5 Signs That You’re Missing the Mark on Your Brand Message

Your customer stands with a pen, eager to compensate you for your service. “To whom do I make out the check?” she asks. Right there, you know that your branding strategy has failed. If your in-store customer doesn’t know where she is or whom she is doing business with, how do you expect the consumer at home, online, or in conversation to remember your name? You need a better branding strategy.


5 Signs That Your Brand Message Isn’t Working

The above example is not the only sign that your brand strategy is lacking effectiveness. You don’t even have to be interacting with customers to recognize that something is off. Five signs spell it out for you.

  1. You lag behind the competition. Business is booming in your niche, but you are barely hanging on. Your nearest competitor is doing just fine and shows increased revenues.
  2. Your market share does not grow. Ideally, you should be increasing your market share. If it stagnates, you are just doing business with people who already know you. There is no word-of-mouth advertising, and your marketing falls flat.
  3. Customers do not know what you sell. Sure, they might know one or two products. However, they are unaware of the full breadth of products or services you offer. Some cannot connect your brand to your products.
  4. Social media branding falls flat. Your Facebook page has next to no consumer engagement. The same is true for your Twitter account.
  5. You miss opportunities to raise brand awareness with consumers. When you send out an email without your corporate colors and logo, you miss a valuable opportunity. The same is true for the in-store customer. If this customer does not walk away with something that features your custom imprint, you lose an opportunity to brand like a pro.


Quality Promotional Pens and Similar Products May Be the Answer

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