.

Bubble Wands

When the new grad walks out of the stadium or auditorium with his or her diploma in hand, a wave of colorful bubbles adds to the festivities. A graduation bubble wand is an environmentally friendly way to salute the new graduate. Bubble wands can also be used as promotional items for your planned summertime giveaways.

Sweatshirt Blankets

a gray sweatshirt throw blanket with football logo

Sweatshirt Throw Blanket

Many new graduates like to take some time off and travel. Some simply set up in an apartment with a few roommates and start their adult lives. An ideal way to celebrate this start in adult life is with a Stonehouse sweatshirt blanket. These blankets can be imprinted with the school, year and your logo.

Tech-related Graduation Promotional Gifts

Today’s graduates are some of the savviest people when it comes to their comfort and expertise with technology. A branded Powersquare rechargeable power bank with your company’s logo would be a helpful promotional item to include in your selection of graduate gifts. This device features a USB to micro-USB charging cable, and it plugs in with any USB port to recharge the 4000 mAH battery.

Quality promotional items are an ideal way to celebrate the special occasion of a graduation. These items not only promote your company, they also help get your name out there. The new grads will likely remember your company’s name and logo the next time they are looking for a product or service that your company offers. Check out these great graduation promotional gifts and more at Ad Cetera, Inc.

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Corporate Giveaway Items to Energize Your Employees

Reward superior departmental performance with employee incentive items. These types of products are fun, engaging, and feature your business logo. By selecting good-quality corporate giveaway items with a high level of consumer appeal, your employees are not only sure to use these items, but they eagerly become your brand ambassadors.


How to Select Employee Incentive Promotional Items

Management teams frequently develop a merit system. High-appeal corporate giveaway items such as apparel require more effort and performance than items such as stress relief products. Moreover, consider the niche that you are in. Staying with the example of the stress relief products, an automotive niche company might choose car-themed stress balls whereas a tech sector firm may do well with hand spinners.

Top 5 Quality Corporate Giveaway Items That are Easy on the Budget

If you decide to go with more expensive employee incentive promotional items for peak performers, you have the added benefit of showcasing professionals who made the cut. Doing so spurs on other workers who are still catching up. Examples of possible products run the gamut of desirable consumer goods.

  1. New Era® Stretch Mesh Cap Choose from a variety of colors and sizes. Doing so ensures that every member of your staff can have access to a branded product that fits perfectly. Caps are useful, fun, and something that your employees wear at home and on vacation, too, which is a great marketing advantage for your business.
  2. Small Hit Sports Pack The material the manufacturer uses is 210D polyester. It makes the bag washable and durable. Eyelets with reinforcement protect the bag from ripping. Add your corporate logo along with brand colors. This bag is an excellent giveaway item for graduates of your training classes.
  3. 20 Oz. Olympus Stainless Steel/PP Tumbler When you need a great raffle price, you cannot go wrong with branded stainless steel tumblers. The lining features polypropylene, which works great for keeping hot beverages warm and cold ones cool. A digital full-wrap print lets you personalize items for top performers. Workers keep these cups at their desks or take them on the road in the mornings.
  4. Malibu Sunglasses Polycarbonate sides and UV400 lenses turn these fun giveaway items into functional products that your workers will love to receive. Your message goes on the sides. When you opt for the cello bag as packaging, you can include another message of encouragement that is ideally suited for employee incentive promotional items.
  5. Nike Golf Dri-Fit Micro Pique Polo Shirt The ultimate corporate giveaway items is, of course, the polo shirt. Dri-FIT fabric turns the shirt into a coveted commodity. Only top performers will wear it. It is sure to ignite a race to meet sales goals and other benchmarks. Sweeten the deal even more by offering multiple color choices. Add a decorative imprint to create a brand presence.

