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5 Classic Promotional Giveaway Items That Won’t Lose Their Appeal

Free giveaways are a fantastic tool for raising interest in your business or organization. When it comes to choosing the right giveaway item, oldies are definitely goodies. Pens, mugs, and other classic promotional giveaway items are practical, functional and easy to customize, so they do a great job of communicating your company’s message. Best of all, they never go out of style.


1. Metal Ballpoint Pens: Classic Promotional Giveaways That Always Leave Their Mark

classic promotional giveaway items should be attractive, attracting, and functional. Our Classic Metal Ballpoint Pen boasts all three qualities. This handsome retractable pen has a sleek two-tone barrel, an easy-to-use clicker, and a standard black ballpoint ink cartridge. Have your company name laser printed on the barrel, which is available in bold red or purple.


2. Classic-Fit T-Shirts: Get Your Message Out With a Traditional-Fit Tee

Crafted from cozy pre-shrunk Jersey knit fabric, the Classic Fit Adult T-Shirt is a timeless favorite. This cool tee is available in a dozen rich colors, including sapphire blue, lime green, and dark heather gray. Along with its classic comfortable fit, this tee has reinforced seams for added durability. You’ll adore the look of your company name and slogan screen-printed or embroidered on these great-looking shirts.


3. C-Handle Ceramic Mugs: Nothing Says It Better Than This Classic Promotional Mug

In any list of classic promotional giveaways, mugs rank high. Our Classic White 11 Oz. C Handle Ceramic Mug is crafted from crisp white ceramic and features a traditional C-style handle for an easy, comfortable grip. Great looking and easy to care for, these mugs are safe for use with a dishwasher and microwave. They offer a spacious and pristine background for your company logo.


4. Classic Key Straps: Use Custom Key Fobs to Get Your Message Out

The Classic Key Strap with Large Split Ring features a 6-1/2-inch long woven strap with an attached split ring for reliable storage of assorted keys. Increase name recognition for your business or organization by having your logo woven into the strap in a contrasting color.


5. Cotton Twill Visors: Promote Your Business With Classic Headgear

Caps and visors have long been used to encourage brand allegiance. Folks love a good head covering, and a spacious brim offers the ideal backdrop for your corporate message. For a classic sporty look, consider the Adult Classic Cut Chino Cotton Twill Visor. Available in a variety of colors, this visor is constructed from 100% washed cotton. A self-adhesive closure ensures a custom fit. Your logo will be highly visible on the pre-curved bill, which translates into greater brand recognition.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, Pens vs. Business Cards: Why Promotional Gifts Are Better at Boosting Your Customer Base, items imprinted with your company logo help you build a relationship with your staff, clients, and potential customers. By gifting your employees or business associates with classic promotional items, you create positive associations and ensure that your company’s message will be seen, recognized, and appreciated. Contact ad cetera, inc today to place your next order of classic promotional giveaways. A service representative will be on hand to explain how our products can help boost interest in your business or organization.

a white dental office with chair and dental instruments

10 Simple Ways to Make Your Dental Patients Feel More at Ease

Although regular dental check-ups are part of life’s routine for most people, a certain segment of the population tries to avoid the dentist like the plague. According to WebMD, between 9 percent and 20 percent of Americans do not go to the dentist due to anxiety and fear. These individuals may be unable to sleep before a dentist appointment, have escalating fear as an appointment approaches, or be unable to breathe when a dental exam begins.

It can be easy to brush off this fear if you are not the one experiencing it; however, for dental offices, this can be a real challenge. Thankfully, there are many small ways that you can help your more anxious patients relax and feel less frightened during a dental exam including providing a comfortable waiting area, building rapport with dental promotional items, and giving them some control of the situation.

Here are some simple ways to make your patients feel more at ease when they visit your dental practice.


1. Create a Comfortable, Cozy Environment

Let’s face it. We are all beings who heavily rely on our senses. What we see, hear, smell and feel can make a significant difference in our overall comfort level in any particular place. Use this fact to help create a comfortable office environment.

Start by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your dental office. If you are opening a new office or redecorating, select warm, calm colors. According to Martha Stewart, a creamy white, mustard yellow or earthy green can be relaxing color choices. Choose decor, furniture, and artwork that exudes peaceful and relaxing images.

