A woman wearing a blue track suit lines up at the start of a race

Crossing the Finish Line: The Best Promotional Items for Your Walk or Run

The signs are clear: blocked roads on a Saturday morning, a stream of happy individuals or enthusiastic families with paper numbers taped to their backs and cheering onlookers. As the weather warms up, businesses and organizations around the country will begin sponsoring their annual fundraising walks, runs and races. If you are planning such an event, be sure to stock up on fun, inexpensive giveaways so that all your participants remember the special day regardless of where they finish.


Keep Them Hydrated

multiple water bottles in vary colors

16 Oz. Comfort Grip Flex Water Bottle

Popular giveaways for a walk or a run include items that encourage your participants to stay hydrated. Flip-top water bottles and comfort grip water bottles both make great giveaways at the beginning or end of the race. Koozies and insulators are also a popular choice.


Keep Them Fed

A power bar in a customizable wrapper

PowerBar® with Overwrap

Consuming a big meal right before exercising is generally not recommended, but everyone needs to be sure they have the energy to cross the finish line. While participants are busy completing their paperwork and getting their numbers in the morning, you can provide a small reminder of your business with a customized energy bar or other healthy snack. Individual packs of trail mix are a great option that are sure to provide an infusion of protein before or after the event.


Provide Pocket Reminders With the Best Promotional Pen


ad cetera Macaw™ Pen color pen

Macaw™ Pen

Small inexpensive giveaways that are always needed, like quality promotional pens, make affordable, easy-to-distribute gifts when you’re looking for something that can satisfy hundreds of participants. They are not bulky to transport, and they are easy to hand out. For your business or organization, they are easy to personalize with a logo or reminder of the big race day.


Help Them Clean Up

Customized rally towels in various colors

11″x18″ Rally Towel

Rally towels provide a fun, practical way to advertise at these types of events. If your budget allows, you can give these colorful giveaways to onlookers who can wave them from the sidelines of the race to cheer on their favorite walker or runner. Participants are always thankful for a towel to mop up the sweat on a hot day. These washable towels can be a useful addition around the home as well as a reminder of the special event.


Give Racers Totes to Stay Organized

Custom tote bags with a front pocket in various colors

Non-Woven Shopper’s Pocket Tote Bag

It’s amazing how many things can quickly accumulate for participants on race day. Extra clothes, water bottles, paperwork, maps, towels and snacks can be tough to keep together. Consider providing tote bags as a participant giveaway to help racers gather their swag more easily at the end of the day. You can encourage reuse of the totes on shopping days to make an ongoing contribution to environmental sustainability as well.

Planning an annual walk or run event can be a lot of work. The details of signing up participants, coordinating with city officials, planning the route and managing race-day logistics are often a full-time job for someone in your organization. Make the inexpensive giveaways component a little easier by contacting ad cetera, inc to help. We can provide ideas and customization of everything from water bottles to the best promotional pens for your special event.


What’s your favorite special event swag?

a scenic image of a wind turbine in a green field with clouds and blue sky

Eco-Friendly Promo Items That Engage Your Desired Demographic

Today’s consumers increasingly prefer products that have a reduced impact on the environment. This preference even extends to eco-friendly promo items that are received for free at conventions or as part of marketing campaigns. Given this demand for biodegradable, recycled, and sustainable items, savvy brand promoters are provided with the opportunity to engage their audience from an unconventional and often-overlooked angle.

Exposing Your Brand to Engage Sustainable Interest

A rising focus on sustainable consuming habits can make it so that the material your eco-friendly promo items are made from becomes more memorable than the item itself. For instance, if your quality promotional pens are made from sustainable materials, people are more likely to associate your brand with sustainable practices, improving your brand perception. Even better are sustainably produced items like the Growables Planter, which is made from spruce wood without using any glue. A planter with your company’s name on it is the perfect way to show customers of your nursery or flower shop that you care about the environment.

What Are the Best Promotional Pens for Leaving a Mark?

The types of promotional pens that leave the most lasting impression on potential clients are those that effectively convey your brand’s story while also fitting in with the potential client’s priorities and values. Items that are clearly labeled as being recycled are more likely to be used frequently and remarked upon, leading to greater retention of your brand and greater likelihood that the item’s user will share your brand with others simply due to your focus on sustainability. Certain eco-friendly promo items like the Promo Write Recycled Notebook are made from recycled materials and come with a sustainably manufactured pen that will leave a lasting impression on customers of your legal office or consulting firm.