Customizing corporate promotional items with the makeup of your workforce in mind works well. It also creates a lot of healthy competition. If we have piqued your interest in trying something a little different for your next employee incentive program, contact the pros at ad cetera, inc. for advice.

flowers make up brushes for mother's day

Quality Promotional Items That Will Impress Moms On Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the second Sunday of May each year in the United States, and this is an ideal time to honor all of the mothers in a community. Special events that take place around Mother’s Day allow you to give away and network with useful, high-quality promotional items with your company’s name on it. Consider one or more of these items that mothers, as well as others, are certain to enjoy receiving.


Bound Journals and Memorable Pens

multi color hardcover journals with lined paper


Moms have a lot to keep track of, and a bound journal paired with one of your quality promotional pens could be a nice way for her to keep all of her thoughts organized. This little bound notebook would easily slide into a mother’s purse or center console in her car, allowing her to jot down reminders or a short list of things to pick up from the store. These journals pair well with the best promotional pens. All pen styles, including those with a light-up stylus so  mom can see what she’s writing in the dark and these vivid click-action retractable gel pens, would be helpful and useful to any mom for Mother’s Day.


Warm Mugs and Cool Cups

black mug asking what's your mood with chalk writing

11 Oz. Chalkboard Mug

Many moms like to start the day with a refreshing cup of hot coffee or tea. With one of these Kona Joe ceramic mugs, her coffee or tea will stay warm long enough for her to actually finish it. These mugs have a 14-ounce capacity, allowing her to get a full dose of caffeine to start the day. For the mothers who need to take their coffee, tea or flavor-infused water on-the-go, these Glendale stainless steel, vacuum-insulated travel cups are a natural choice. This will be the cup that a woman takes with her everywhere she goes, from a grocery run to sports practice or a parent-teacher conference to a visit to the dog groomer’s. These travel cups keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold. They can be customized with your company’s color logo and name.


Self-care Quality Promotional Items for Busy Moms

multi color round balm

.25 Oz. EOS Lip Balm

Some moms are so busy taking care of others that they do not have the time to take care of themselves. Self-care items are another special way to put the focus on the mothers. Lip balm offers protection from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. This will help moms who spend time outdoors with their kids or who go out for runs and walks. A Clip-It hand sanitizer that attaches to key chains, backpacks and purses will help moms to keep their hands clean.


These quality Mother’s Day promotional items are a nice way to show your appreciation for all of the moms out there. Setting up at a Mother’s Day event and giving away these items is a clear way to show your respect for all of the hard-working, compassionate and giving moms. This small way of giving back will be noticed and remembered by everyone who stops by your booth or display. Check out these great Mother’s Day quality promotional items and many more fun options at Ad Cetera, Inc.
colorful foods on the grill cooking

Burgers, Wings and Red Hot Giveaways: Quality Promotional Items for your Clients’ BBQ

Good food, fresh air, and a light and friendly atmosphere are highlights of every backyard barbecue. If you throw in personalized giveaways imprinted with your company name, you’ll turn that awesome BBQ into the ideal promotional event for your business or organization. Fire up the grill, toss on the juicy burgers and wings, and invite your staff, customers, neighbors, and friends to savor the rich flavors. After the event, they’ll head home with full stomachs, great memories, and quality promotional items that bring your brand to life.

Tools of the Trade

11 Pc. BBQ Set

Take the challenge out of grilling, and promote your business with a personalized set of top-quality grill tools. Ad Cetera Inc. offers a variety of full and partial grill sets to suit every budget. Our fabulous 11-Piece BBQ Set features a handy spatula, a two-pronged fork, one set of tongs, a basting brush, two kabob skewers, and four nifty corn-on-the-cob holders.

Crafted from professional-grade stainless steel and boasting solid wood handles, the tools in this oh-so-cool grill set are built to last. For convenience, tools are stored in a rugged, reusable case with a zippered closure. Of course, the case can be custom screen-printed with your company’s name so you can get your name and message out there.

