Top 5 Best Promo Items for your Dental Practice

You already rely on glossy brochures, expert signage products, and an excellent social media presence to advertise your dental practice. Now, add dental promo items to boost your overall image perception. By keeping your brand in front of the consumer, you increase the likelihood of having patients make and remember their appointments. They are also more likely to recommend your practice when the information is so readily available. What are your options?

Choose Quality Promotional Items That Stand Out

Everyone else in your niche gives away dental floss and branded toothbrushes. Stand out with dental promo items that make a good impression.



white pencil in the shape of a tooth

Tooth Bentcil, Bent #2 Pencil

Bent pencils are fun and functional. The barrel imprint features your information. The tooth shape underscores your brand. Because the eraser is fully functional, this is a great pencil for school, work, and at-home use.

Munch-It™ Clip

a red bag clip shaped like a toothy smile

Munch-It™ Clip

This clip holds together piles of papers, school notes, and coupons. Your patients will keep it handy – along with your information.

Tooth Figure Stress Reliever

tooth shaped standing stress reliever

Tooth Figure Stress Reliever

Not your average stress ball, this item looks great and invites play. It is only 4.25 inches tall, which makes it a great addition to a desk’s decorations.

“It’s Tooth Time” Coloring Book

a dental related coloring book with an alligator on the cover

“It’s Tooth Time” Coloring Book

Become part of a child’s coloring supplies. Your information displays prominently in the lower quarter of the coloring and activities booklet. With 16 pages, there will be a lot to do, which keeps kids busy.

Toothpaste Squ-eeze™

a toothpaste squeezing clip in purple

Toothpaste Squ-eez™

Help patients think of you when they brush their teeth. With the practical tube compression tool, you help get all the toothpaste. Because the product connects directly with patients’ oral hygiene, they are more likely to remember to schedule a checkup.

But Everyone Else Hands Out Branded Toothbrushes; Shouldn’t We Do the Same Thing?

No, you should not. Recalling the name printed on promotional products works because it’s a unique combination. If you take the route that everyone else in your niche takes, you fail to differentiate your brand from others. This does not mean you cannot go with conventional products. An example is promotional pens. There is still plenty of room for customization even in this product line.

Find many more interesting products that would be ideally suited for representing your dental office, supporting name recognition, and fostering brand awareness. Contact ad cetera today to learn more about our quality dental promo items.

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