5 Distinct Promotional Products That Attract New Customers

You want people to stop in their tracks when they see your company name on a functional item. This promotional strategy works wonders for countless businesses because the marketing reach is astoundingly far. One loyal customer might engage with dozens of potential customers as a pen or bag is pulled out for everyday use. Get familiar with the creative ways to visually promote your brand by using common objects. Your business can soar as a result.

Phone Wallets

custom Double Silicone Wallet multicolor

Double Silicone Wallet

Technology has advanced to the point where many people need only their phone for most daily transactions. However, you’ll still probably need identification, debit cards and other essentials. Make your name known with silicone phone wallets. These accessories stick firmly to the back of any cellphone.

Your company’s name graces the wallet’s surface so that every time a person reaches for their phone, they’re reminded of the brand. Imprinted promotional products have grand power in very small packages.

Fidget Spinners

custom PromoSpinner™ multicolor


Get on board with the latest trend by passing out fidget spinners. These toys simply spin and balance on your finger as you stare at the movement. They’ve gained popularity for their ability to help people focus their minds. Your logo fits right onto these spinners, and the name will always be on people’s minds as a result.

Drawstring Bags

Magellan custom Drawstring Bag

Magellan Drawstring Bag

Everyone can use a handy bag at times. A drawstring bag is simple with two ropes that act as a backpack while you cinch the opening at the top. The entire exterior of the bag is dedicated to your logo. One person wearing this bag will advertise your name and product for the entire day. It’s worth the purchase when it comes to these bags.

Quality Promotional Pens for Executives

Javalina® Metallic Stylus Pen custom colors

Javalina® Metallic Stylus Pen

Don’t overlook the value of a traditional promo product. Quality promotional pens come in many different styles. To stand out from the crowd, look for Javalina executive pens. These pens have brilliant colors, quality ink and a comfortable shape for the hand. Your logo is front and center on any customer’s desktop with these items.

Cooling Cloths

ICE Large Cooling Wrap with custom designs

ICE Large Cooling Wrap

As the weather starts getting warmer, everyone is looking for a clever way to stay cool. Try your logo on a cooling cloth. Your customers will wear these cloths to several functions, including:

• Trade shows
• Field demonstrations
• Recreational outings

Choose from a variety of colors for your cooling cloth. Ideally, select colors that are similar to your corporate brand’s hues.

You can’t find quality imprinted promotional products in just any store. Ad Cetera, Inc. is a perfect place to start because we have hundreds of customized products. From hats to apparel, outfit your business with items that are sure to please any customer base. Getting your name out there is half the battle.

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