Ideal Holidays for Food-Related Business Gifts

Every office is thrilled to see a gift basket in the break room at certain times of the year. From vendors to customers, gift-giving is a generous way to show your appreciation for a colleague while advertising your business at the same time. Explore some of the top holidays that are ideal for sending food business gifts. Your company’s visibility will skyrocket as a result.


Tuscany™ Thermos & Cups Coffee Set in green

Tuscany™ Thermos & Cups Coffee Set

Christmas and the year-end holidays are the most obvious times for food-related business gifts. As a subtle reminder, pass out chocolate truffles to your vendors and customers. Before they unwrap the treat, your name appears as a casual reminder of your business. These treats are particularly effective as marketing tools because they can be passed around to almost anyone, which opens up your business to a larger audience.

Be the company that wakes up your colleagues with gourmet coffee. Each bag offers a different flavor, and your company information is boldly printed on each side.


sliced turkey breast with a bamboo cutting board

Smoked Turkey Breast with Bamboo Cutting Board

The holidays are just barely beginning when Thanksgiving rolls around. Plan on a gift set sent on Monday before the big feast on Thursday. Try a huge confection box that has a mixture of different items. There are a variety of choices, and an entire office can treat themselves to these chocolates.Give your colleagues the gift of an early feast with a smoked turkey breast. The delectable meat comes with a cutting board that displays your name. Imprinted promotional products must be distinct in today’s competitive world. This cutting board can be used in a variety of ways after the holiday.

St. Patrick’s Day

chocolate coins and gold bar

Gold Box w/Dollar Coins

The beginning of the year is typically void of any real holidays. Although Valentine’s Day may seem like an obvious choice for food business gifts, try a more unique angle. St. Patrick’s Day is a time for celebration as everyone wears green, tries corned beef and sneaks a drink or two. Make your business stand out with a meat and cheese set. Your logo is on the attractive cutting board, which reminds everyone of your company. The meat and cheese go well with any spirits that are brought in celebration.Offer the luck of the Irish by handing out chocolate coin bags. The coins look like a bounty of gold while your logo tops each bag’s label section. Enjoy this holiday with imprinted promotional products that solidify your company’s name.

When you’re in need of food business gifts, Ad Cetera, Inc. is your clear choice for almost any product. From quality promotional pens to customized hats, we have gifts that will keep your name on the tongues of every customer. Being familiar with the marketplace is your ticket to an enhanced profit margin.

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