Build Brand Loyalty With Quality Promotional Items

In a survey of consumers, 90% reported that getting high-quality promotional items increases their sense of loyalty to the brand. The value-added gift makes the consumer feel like the retailer cares about him or her. Of people who get a free gift, 80% report that they share the experience with their friends in-person, and 65% share their experience online. This means that for each of your promotional giveaways, the word-of-mouth marketing will have a wide reach.

Develop Positive Consumer Associations With Quality Promotional Giveaways

When you offer high-quality promotional items such as a 20-ounce Himalayan tumbler, consumers will have positive associations with your brand. Each time a person uses the tumbler to quench his or her thirst or uses the grocery tote at the supermarket, they will see your name and associate your brand with usefulness, satisfaction, and value. When the person uses those items, other people will also see your company name and logo, adding to the value that you get from the giveaway.


Enhance Future Customer Loyalty

People remember the positive feelings that they have about companies. When a person is in need of a product or service that your company offers, he or she is more likely to choose you if you have provided the consumer with a free gift. Your company’s name will be top in the recognition list when you give away high-utility items such as the New Era Adjustable Caps with your company’s logo. These high-quality promotional items also do an excellent job of building retention rates with customers who have already purchased from you.


Expand Your Reach With Products That Make People Happy

Consumer loyalty will also grow when you give away pleasurable items such as custom sugar cookies topped with chocolate or M&Ms in a small glass jar with your company name etched onto it. The person who receives the small glass candy jar is likely to put it in a prominent spot where people will see it. When the iconic M&Ms run out, the person will refill it. Few people can resist a candy jar, and this type of delicious gift will keep on giving in your marketing campaign.


Demonstrate Your Commitment to the Future

Giving away promotional items that last demonstrates your commitment to the future. Not only do eco-friendly promo items such as the Traveler 15-ounce Auto Tumbler get used on a routine basis, but they also save your customers money. The tumblers will go everywhere your customer goes, getting noticed by a lot of people. Reusable items like this also help your customers to be more environmentally friendly. You could even point out how the tumbler would save the customer money over the cost of buying coffee at a pricey coffeehouse every day. Not only are you demonstrating your commitment to delivering quality products and services now and in the future to the customer, but you are also demonstrating a commitment to the future of the world. Customers will recognize this and reward you through future business transactions. In this blog, we offer additional eco-friendly products that are ideal as free giveaways.

High-quality promotional items help you stand out from the competition. They show that you are paying attention to your customers and that you care about providing high-quality and useful products and services that will enhance their lives. Your efforts will be associated with positive associations that inspire an increased level of brand loyalty. Check out more of the best promo items at Ad Cetera, Inc.