Send Customers Away With More Than Full Bellies: The Best Promo Items for Your Restaurant

As a restaurant owner, your first priority is to provide quality food at reasonable prices and with excellent service. Although that alone will help boost your business, don’t overlook the power of the restaurant promotional item. Customers love taking free stuff home, so be sure to bid them farewell with more than just a satisfied appetite. Fun, inexpensive promotional products help keep your restaurant at the forefront of their minds and serve as great conversation starters for potential new business.

During Their Visit: Things You Need Anyway

Whether you are a small, local hole-in-the-wall cafe, a major national chain, or a high-class bistro, you need a wide variety of items to serve your patrons during a meal. Dishes, coasters, glasses, napkins, and flatware all have the potential to promote your restaurant to your most captive audience. Be sure to select a restaurant promotional item that fit the decor and atmosphere of your restaurant, whether that be beer steins, cocktail napkins or to-go cups.

The Write Idea: Quality Promotional Pens

Everyone can use extra pens. When you offer free pens to your customers, you are peppering their homes, cars, and offices with tiny ads for your restaurant. The extra writing tools will come in handy whether they end up in a desk drawer, a pocket or on the kitchen counter and will serve as a little reminder of a positive dining experience. Often, they can serve as calling cards as they get passed along to a friend, family member or stranger who is looking for a pen.

Food Fun for All

Consider using food shaped items to get your name out there. A cheeseburger stress reliever or a magnet shaped like a slice of pizza with your company info are great ways to make sure you’re restaurant is memorable and encourage repeat business. Have a more upscale clientele? An elegant corkscrew is a great way to reward your most loyal guests.

A Sweet Farewell: A Treat on the Way Out

Grabbing a few mints on the way out is always a pleasant way to say “Goodbye, and please come again!” to your customers. For just a few pennies, you can create a promotional wrapper for a butter mint that will serve as a reminder of a tasty lunch or pleasant dinner, and perhaps it’ll be shared with a friend or colleague later in the day.

The Take-Out Box: Put Leftovers to Work

Portion size continues to climb, and when your customers can’t quite finish everything on their plate, give them something to take home and remember you by. By hand-selecting promotional takeout containers or take-out bags, you can put all those leftovers to work. Bags and boxes serve as small signposts to keep your eatery in the minds of your regular customers as well as possibly introduce new people to your restaurant as bags get reused or re-purposed in upcoming weeks.

The Cool Association: Give ’em Something to Wear

If you have a hip and happening restaurant, think about selling some attractive T-shirts or hats to get your restaurant’s name out into the community. Come up with a signature design or creative message, and watch your restaurant promotional item goes viral.

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