5 Best Promotional Pens For Your Upcoming Conference

Imprinted promotional products provide one of the best ways for your company to indirectly advertise and build brand awareness. When your customers receive quality promotional pens that are imprinted with your company name, it reminds them of your business and keeps them engaged. You’ll want to be sure to choose a pen that’s stylish as well as highly functional. We’ve got five suggestions that are just that.

Nitrous Stylus Pen

ad cetera colored Nitrous® Stylus Pen

Nitrous® Stylus Pen

The Nitrous Stylus Pen has a metal barrel with wraparound trim. Colors include black, emerald green, garnet red, indigo blue and pewter. When your customer writes with this pen, their fingers will come in contact with deep grooves that provide a firm, satisfying grip. Silver accents offset the trim, and blue ink is used for creating quick notes or a daily to-do list. A practical stylus tip is also included for tapping out letters or looking for directions on a person’s favorite touchscreen device.

Macaw Pen

ad cetera Macaw™ Pen color pen

Macaw™ Pen

Translucent and sleek, the Mackaw Pen is available in six vibrant colors — pink, orange, black, green, blue and red. This pen is sure to catch the attention of someone who is quickly grabbing it out of a bundle. A rubber grip provides a comfortable spot to grasp, and the blue hybrid ink flows smoothly out the end. Californians take note — this pen complies with the standards set in Proposition 65.

Santorini Torch Pen

ad cetera Santorini™ Torch Pen

Santorini™ Torch Pen

Have you ever been in the dark and needed a quick little light to brighten a door lock or locate your car keys? The Santorini Torch Pen is multifunctional. It provides a bright LED light that can quickly be activated by simply double-clicking. Available in black, blue, red and gunmetal gray, this executive pen looks sharp with its silver imprinting and colorful accents.

The Sunset Pen

ad cetera colored The Sunset Pen

The Sunset Pen

You will appreciate the price and options available for The Sunset Pen. You can choose from eight different tropical colors that range from green and dark blue to yellow and red. With chrome accents, a sturdy black rubber grip and clip, this is an ideal pen to hand out at your next conference.

Mardi Gras Pen

ad cetera colored Mardi Gras® Pen

Mardi Gras® Pen

Who says quality promotional pens can’t also be fun? The Mardi Gras Pen features a company’s name or logo in large, easy-to-read print. It comes in white, purple, teal, yellow blue or red and can be used with either black or blue ink. Silver accents and a black gripping point really highlight the branding message of this pen.

As you can see, there’s a multitude of options that you can utilize when you choose quality promotional pens to highlight your business. Consider handing these practical imprinted promotional products out during your next business conference, and check out all our pen options at www.adceterapromos.com!

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