What Story Do You Want Your Advertising to Tell?

Promotional products can give a short and sweet description of your company and what it has to offer. This is how you keep your business in front of a target audience long after an initial contact has been made. It helps to give away something useful like quality promotional pens or an insulated mug. The key is telling your story in a concise and catchy manner.


Conference Giveaways

At conferences and events, everyone’s looking to snag some bling. Make your freebies the best when it comes to quality and style, and you’ll continue to advertise whenever the items are used. What’s the one thing about your business that stands out the most for you? Is it related to quality, dependability or value? Figure it out and then wrap your slogan around a full-color ceramic mug.


The Best Promotional Pens

You can’t go wrong if you give out quality promotional pens since everyone’s always looking for something to write with. The key is choosing an attractive pen and adding a clear message from your company. Ballpoint pens are always welcome, or you can stand out from the crowd with a specialty pen like a combination ballpoint pen, highlighter and stylus.


Desk Accessories

Notepadscalculators and desk caddies are all giveaways that serve a purpose. You’re increasing the chances of putting your company name in front of someone every working day when you give one of these products away. Notepads have the most room for advertising since you can include a background that represents the theme of your endeavor. A personalized photo frame desk caddy is one special gift that’s likely to be appreciated and displayed proudly.


Executive Gifts

High-end gifts for executives in your company or those you’re seeking to do business with can make a big splash. Your theme, company name and/or logo can be tastefully added to an item that the recipient will cherish enough to keep and use. For the employee who values name brand items, a Nike Sport Duffle or glass Bowl might make a substantial impression. The best promotional pens are available in sets of roller ball and ballpoint.


Apparel that Tells a Story

One of the best ways to advertise your business is with quality apparel that employees and business associates will wear with pride. You’re not only putting your logo in front of people, you’re also showing off your company’s taste and style. Corporate jackets can be a status symbol for those who receive them, with name brands available like Eddie BauerPort Authority and Sport-Tek.


There’s a Product for Any Niche

The gamut of promotional gifts isn’t limited to office accessories, mugs, pens and clothing. At Ad Cetera, Inc., you can find a product for any purpose, from the status-conscious to the whimsical. The point of these products is to give away something of value that will remind the receiver of you and your business. It might be a small gift, but if it’s personal and useful it could be used for years. You can’t top that for long-term exposure!

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