Be sure that the temperature of your office is comfortable, neither too warm or too cool. Most people find that an indoor temperature between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit with a relative humidity between 30 percent and 70 percent is most comfortable. Depending on your locale, you may consider a humidifier or a dehumidifier at certain times of the year.

According to the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy, aromatherapy can help reduce anxiety, stress, fear, and panic in dental offices by inducing relaxation. Essential oils can be used in a diffuser or in potpourri. Oils that are especially calming including tangerine, orange, blue tansy, ylang-ylang, and patchouli.

Some dental offices will provide free WiFi so that patients can connect while they are waiting and perhaps take their minds off their anxiety. Many play relaxing music or even offer television or movie selections during dental procedures. If a patient can select music or a program that would be helpful to them, all the better.

Small items such as neck support pillows or dental promotional items during the actual procedure can also improve the patient’s experience.


A dental team exams an xray

2. Train Your Team to Be Attuned

When you think about learning a job, you typically think about duties. For dental assistants and office staff, this may include things like how to manage paper or electronic files, how to schedule or change appointments, when to distribute dental promotional items and where instruments and supplies are kept.

In addition, general standards of reasonable customer service are also taught. This might include how to answer the phone or welcome a patient to the practice or how to deal with an unhappy customer, miscommunication or error. You may learn what discounts, additional services or dental promotional products can be offered to appease a discontented patient.

However, you may overlook the importance of training your staff in how to deal with anxious or fearful patients appropriately. These skills may come naturally to some but be quite foreign to others. Here are some tips to emphasize with your dental assistants and office staff:

  • View patients as human beings. In some cases, it can help to encourage your staff to think of each person as someone they know. Have them consider how they would treat a relative, friend or neighbor if they came in as a patient.
  • Be attentive. Teach your staff to watch body language and facial expression in addition to listening carefully to each patient. In many cases, you can tell if people are nervous or anxious by the way they carry themselves.
  • Trust your instincts. If your staff suspects that someone is fearful, they should learn to trust those feelings. This can be an excellent key to alert the dentist, offer comforting items, or provide dental promotional products to the patient. Even if instincts are wrong, the caring response of your team can be a positive experience for the patient nonetheless.
  • Listen to past issues. In many cases, dental anxiety occurs when a patient has a negative previous experience. Perhaps a dental experience resulted in a great deal of pain or the patient felt misunderstood or not cared about with a previous health provider. Listen to past experiences with empathy and understand; this alone can often help reassure your patient.


3. Open Ongoing Lines of Communication

Like many other things in life, communication is key. If you can develop a positive and open line of communication with your patient from the beginning, you will be a trusted professional who listens and helps for years to come. Invest the time in creating and nurturing a relationship with each patient. Although all patients will appreciate the care, those who are particularly anxious may learn to relax more readily. Here are some ideas to do just that:

  • Schedule a pre-treatment appointment. Use this time to clearly explain the procedure as well as the benefits to the patient’s dental health. This talk-time will help acclimate an anxious patient to you and your office.
  • Listen carefully. Encourage your patient to ask questions and express concerns. Sometimes simply sharing fears can help alleviate them. Do your best to explain details and provide explanations and clarity to help your patient feel at ease.
  • Offer solutions. If your office has different options that can help allay fears, offer those possible solutions. Perhaps laughing gas can be offered for particular procedures, or you may be able to provide movie or music options to help take an anxious patient’s mind off of the procedures for a time being.


4. Reconsider Your Office Lighting

Because fluorescent light bulbs do not use heat to produce light, they are very energy efficient. As a result, many government entities require fluorescent lighting in commercial spaces, and many dental offices use this lighting throughout their office. Unfortunately, fluorescent lighting produces a green light that produces a dead appearance of human skin in addition to a warehouse-like atmosphere. Although subtle, such lighting can contribute to fear and anxiety for sensitive patients. Alternative light options, particularly in the areas where patients will be spending the most time, may be worth the investment. Here are some options:

  • Warm fluorescent bulbs have recently hit the market. The best of these are close to natural sunlight; however, they can be significantly more expensive than standard fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Incandescent lights are typically found in homes, and as a result, can be used in the waiting room to communicate a warm, comfortable feeling for patients. This lighting can remind them of home and the comfort associated with it.
  • Halogen lighting is also a good warm lighting choice for reception areas.
  • Balanced lighting can be achieved in treatment areas by looking at a variety of factors including natural sunlight, tinted windows, artificial lighting sources, and the colors and reflectivity of surrounding walls, floors and furniture.


a boy receives a dental exam

5. Give Patients Some Control

According to Healthy Place, a consumer mental health site, a lack of control contributes to most instances of anxiety and fear. In many cases, anxious individuals play the “what-if” game and conjugate many possible scary situations that could happen and, as a result, increase their own anxiety.

When it comes to dental anxiety and fear, a lack of control also plays into the equation. Patients who delay going to the dentist can wonder what the dentist will find, if they will be trapped in the dental chair, or if the procedures will be painful or frightening.

Your job is to turn as much control back over to your anxious patients as possible. Here are some ways to offer control and hopefully ease anxiety:

  • Provide distraction choices. Whether it be in the waiting area or during a procedure itself, if you can provide free WiFi or offer music or movie selections, you can give your patients control over part of their environment. Even allowing them to choose between different dental promotional products can give them a feeling of control.
  • Offer treatment options. If there are different options for a particular treatment, present all of them with pros and cons of each. For instance, you may be able to offer different types of anesthesia or divide the procedure into multiple shorter appointments over time.
  • Decide on a stop signal. When patients are lying back in dental chairs with instruments in their mouths, it’s difficult to communicate pain, discomfort or fear. Determine a signal for your patients to use if they need you to stop in the middle of a procedure. It may be as simple as raising a hand to indicate they need a break or have a question.

6. Upgrade X-Ray Procedures

Although dental x-rays are an expected part of preventative care, they can contribute to some patients’ anxiety levels. The good news is that technology has made dental x-rays easier, safer and more efficient than ever. If it’s time to invest in your dental practice, consider swapping conventional dental x-ray equipment for digital x-ray options. Here are some benefits of upgrading:

  • Reduce radiation exposure. Although dental x-rays, in general, have a low level of radiation, it never hurts to reduce the levels of exposure to both your patients and staff even further if possible. Digital equipment can maintain a quality image with between 60 percent and 80 percent less exposure.
  • Speed up results. It only takes a few seconds after taking a digital x-ray to obtain high-quality images, which means patients can get results more quickly and efficiently.
  • Improve clarity. Digital technology allows dentists to see clearer, larger images, which means more details can be spotted earlier. This can lead to less invasive procedures and a reduction in dental problems in the long run.
  • Be gentler on the environment. By switching to digital images, you can eliminate the chemicals and silver halide waste that is typically associated with traditional x-ray film and developing procedures.

Selecting the right kind of x-ray as well as the appropriate frequency is also important. Here are typical dental x-ray options and what they are used to best view and diagnose:

  • Periapical x-rays provide a view of the whole tooth from crown to the bone. This is a very complete x-ray to help you pinpoint exactly what may be the problem.
  • Bite-wing x-rays are perhaps the most common and show how teeth touch one another. By providing a visual of both upper and lower teeth and their relationship, a dentist can determine if decay is occurring.
  • Panoramic x-rays take a picture of a patient’s entire jaw, nasal, joints and sinus area as well as all the teeth. These x-rays are not needed very frequently and are often used when patients require orthodontic treatment or dental implants.
  • Occlusal x-rays provide a view of the mouth floor as well as the patient’s bite. These are typically used to monitor children’s transition from baby to adult teeth.


a modern dental chair in a dental office

7. Offer Relaxation Exercises

Relaxation exercises and techniques can be an excellent adjunct to other means of calming down patients who may be anxious about a dental visit. Although they can be helpful, they are most effective when patients practice them as part of their daily routine and not just during a dental procedure. As a result, you may want to offer a course or referral for relaxation training for your longer-term anxious patients as part of their overall wellness program.