Often-Overlooked Avenues to Biodegradable Engagement

Biodegradable promotional items can be utilized for increased brand awareness in a number of surprising ways. For instance, biodegradable dental office promotional items like the Escape Jute Tote Bag don’t only serve as reminders to come back in for a checkup or further dental work; they also serve as a way to expose your brand to anyone who sees these items at the home or workplace of one of your patients. Using biodegradable promotional items as dental office freebies is a great way to conform to the value judgments of your existing patients while also anticipating the values that potential new clients hold dear.

Any brand can use the end of the old year and the coming of spring to their advantage by using new year promotional items at conventions, through the mail, or at the workplace. Many potential clients look forward to the new year as an opportunity to start fresh and leave behind the habits of the past in order to start something new. This forward-looking mindset is the perfect mentality with which to associate biodegradable promotional items.

Promote Your Priorities with Precision

Nobody likes wasteful merchandise, so choosing environmentally friendly products representing your business shows clients and customers that you’re thoughtful about your branding and business. Whether you’re leaning toward biodegradable products meant to be used for a short (but impactful) time or items made of high-quality recycled materials or designed with an eye to sustainability, we provide a variety of dependable and fun choices.

Many brands opt to work with ad cetera, inc due to the quality of the promotional products that we offer and the plenitude of recycled, biodegradable, and sustainable options that populate our catalog. Take a look at our wide array of personalizable promotional items to get an idea of what ad cetera, inc can do for your brand.

What is your favorite eco-friendly item? Tell us in the comments below!
Wood dining table in a restaurant set with dishes and wine glasses

Send Customers Away With More Than Full Bellies: The Best Promo Items for Your Restaurant

As a restaurant owner, your first priority is to provide quality food at reasonable prices and with excellent service. Although that alone will help boost your business, don’t overlook the power of the restaurant promotional item. Customers love taking free stuff home, so be sure to bid them farewell with more than just a satisfied appetite. Fun, inexpensive promotional products help keep your restaurant at the forefront of their minds and serve as great conversation starters for potential new business.

During Their Visit: Things You Need Anyway

Whether you are a small, local hole-in-the-wall cafe, a major national chain, or a high-class bistro, you need a wide variety of items to serve your patrons during a meal. Dishes, coasters, glasses, napkins, and flatware all have the potential to promote your restaurant to your most captive audience. Be sure to select a restaurant promotional item that fit the decor and atmosphere of your restaurant, whether that be beer steins, cocktail napkins or to-go cups.

The Write Idea: Quality Promotional Pens

Everyone can use extra pens. When you offer free pens to your customers, you are peppering their homes, cars, and offices with tiny ads for your restaurant. The extra writing tools will come in handy whether they end up in a desk drawer, a pocket or on the kitchen counter and will serve as a little reminder of a positive dining experience. Often, they can serve as calling cards as they get passed along to a friend, family member or stranger who is looking for a pen.

Food Fun for All

Consider using food shaped items to get your name out there. A cheeseburger stress reliever or a magnet shaped like a slice of pizza with your company info are great ways to make sure you’re restaurant is memorable and encourage repeat business. Have a more upscale clientele? An elegant corkscrew is a great way to reward your most loyal guests.

A Sweet Farewell: A Treat on the Way Out

Grabbing a few mints on the way out is always a pleasant way to say “Goodbye, and please come again!” to your customers. For just a few pennies, you can create a promotional wrapper for a butter mint that will serve as a reminder of a tasty lunch or pleasant dinner, and perhaps it’ll be shared with a friend or colleague later in the day.

The Take-Out Box: Put Leftovers to Work

Portion size continues to climb, and when your customers can’t quite finish everything on their plate, give them something to take home and remember you by. By hand-selecting promotional takeout containers or take-out bags, you can put all those leftovers to work. Bags and boxes serve as small signposts to keep your eatery in the minds of your regular customers as well as possibly introduce new people to your restaurant as bags get reused or re-purposed in upcoming weeks.

The Cool Association: Give ’em Something to Wear

If you have a hip and happening restaurant, think about selling some attractive T-shirts or hats to get your restaurant’s name out into the community. Come up with a signature design or creative message, and watch your restaurant promotional item goes viral.

