Be a Hit with Your Customers: Promo Pens That Make the Grade

Between brick-and-mortar and online businesses, every company has fierce competition in their respective industries. Standing out as a company worth investing in and remaining loyal to is the goal of any business owner. As you prepare for the next conference or trade show event, think about the promotional products that you might give away. Promo pens are one of the most effective and versatile products that you can customize. Be a hit with your patrons by choosing promo pens with flair.

Make Customers Covet Those Quality Promotional Pens

Picture yourself giving away imprinted promotional products, such as Macaw pens. The item is simple by design, but you can make it seem like an exclusive deal.

Create a giveaway scenario where time is of the essence. At the end of a given hour, certain sales will expire, such as:

• 50 percent off a new service
• Complimentary evaluations

Mention that your promo pens are about to run out at the end of the hour, too. Because your customers see the pens as a limited item alongside the sales, they’ll flock to your trade space or booth in order to catch a fleeting deal and free items.

Comfort Rules All

Your customers won’t use your promo pens unless the products feel good in their hands. Pick out pen styles that have certain features, such as:

• Foam grips
• Curved shapes
• Rubber bumpers

Long workdays include a lot of writing, so comfortable pens will always win out. Add your logo or catchphrase to the pen, and those customers will always be reminded of your business on a subconscious level.

Multitasking Wins

In today’s fast-paced world, a basic pen is forgettable to your customers. It must have a redeeming quality that’s more than just writing value. Our promo pens work on a number of levels. Use them as styluses on electronic devices, or switch on their lights for a quick glance in a dark corner.

Customers who have versatile promo pens associate the items’ helpfulness with your company. They’ll immediately think of your name before any other company’s.

Bright-Color Beacons

The simplest way to be a hit with your customers is with fetching colors. Your promo pens should be easy to spot from across the office. Consider colors like:

• Purple
• Red
• Blue

Ideally, match your corporate colors with the promo pens. This strategy may not be possible in every situation, but it can enhance the pen’s impact with consumers.

When you’re looking for quality promotional pens, Ad Cetera, Inc. is your answer to those giveaway needs. Our prices, crisp printing and catchy products will only astound your customers as they remember your business for months after encountering your company. When it comes to promo items, simplicity and versatility win out while reminding everyone about your services.


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