Carrying Its Own Weight in Brand Awareness: TSA-Approved Carry-On Baggage as a Promotional Giveaway

The contemporary professional is always on the go and is perpetually looking for new ways to haul around the accouterments associated with the business lifestyle. That said, it’s no surprise that offering TSA-approved luggage as a travel promotional item is one of the best ways to please potential clients while simultaneously gaining brand exposure wherever they go. Quality promotional pens are a great way to get your brand out there in miniature, but there’s hardly anything more eye-catching than a smartly placed logo on a carry-on bag as it rolls down the concourse.


Promotional Products with a Practical Purpose

silver tsa approved hardcover rolling luggage

High Sierra® 20″ Hardside Luggage

Many types of travel promotional items look pretty but are easily lost or forgotten. Even the best promotional pens have a way of falling by the wayside, and items like calendars only last a year. A well-constructed and convenient carry-on bag, however, is something that will be used year after year, practically guaranteeing perennial brand exposure.

Plus, a TSA-approved promotional carry-on bag is one of the biggest canvasses available for giving your brand extra exposure. The right promotional bag basically serves as a rolling billboard, drawing attention and raising all the right kinds of questions.


Perfect Packer for the Best Promotional Pens

Promotional carry-on bags can also serve as the perfect containers for other travel promotional items. There’s nothing more satisfying as the receiver of free stuff than opening your gift and finding even more goodies inside. TSA-approved promotional carry-on bags are the ideal items to pair with other products that bear your distinctive brand logo. Perfect pairings include promotional luggage tagsdeluxe passport covers, and TSA-approved hand sanitizer. While you’re at it, don’t forget to throw in a few quality promotional pens just to be safe.


Equally Enticing Alternatives

Silver luggage tag with custom logo

Metallic Luggage Tag

While the benefits of TSA-approved carry-on bags that bear your logo are certainly alluring, investing in a whole fleet of this particular travel promotional item can get pretty pricey. If you want to promote your brand with bags that won’t break the bank, there are plenty of options available besides your traditional rollaboards.

Anyone who’s ever been to a convention can’t help but be familiar with iconic and affordable drawstring backpacks. These promotional items are the cheapest of the cheap when it comes to carry-on bags, enabling you to proliferate your brand on a budget. But there’s also plenty of middle-ground to work with, including medium-priced computer backpacks and convenient sling backpacks.

All of these items do the hard work of getting your logo in front of curious eyes but don’t entail the same degree of financial investment as TSA-approved carry-on baggage. Yet nothing can ever truly replace the sleek style of a beautifully branded rollaboard.


Summing It Up

TSA-approved carry-on baggage stands the test of time because there’s no chance of a disgruntled worker breaking the lock and ruining the bag. These promotional items also positively scream “business,” associating your brand with the elite lifestyle and executive quality. Though more affordable options certainly exist, nothing pairs better with other travel-oriented promotional items than a TSA-approved rollaboard with your logo on it. Take a look through the comprehensive catalog of promotional bags available from ad cetera, inc. to get an idea of the incredible options that are at your disposal.

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