If you’re ready to get your restaurant’s name out there and take advantage of the opportunities that come up each day, check out the myriad of products offered by ad cetera, inc. Whether you’re looking for the best promotional pens, coasters, corkscrews, or apparel, ad cetera, inc. is sure to be able to find you a unique item that can deliver your message effectively. Fun and useful promotional items serve as a great complement to delicious food, personal service, and affordable prices.

Chinese lanterns in various colors and patterns

Discover the Secrets to Marketing Your Brand for the Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is fast approaching! Does your business marketing strategy include marketing for the Chinese New Year? If not, you’re missing out on reaching a giant demographic. For instance, did you know there are over 50 million people of Chinese birth or descent living outside of China, in addition to the over 1.3 billion people living in China? It’s time to refine your marketing with Chinese New Year promotional items.


Organically Incorporate Chinese New Year Promotional Items

If your business decides to reach out to the Chinese community by marketing for the Chinese New Year, it’s important to launch a culturally sensitive campaign that goes beyond just handing out some quickly-designed Chinese New Year promotional items. It may seem like an easy strategy to hand out some quality promotional pens with Chinese themed graphics, but Chinese New Year is much more than just a commercial holiday for people in Chinese communities. Instead, it’s a giant, multiweek family celebration full of traditions and cultural significance.

In order to honor your business’s relationship with the Chinese community, be sure to only use Chinese New Year promotional items that are appropriate and relevant to the holiday. For example, if you choose to hand out pens to clients that are branded with a Chinese New Year greeting, make sure the pen’s graphics and message are culturally appropriate, and choose the best promotional pens you can afford. This will demonstrate to your clients that you truly value the significance of Chinese New Year and your business relationship with the Chinese community.

Your marketing strategy should go far beyond simply distributing culturally-sensitive Chinese New Year promotional items, though. A particularly effective strategy involves integrating your brand into existing local celebrations of the Chinese New Year. This type of marketing will allow your business’s branding to become an organic part of the Chinese New Year celebrations in your community, instead of seeming like a disingenuous attempt to simply sell more products or services.


Promote with Celebratory Events

Retailers may want to consider holding a Chinese New Year event in their stores. Having a Chinese New Year celebration in your store shows that you are a part of the community, and it brings the celebration directly to you.

Your business might consider advertising the event by handing out red envelopes with coupons or some other item of value that customers can use in your store during the event. Red envelopes are a particularly effective marketing strategy since envelopes containing money are commonly exchanged between the members of Chinese families. Keeping a bowl of fortune cookies customized with your own unique fortunes near your register is another great way to participate in the festivities while still maintaining your brand.

custom fortune cookies

Fortune Cookie with Custom Fortune

Regardless of the exact marketing strategy you choose, be sure your brand communicates a genuine expression of care and goodwill to everyone celebrating the Chinese New Year. These qualities are central aspects of the Chinese New Year celebrations in Chinese communities, so any marketing promotion including Chinese New Year themes will be better received by the Chinese community if your message is genuine and heartfelt.

Are you ready to include Chinese New Year celebrations as part of your brand’s marketing strategy? If you are, visit ad cetera, inc to find the best promotional items for your Chinese New Year marketing campaign.

A book laid open with a pink rose between the pages

What Story Do You Want Your Advertising to Tell?

Promotional products can give a short and sweet description of your company and what it has to offer. This is how you keep your business in front of a target audience long after an initial contact has been made. It helps to give away something useful like quality promotional pens or an insulated mug. The key is telling your story in a concise and catchy manner.


Conference Giveaways

At conferences and events, everyone’s looking to snag some bling. Make your freebies the best when it comes to quality and style, and you’ll continue to advertise whenever the items are used. What’s the one thing about your business that stands out the most for you? Is it related to quality, dependability or value? Figure it out and then wrap your slogan around a full-color ceramic mug.


The Best Promotional Pens

You can’t go wrong if you give out quality promotional pens since everyone’s always looking for something to write with. The key is choosing an attractive pen and adding a clear message from your company. Ballpoint pens are always welcome, or you can stand out from the crowd with a specialty pen like a combination ballpoint pen, highlighter and stylus.


Desk Accessories

Notepadscalculators and desk caddies are all giveaways that serve a purpose. You’re increasing the chances of putting your company name in front of someone every working day when you give one of these products away. Notepads have the most room for advertising since you can include a background that represents the theme of your endeavor. A personalized photo frame desk caddy is one special gift that’s likely to be appreciated and displayed proudly.


