Why Pen Theft is a Sign of Good Brand Marketing

When it comes to marketing with imprinted promotional products, the more items you get out into the world the better. Although corporate fleece jackets may offer more big-time visibility and executive leather portfolios emblazoned with a company logo may impress, quality promotional pens remain a cornerstone of building brand recognition. You might give them away on purpose. Or, you might simply make them available and wait for the inevitable pen theft that helps make your brand a household name.

What Types of Pens Get Stolen?

Any pen that does not write when a customer picks it up or feels too flimsy in their hand will get dropped back on the desk or counter and ignored. Anything too fancy or expensive, and pen theft sneaks over into criminal activity.

Choose pens printed with your company name and logo that match the type of products or services you provide. Anything from a smooth barrel Bic to a playful ColorPro Stylus Pen from VibraColor can help spread the word of your brand. Make a better impression with stylus pens with LED lights, USB flash drives in the caps, and with matching notepads too. We offer hundreds of pen styles to choose from at many price points.

How to Encourage Pen Theft

It might seem odd to want people to steal things from your company, but pens and other products expertly printed with company name, slogan, and logo are a wise marketing choice. The most obvious way to offer pens for the taking is simply to display them in bulk on a desk or counter where customers or clients are likely to see them.

Smart marketers do this not only in the shop or office itself but also spread the company’s influence further by seeking permission to leave pens in other, non-competing businesses. Although not as passive as allowing pen theft, active pen placement can improve brand recognition to a wider audience.

While your company undoubtedly invests in security for property and information, when quality promotional pens go missing, no one raises the alarm. Pen theft contributes to your overall brand marketing strategy. As more imprinted promotional products get in the hands of interested consumers, recognition and trust will build. Ad Cetera provides the type of quality products you need to represent your company and brand.

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