If you have an opportunity to conduct a pre-treatment appointment, this is also a good time to suggest relaxation exercises. You can offer a one-page summary of exercises, a referral to a website, or a suggestion to attend a community class on relaxation. Here are some easy exercises that your patients can practice:

  • Square breathing. This technique involves taking a slow breath for a count of three seconds, a pause for three seconds, a slow exhale for three seconds and another three-second pause. By intentionally slowing down your breathing, you reduce the chances of escalating into a panic attack.
  • Belly breathing. This technique is similar to the one above. Begin by forcing all the air out of your lungs and pausing. When you inhale, push your belly out and hold your breath until it becomes slightly uncomfortable. Exhale by sucking your belly in. Experts suggest practice this technique one minute every waking hour.
  • Muscle relaxation. By focusing on one set of muscles at a time, you can tense and release tension throughout your body. Lie down and start at your feet. Tense the muscles in your feet for a few seconds and then focus on releasing and relaxing that area. Slowly move up your body.

8. Understand and Adjust Your Body Language

Body language is one of those things that can make a big difference when interacting with patients. It’s also something that you typically overlook in your own behavior. The first step to improving your body language comes with awareness. Understanding positive body language and what you can do to improve your own can make a big difference for anxious patients:

  • Be confident. If your patients are anxious, you need to exude confidence in your interactions with them. Stand up straight and make all your gestures deliberate. If you and your staff appear confident, your patients will have more confidence that you know what you are doing and are competent in dental procedures.
  • Smile naturally. Most people can detect fake smiles and will feel uncomfortable if you are not being genuine. Work on positive, real relationships with your patients and your body language should follow more naturally.
  • Maintain eye contact. Looking anxious patients directly in the eyes can help them feel more connected and heard by you. Be sure to listen attentively and address their concerns with not only your voice but also with your face and body language.
  • Watch unnecessary reactions. Try to control worried looks or furrowed brows during a dental exam or procedure. Patients can detect problems by watching your facial expressions, and it may increase their anxiety.


9. Build Long-Term Rapport

There’s nothing like establishing a trusted doctor-patient relationship to maintain long-term customers and reduce overall patient anxiety. Treat your patients like family and friends. If you genuinely care about your patients, they will sense that and return for future treatments. Eventually, they may lessen or overcome their dental anxiety altogether. Here are some ideas to build ongoing rapport:

  • Remember names. Train your staff to remember the names of your patients. Address them by name when they come in for their appointment, and use their name throughout their appointment.
  • Recall life details. Although you don’t want to pry into the personal lives of your patients, many people will enjoy sharing important things about their lives. You could incorporate notes in your patient files or database and ask about children, a recent vacation or a new job. Being able to remember these details help you connect with patients and communicate that they are important people.
  • Offer dental promotional products. Everyone loves freebies, and there are many items that are available for dental offices to obtain inexpensively and give away. Many useful dental promotional products can be tailored to not only carry your practice logo and contact information but can help encourage good dental hygiene practice as well. Here are some ideas:
    • Toothbrushes imprinted with your dental practice will encourage daily dental care after your patients leave their appointment.
    • Dental floss keychains can come in handy, especially for patients who frequently eat on the run.
    • Dental travel kits can make great giveaways for patients who may travel often on business or pleasure.
    • Children’s activity books can help distract anxious younger patients and provide some relief for accompanying caregivers.
    • For something out of the ordinary, consider passing out dental stress reliever toys.

10. Solicit Feedback and Incorporate Improvements

It’s always important to continuously improve, and one great way of finding more ideas on how to do that is to ask your patients. With today’s technology, it’s easy to set up anonymous, verified surveys that can be sent after each patient visit. You can request that patients rate various aspects of your service. Be sure to leave a spot for comments and suggestions for improvement.

In addition, you can also ask for a personal evaluation so that you can improve treatment for each particular patient. For example, you can create a set of statements and ask patients to rate their experience on a scale from one to five with one being not true and five being completely true. Statements could include:

  1. I was relaxed during the dental treatment
  2. I was nervous during the dental treatment
  3. I was frightened during the dental treatment

Depending on responses, you can get an idea of how much intervention or reassurance is needed for this particular patient on an ongoing basis.