Executive Gifts

High-end gifts for executives in your company or those you’re seeking to do business with can make a big splash. Your theme, company name and/or logo can be tastefully added to an item that the recipient will cherish enough to keep and use. For the employee who values name brand items, a Nike Sport Duffle or glass Bowl might make a substantial impression. The best promotional pens are available in sets of roller ball and ballpoint.


Apparel that Tells a Story

One of the best ways to advertise your business is with quality apparel that employees and business associates will wear with pride. You’re not only putting your logo in front of people, you’re also showing off your company’s taste and style. Corporate jackets can be a status symbol for those who receive them, with name brands available like Eddie BauerPort Authority and Sport-Tek.


There’s a Product for Any Niche

The gamut of promotional gifts isn’t limited to office accessories, mugs, pens and clothing. At Ad Cetera, Inc., you can find a product for any purpose, from the status-conscious to the whimsical. The point of these products is to give away something of value that will remind the receiver of you and your business. It might be a small gift, but if it’s personal and useful it could be used for years. You can’t top that for long-term exposure!

A store sign in the window says "get hooked"

5 Creative Ways to Communicate Your Brand’s Unique Selling Point

While you may know the precise selling points of your brand, it can be difficult to relay this information to your potential customers, which is why you’ll have to get a bit creative to build leads for your business. With this in mind, you can use quality promotional products and other types of items so people can become more aware of your unique business offering. In this guide, we’re going to show you five creative ways to communicate the unique selling points (USPs) of your particular brand.

1. Ask Important Questions

This is very important because you understand the value of your particular offering, but your customers may not. In order to counter this issue, label your quality promotional products, like promotional pens, with important questions for your customers, such as:

• Are you having problems with…?
• Are you looking for a business that can…?

When you pose these questions on your giveaway items, they’ll be intrigued enough to ask about your services, especially since you’re presenting your company as a problem solver.

2. Leverage Your Brand as a Problem Solver That Uses Your USP to Help Customers

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of competition out there in just about any professional space. This is why USPs exist; when it’s time to communicate, you need to stand out as a problem solver. Do you have a large team of professionals that provide a personal touch for your clients? Make sure that you convey this to potential clients with quality promotional products. Slogans or images can help put this in the forefront of a person’s mind. A short video of your office and team can help put a face to a company and invite clients in.

3. Be Clear About Your USPs and Differentiate

Do you have a policy of customer service that includes regular meetups with clients and constant contact? Do you go above and beyond the competition? Make sure this is reflected in your branding and marketing strategies. Send out candies and food items to your clients from time to time so they can remember that it’s these thoughtful extras that makes your company different. You can even include small placards that remind them of your specific selling points so you can stay fresh in their minds.

4. Find Unique Ways to Reach the Right Market

It’s amazing what a cap that features your brand and slogan can do for your business. Not only will a good cap or hat look stylish for your customers, but it will also drive awareness of your business offering when people see the cap or hat being worn. The same technique can be used with items like patches and even cuff links; simply find items that can help people find you.

5. Get Into Your Customers’ Minds By Sticking to Your Niche

While it is always a good idea to differentiate, staying within your brand’s established unique niche is crucial. Show your potential customers that you’re dedicated to your specific area of expertise, and they’ll appreciate your determination. For example, a dental practice might consider dental promo items, such as a tooth-shaped stress reliever.  Remember, even the best promotional giveaway won’t be worth much if your clients can’t pick your brand out of a lineup.

Providing unique ways to help you communicate your USPs is part of what makes ad cetera, inc special. Check out our page and we can help you get the message out about our brand and gain the leads that you need for success.

a tart that has missed the target

5 Signs That You’re Missing the Mark on Your Brand Message

Your customer stands with a pen, eager to compensate you for your service. “To whom do I make out the check?” she asks. Right there, you know that your branding strategy has failed. If your in-store customer doesn’t know where she is or whom she is doing business with, how do you expect the consumer at home, online, or in conversation to remember your name? You need a better branding strategy.


5 Signs That Your Brand Message Isn’t Working

The above example is not the only sign that your brand strategy is lacking effectiveness. You don’t even have to be interacting with customers to recognize that something is off. Five signs spell it out for you.

