5 Creative Ways to Communicate Your Brand’s Unique Selling Point

While you may know the precise selling points of your brand, it can be difficult to relay this information to your potential customers, which is why you’ll have to get a bit creative to build leads for your business. With this in mind, you can use quality promotional products and other types of items so people can become more aware of your unique business offering. In this guide, we’re going to show you five creative ways to communicate the unique selling points (USPs) of your particular brand.

1. Ask Important Questions

This is very important because you understand the value of your particular offering, but your customers may not. In order to counter this issue, label your quality promotional products, like promotional pens, with important questions for your customers, such as:

• Are you having problems with…?
• Are you looking for a business that can…?

When you pose these questions on your giveaway items, they’ll be intrigued enough to ask about your services, especially since you’re presenting your company as a problem solver.

2. Leverage Your Brand as a Problem Solver That Uses Your USP to Help Customers

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of competition out there in just about any professional space. This is why USPs exist; when it’s time to communicate, you need to stand out as a problem solver. Do you have a large team of professionals that provide a personal touch for your clients? Make sure that you convey this to potential clients with quality promotional products. Slogans or images can help put this in the forefront of a person’s mind. A short video of your office and team can help put a face to a company and invite clients in.

3. Be Clear About Your USPs and Differentiate

Do you have a policy of customer service that includes regular meetups with clients and constant contact? Do you go above and beyond the competition? Make sure this is reflected in your branding and marketing strategies. Send out candies and food items to your clients from time to time so they can remember that it’s these thoughtful extras that makes your company different. You can even include small placards that remind them of your specific selling points so you can stay fresh in their minds.

4. Find Unique Ways to Reach the Right Market

It’s amazing what a cap that features your brand and slogan can do for your business. Not only will a good cap or hat look stylish for your customers, but it will also drive awareness of your business offering when people see the cap or hat being worn. The same technique can be used with items like patches and even cuff links; simply find items that can help people find you.

5. Get Into Your Customers’ Minds By Sticking to Your Niche

While it is always a good idea to differentiate, staying within your brand’s established unique niche is crucial. Show your potential customers that you’re dedicated to your specific area of expertise, and they’ll appreciate your determination. For example, a dental practice might consider dental promo items, such as a tooth-shaped stress reliever.  Remember, even the best promotional giveaway won’t be worth much if your clients can’t pick your brand out of a lineup.

Providing unique ways to help you communicate your USPs is part of what makes ad cetera, inc special. Check out our page and we can help you get the message out about our brand and gain the leads that you need for success.

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