Clean Up Your Act

BBQ Apron (Priority)

As mentioned in a previous blog post, What Story Do You Want Your Advertising to Tell?, apparel is an extremely powerful tool for communication. At Ad Cetera, Inc, we’ve got a super selection of aprons to protect the grill master’s wardrobe while you build your brand name. Messy spills and splattered juices don’t stand a chance against our durable aprons. One of our more popular quality promotional items, our aprons give your customers, staff members, and other budding chefs either partial or complete coverage while they man the grill. We offer a host of options.

  • Materials: Choose from non-woven polypropylene, cotton, cotton canvas, and disposible aprons.
  • Style: Consider our classic full-length, cobbler, bistro, and carpenter aprons.
  • Design: Select from assorted solids, striped, color-block, dye-sublimated, and pocketed designs.

Keep Cool

12 oz. 18/8 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Joe Joe Can Cooler

Your backyard barbecue will be a total fail without ice-cold beverages. Make sure everyone stays cool and hydrated with the Life’s A Party Koozie® Cup Kooler. Ad Cetera, Inc. can print your company logo on these drink coolers, which are crafted from polyester with a foam backing. Choose from red, black, or royal blue.

Now You’re Cooking!

As the weather turns warm and folks head out to fire up the grill, BBQ-themed quality promotional items have incredible appeal. Whether you’re gearing up for a July conference, August trade show, or your annual staff barbecue, be in touch with Ad Cetera, Inc to discuss your company’s promotional needs.

We offer a vast selection of BBQ-themed items, professional advice, and fast shipping and delivery. Whatever your budget, we’ll turn up the heat on your grill fest! Call, fax, or e-mail us today, and one of our outstanding customer service representatives will gladly help you place your order.

Fidgeting your Way to Stress Relief

To put it mildly, people are feeling a lot of stress and tension these days. That tension comes from multiple sources, such as work, family, commuting or household issues. When you can provide a stress reliever that allows a person to relieve their negative feelings, tension, frustration and anger in a positive way, this is a big benefit. Naturally, these promotional items can have your company’s name on it, allowing you to use them as ideal marketing and promotional items at trade shows, exhibits, and other events.


How Fidget Cubes Work

black and white fidget cube

Fun Cube

Fidget cubes are made of plastic and metal. They have six sides, and each of the sides has a different activity or texture. Pushing on the buttons, knobs, and doodads allows the user to release nervous energy. The cubes are quiet, making them a great choice for use in intense office environments or while a person is on a call and activities such as tapping fingernails or feet would be too loud. When the user is able to release that nervous energy by using a fidget cube with your company’s name and logo on it, that person will associate your business with a good feeling. The fidget cubes are quiet and easy to hold in the hands, just like quality promotional pens.


Why Stress Balls Are Desirable Promotional Items

red and yellow convertible car stress relievers with company logo

Convertible Car Stress Reliever

Stress balls are slightly squishy. They fit into the palm of the hand and are just the right size for the fingers to wrap around and squeeze. The lightly textured surface and flexible interior allow a person to squeeze his or her stress out with the ball. These fun stress balls come in a variety of colors and patterns, and they can have your company’s name stamped on them. There are even other shapes besides a perfect sphere, such as eggs, footballs, stars, and cubes. Just like with the best promotional pens, people will see your company’s name every time they use the stress balls. The release of tension that happens from squeezing a stress ball will be associated with your company in a positive way.


Benefits of Fidget Toys and Stress Relievers for the Hands

purple fidget spinner with red bull's logo

Platinum Hand Spinner

Chances are good that you have seen someone with raggedy fingernails. That person may have relieved stress with nail biting. Other people might jingle their keys or tap their feet. Fidget toys and stress relievers are quiet, and they can replace the more noisy or messy nervous habits. They reduce anxiety and stress without causing any harm. Many people are able to stay more focused when their hands are busy, which clients will appreciate.

Releasing stress in a productive and healthy way helps to promote workplace wellness, increases productivity and could even boost loyalty. When a person has something to do with his or her hands, a feeling of relaxation and release of tension is the natural result. These stress relievers from Ad Cetera, Inc., whether for your employees or your client’s employees, aim to relieve tension and stress while keeping your company front and center in their mind.