  1. You lag behind the competition. Business is booming in your niche, but you are barely hanging on. Your nearest competitor is doing just fine and shows increased revenues.
  2. Your market share does not grow. Ideally, you should be increasing your market share. If it stagnates, you are just doing business with people who already know you. There is no word-of-mouth advertising, and your marketing falls flat.
  3. Customers do not know what you sell. Sure, they might know one or two products. However, they are unaware of the full breadth of products or services you offer. Some cannot connect your brand to your products.
  4. Social media branding falls flat. Your Facebook page has next to no consumer engagement. The same is true for your Twitter account.
  5. You miss opportunities to raise brand awareness with consumers. When you send out an email without your corporate colors and logo, you miss a valuable opportunity. The same is true for the in-store customer. If this customer does not walk away with something that features your custom imprint, you lose an opportunity to brand like a pro.


Quality Promotional Pens and Similar Products May Be the Answer

The best way to engage your customers is to constantly have your information in front of their eyes. There are plenty of promotional products to choose from, but pens are probably your best bet. They are economical, versatile, and useful. In short, they are something that your customers will like to receive. And, because the prices for customized pens are low, you can hand out multiple pens to the same person.

 Quality promotional pens will appeal to your target audience. Elegant twist pens have a great hand feel and work well in boardrooms and offices. Highlighters are excellent for in-home use or in the classroom. Find out today which quality promotional pens could be ideally suited for your particular business. Contact our friendly business experts at ad cetera, inc.

Stacked coins next to multiple pens

How to Save Money On Wholesale Promotional Products

Quality promotional pens and other good-quality imprinted products are a line item in your budget. But which items offer the most bang for the buck? When you combine a marketing message with a branding statement, you can save money and get the attention of the consumer.

Who Orders Wholesale Promotional Products?

The most commonly chosen collection of imprinted products consists of pens. Quality logo pens include ballpoints, highlighters, and gift sets. Adapt your selection to the likely group of recipients. Typically, business owners choose these items as promotional giveaways for trade shows, during the holiday season, and when launching new locations or product lines.

Add Pizzazz to Your Message Without Breaking the Bank

Business pens are a great option. Case in point is the iBasset II Stylus Pen. It has a great hand feel, offers plenty of personalization space, and comes in four colors to complement your brand message. When you order 2,500 of these pens, you save 13% off the 300-count price.

But what happens when you do not want to choose a pen? There are additional choices.

  • Aluminum Bottle/Can Opener Key Ring. This promotional item’s functionality makes it the type of product your customers will keep with them. It comes in seven different colors, and there’s a quantity discount offered when ordering.
  • Gulf Breeze Recycled P.E.T. Tote Bag. Eco-friendly bags are ideally suited for a large audience. They come in four colors. The bags are great for shopping, outings to recreational facilities, and for keeping travel items nearby.
  • $100 Bill Stack Squeezies Stress Reliever. Stress balls are a good option. However, did you know that you could differentiate yourself from the competition by using a special shape? This item comes in the form of a rectangle, looks interesting, and displays your corporate details. Enjoy great savings when you buy in bulk.

Marketing Like a Pro

The best promotional pens and other wholesale promotional products have one thing in common: your message. Because the details of your company become part of the item, it catches the attention of consumers. Depending on the size of the product, consider adding a tagline alongside your name and contact details. If you are unsure what the best message should be to catch the eye of customers, talk to the experts at ad cetera. We will gladly offer you some insights aimed at your targeted demographic.

happy new year plate surrounded by other new years items and people enjoying champagne in the background

Celebrating the New Year with the Perfect Promotional Gifts

New Year’s Eve is a celebration of new beginnings and new opportunities. What better time could there be than the start of a new year to attract fresh attention to your business, house of worship, or civic club with New Year’s Eve promotional products? You don’t have to spend a huge chunk of money on advertising to get your group noticed. When you choose from this impressive selection of quality promotional pens, quality logo pens, business pens, and other custom promotional items, you’ll be giving people a tangible, positive reminder of your organization.

A Whole Menu of Exciting Promo Pen Options

These quality promotional pens come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and prices to fit the varying needs and budgets of different customers. You can choose from some of the most popular value options such as:

These pens are nearly always available in a whole host of styles and colors. They’re ideal for including with promotional literature, handing out to customers, or giving away at fairs and community events. Each pen can be custom engraved with your organization’s name, logo, or slogan. Since pens are often used on a daily basis, they can serve as a lasting reminder of the products or services your group provides.

