How to Turn Your Buyers Into Your Willing Advertisers and Promoters

Customer enthusiasm is closely related to customer loyalty, but it’s not the same thing. A loyal customer will buy your product over and over. You succeeded in winning over this shopper with the quality of the item. An enthusiastic buyer, however, not only continues to buy your product but also wears imprinted promotional products you may have sold or given away at the point of purchase.

Would the Buyer Recommend Your Product or Business to a Friend?

Many companies leverage the power of social media and email marketing to reach out to buyers after a transaction. They want to know if a customer would recommend them. In the case of a favorable response, the company considers this consumer to be brand-loyal. But, this step does not necessarily spell out economic growth.

For growth to happen, this customer should share positive experiences with others. Moreover, when others see your customer proudly wearing branded gear, using your quality promotional pens, or even giving your promotional products away, this action identifies a personal belief in your business. More than a recommendation, it speaks volumes to the person receiving the item.

Offering Imprinted Promotional Products

ad cetera iTwist Stylus pen

iTwist Stylus pen

A good example is the iTwist stylus pen. Its hourglass shape is stylish, and it features a modern stylus top. This design adds a level of functionality that endears the product to a broader audience. Of course, this is not the only product to choose from. Other pens come in a broad range of sizes, styles, and overall usage options that ensure you can find something that will be perfectly suited for your customers.

Are Quality Promotional Pens Enough?

green custom t-shirts

Custom T-shirts

You could focus your giveaway items on these useful products. They appeal to all demographics. But, we have found that rewarding customer loyalty with progressively high-end products can be a great way of turning these buyers into not just willing but also enthusiastic advertisers and promoters. Great examples of popular imprinted products include hats, mugs, and apparel.

For example, including a T-shirt with an annual contract renewal is a great way of thanking the customer and having them advertise your business in the process. Reward subscribers to your service who upgrade to a bigger package with a bonus gift. The same goes for customers who increase their usual orders to include more products.In a convention setting, you cannot go wrong with having personalized products of varying types available. The new client, who signs up for a product delivery at the trade show booth, should walk away with a great personalized product that signals their new status as your customer. On the expo floor, this speaks volumes and may encourage others to follow suit. If you’re still wondering which types of promotional products would be ideal for your company, we invite you to explore our website and consider the array of available options.

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