The 5 Best Holiday PromotionaGifts to Show Appreciation to Your Customers

The winter holidays are a great time to reconnect with customers and clients. Even if you have not done business with them in a while, take this opportunity to get your name and brand information in front of consumers’ eyes again with holiday promotional gifts. Your holiday gift does not have to be ostentatious. In fact, the best holiday gifts are functional and suitable for use year-round.

The Best Holiday Promotional Gifts Keep on Giving

Depending on your business, a nice bottle of wine can be an excellent option when sending a gift to attorneys, doctors, or similar service providers. Food is also a good option when you have a close working relationship with the recipients. When sent to an office, a food gift invites sharing, which exposes office staff and others to your brand too.

Of course, the downside of great food and wine gifts is limited shelf life. Once the recipient has enjoyed the product, only your card remains. If you want something that he or she will use year-round, you have numerous options.

A Taste of Wisconsin 

meats, cheese and crackers with a bamboo cutting board and knife

A Taste of Wisconsin

Why not combine a food gift with a durable bamboo chopping board that will be useful year-round? This gift features beef summer sausage, gourmet water crackers, and mild cheddar cheese. A complimentary knife completes the setup. This is a great gift to send to an office.

Holiday Combo Power Bank and Pen

a brown organizer with matching pen and power pack for charging

Holiday Combo Power Bank and Pen

When you need an executive gift, this faux leather portfolio and pen fits the bill. Envision your name and logo embossed on the front. The versatility that the product offers ensures continued use.

Copper Mug

Copper Mug with a bottle of kahlua

Copper Mug

For a gift your customers will use at home, this copper-colored plated stainless steel cup is excellent. Your client may also choose to keep it at the office as a personal mug. It looks elegant and features your corporate information as a colorful counterpoint to the attractive color.

Stainless Steel Ice Cup Set

a drink with stainless steel ice cubes

Stainless Steel Ice Cube Cup Set

For the gift recipient who is more of a drinking glass type, this combination is a good choice. It features stainless steel ice cubes, which are a novelty item. Even so, they are sure to get the attention of the recipient, who will look forward to trying them out. This is another gift he or she may keep at the office or at home for personal use year-round.

Bundle Up Gift Set

blanket and matching travel mug

Bundle Up Gift Set

The combination of a plaid faux lambs’ wool blanket with a stainless steel tumbler is excellent to commemorate a winter holiday. Because this is a practical gift combination, your customer will appreciate using it for years to come.

Finding the Gifts That Are Right for Your Business

At ad cetera, inc., we do more than just sell pens. (Although we do that too.) We routinely work with business owners just like you to help them find the best holiday promotional gifts for their clients. Contact us today to learn more.

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