Fun New Year’s Eve Promotional Products for Everyone

A green champagne bottle stress toy

Champagne Bottle Squeezie

Make sure your clients are ready to ring in the new year by popping open a bottle of California Champagne. Customize your own full-color label with your organization’s logo and personalized text so that everyone will remember you as they celebrate this special occasion.

If you want to really stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression, consider passing out Champagne Bottle Squeezies at your next trade show or conference. Everyone gets a little stressed during the holiday season, but having this miniature champagne bottle stress reliever on hand will keep a smile on your customers’ faces and your company on their minds.

Your clients will greet the new year in style with a pair of 2018 Black Billboard Sunglasses. These trendy black frames and the fun 2018 design printed right on the lenses will look great on anyone. Don’t worry, though! The vision holes will allow everyone to see your brand name or slogan printed right on the arms of these sunglasses.

Whatever product you decide to purchase to promote your organization, it’s important to order from a trusted provider. ad cetera, inc. offers over 85 combined years of experience in the promotion industry. We know how to help give your brand a much-needed boost to kick off a successful new year. Whatever the occasion, you can search our website for great New Year’s Eve promotional products to help you celebrate in style while raising awareness of your group or business.

person holding a holiday gift wrapped and decorated with a pinecone

Holiday Gift Giving: Promote Your Business and Spread Holiday Cheer

Happy holidays! It’s time to share a little love and happiness, and we are here to help you with your shopping list. Giving useful gifts like high-quality promotional pens, which display your company’s name and contact information, is a great way to promote your business and spread a little cheer. Plus, promotional products are a great way to encourage free word-of-mouth advertising. Gifts and advertising are our specialty, and we recommend that you spread the holiday spirit this year by giving your clients and employees useful gifts and promotional items that will be used year-round and appreciated by all.

The Best High-Quality Promotional Pens and The Perfect Gifts

T.Macy™ Triple Function Pen

ad cetera T. Macy Triple Function pen

T. Macy Triple Function pen

The number one pen for companies on our gift list is the T.Macy™ triple functioning pen, which you can expect your clients and employees to use over and over again in many different settings. This is an eye-catching piece with the potential to promote questions about your company and to repeatedly generate word-of-mouth advertising and personal recommendations.

The T.Macy™ pen is a 3-in-1 multi-tasker featuring a ballpoint pen that transforms into a stylus for touchscreen devices and a bright LED light that’s push-activated. This pen is available in attractive colors: black and silver, blue and silver, cinnamon red and silver and gunmetal gray and silver. The high-gloss chrome and enamel barrel can be engraved to display your logo, name or custom design in silver to get your promotional message across. This microfiber stylus, useful LED light and black ink pen is the perfect gift for spreading the spirit of the season and will be a treasure that is used year-round. Multiple packaging and engraving options are available.

Textari® Stylus Pen

5 custom business pens in various colors

Textari® Stylus Pen

The Textari® Stylus Pen is a hugely popular choice for the holidays because of the stylus option, writing comfort and the attractive design. The Textari® Stylus pen has shimmering jewel tones set off by striking silver accents and an elegant diamond-etched grip. The Textari® stylus is the perfect tool for use on touchscreen devices, including smartphones, tablets and touchscreen laptops. The stylus pen is available in black and silver, cinnamon red with silver and black, french blue with silver and black, gunmetal gray with silver, and black or green with silver and black.

Vienna™ Pen

custom business pens in various colors

Vienna™ Pen

The Vienna™ ballpoint pen is beautifully styled with a raised rubber grip for writing ease and comes in five eye-catching colors: champagne gold and silver, black and silver, cinnamon red and silver, light blue and silver, and navy blue and silver. This beautiful pen is designed to showcase your company’s name or logo in style and class; the silver engraving matches the silver accents for a striking look on the classic push-action retractable pen. The eye-catching Vienna™ pen is also available with black or blue (default) ink, and for your gift-giving convenience, each pen is individually wrapped in cellophane.

Promote your business with pens and spread holiday cheer as you give gifts that encourage chatter and word-of-mouth advertising. Personalized service is our priority, and we invite you to explore our wide variety of exceptional promotional items, gifts and the best tradeshow giveaways. Visit Ad Cetera Inc.,  or contact us at 732-940-0894, 1-800-940-9165 or sales@adceterapromos.com.