Capture Attention With These Top Trade Show Giveaways

When you set up a booth and represent your company at a trade show, you need to set yourself apart from the competition. Give attendees a reason to stop by your booth and learn about what your company does with these top trade show giveaways. In addition to having an eye-pleasing display and a setup that people can easily see, you could capture plenty of attention by using these quality trade show items for promotional purposes.


Trail Mix and Energy Bars

People at trade shows may get hungry. If the place has a cafe, the food there is likely to be greasy and unhealthy. Consider trail mix or energy bars. The presentation of the trail mix, energy bars and other edible items is also important. Consider using attractive bowls to hold the packets of trail mix. For tins of mints, consider stacking them up in a fun pyramid design. Serving trays are an elegant option for displaying edible trade show giveaways.


Stress Relievers

Traveling to a trade show, being on your feet all day and the disruption to your usual routine could all be stressful. One of our top quality trade show items is the stress ball. They come in bright colors, and they’re also available in star, football and hat shapes. Let your guests see you use it. Play a game of catch with passersby and the stress balls. Show them how satisfying it is to squeeze the ball and release it. Display these promotional items in clever containers such as metal wash bins or sand pails. Consider setting up a mini basketball hoop for people to throw the stress balls into. In this blog post, we offer additional quality trade show items that are known to help people with stress relief.



T-shirts with your company logo are the ads that keep on giving, but in a good way. Every time one of your trade show booth guests wears the t-shirt that he or she got from you, your business gets a little bit of free advertising. People are naturally observant of what other people wear, and your company’s name could get noticed by dozens of people every time one of the trade show booth guests wears it. You could also wear one of these pre-shrunk cotton t-shirts for yourself. They come in a variety of colors, so you could have a rainbow of them printed up with your company’s details. Arrange them on your display table like trendy stores do with their clothing. Keep everything sorted by size and color and ensure that the shirts are properly folded.


Popcorn Buckets

You know how the smell of popcorn in the office seems to spread around and make other people want popcorn, too? Put this to your advantage at your next trade show by giving away popcorn buckets and setting up a popcorn machine at your booth. The sound of popcorn popping and the smell of the freshly made popcorn could be irresistible to the guests at the trade show. You might even develop a reputation for being the popcorn guy or gal among attendees who come to the shows on a routine basis.


Golf Trade Show Giveaway Items

Many people play golf during their leisure time, so you could take advantage of it by including some golf tee at your trade show booth. In addition to the golf tees, consider adding some coordinating golf towels. When you’re giving away golf items, you could go all out with your trade show booth setup. Bring a mini putting green and set it up on the floor. Have a few putters ready. You could even have a prize wheel set up or give the prizes to people who make the hole in one or two swings. You could do some putting yourself between visitors at your booth.

These fun giveaway items can all be customized with your company’s name, logo, web address and anything else you’d like to add. By showing guests and passersby how much fun the promotional items can be, your booth could be one of the most popular spots at your next trade show. Check out more of our fun trade show giveaway items at Ad Cetera, Inc.