Be sure you review the feedback and make changes in your office accordingly. It may be helpful to even communicate changes that have resulted from patient feedback so that they know their voices are being heard.

Dental anxiety and fear are real issues for nearly one-fifth of all people. By addressing these concerns for your patients, you will be building a positive, supportive and well-loved dental practice in your community. Simple things like ensuring that your office is comfortable, turning over some aspects of control to your patients, offering quality dental promotional products, and providing staff with training on how to understand and care for these patients are easy steps to take to help this group of patients feel more comfortable and get the dental care they need to stay healthy.

Drive Into Summer with Great Automotive Promotional Items

The family road trip may be one of the quintessential aspects of summer vacation. It’s a great time to take a break from the stresses of daily life and spend some quality time with family and friends. Why not keep your company or organization top of mind by providing fun and useful automotive promotional items? They make great stowaway marketing messages.


Keep Things Cool

There’s nothing more sweltering than getting into a vehicle that’s been sitting out in the sun all day. Help your clients turn down the temperature a bit with windshield shade that can block out those direct rays while promoting your company logo. Check out the collapsible varieties as well, which come with an imprinted carrying case.


Get Things Started

If you’re looking for handy yet inexpensive automotive promotional items, take a look at the wide array of imprintable keychains. Choose from a simple keychain with an LED light, a keychain with multi-tools or even a keychain with a built-in measuring tape.


Increase Preparedness

Although most people probably have a packing list for vacation gear and clothing, you can never be too prepared on a long road trip. Help out your company’s stakeholders by providing and handy first-aid kit for unexpected minor injuries or a vehicle escape tool for an unlikely but potentially major incident.


Stock Some Tools

All cars should have a few small tools and items for minor repairs while on the road. Help your clients out by providing automotive promotional items including a quick-read tire gauge that can identify low air pressure, a flexible flashlight that can help you see those nooks and crannies under the hood or a heavy-duty ice scraper, perfect for those cold winter days later in the year.


Make Things Accessible

Items and gadgets seem to continue to pile up these days, and many of them are convenient or important to have on those long road trips. Help provide holders and clips to make those small but critical items easy to reach and access during the summer drive. Provide an easy-to-access cell phone stand that can fasten securely to your vehicle or a handy sunglass clip to keep those all-important shades within reach for those sunshiny moments on the road.


Keep It Comfortable

Although certain items are more for creature comfort than safety or utility, they are often appreciated just as much. Consider imprinting your company logo or brand on a vehicle vent air freshener. These are a little different than the vehicle fresheners that hang from your rearview mirror. The ones that clip onto your vents provide a refreshing scent when you have your air conditioner, vent or heat blowing. Another idea for an inexpensive creature comfort is a moisture absorbing coaster. These can be custom-made to reflect your organization and fit in standard auto cup holders to wick away condensation on your ice-cold beverages.


Automotive Promotional Items Just One of Many Solutions

If you’re in charge of providing giveaways for a conference, trade show or another large-scale corporate event, be sure to check out ad cetera, inc. We provide quality promotional items at affordable prices that can be customized with your company logo, brand, slogan or message. We provide a wide range of auto promotional items as well as fun items for summer activities and many other ideas as well. Keep your company top of mind while providing your prospects, clients and other stakeholders with fun, interesting, helpful and handy items to enhance their summer travel.

awork desk with various business promotional products

Successful Marketing Through Business Promotional Products

The trick to a successful marketing campaign is the constant availability of your corporate information for the customer. You want to help the buyer connect your products or services with the logo that you have chosen for the company. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is through the use of business promotional products.

Legal Professionals Remind Clients of Their Services with Useful Gifts

Gavel Stress Reliever

Gavel Stress Reliever

Select something that represents your niche. It should be an item that is useful or sufficiently attractive so that the client holds on to it. There are plenty of options open to you.

  • Gavel stress reliever. Whether the client is nervous or frustrated, the squishy gavel is ideally suited. Have some around the office to hand out. Imprint your firm’s name and logo on the handle or head.
  • Madera clock frame. At the end of a successful case resolution, present the client with this distinguished-looking clock and picture frame combination. It displays a tasteful imprint of your firm’s information.
  • USB cell phone holder. This useful gadget is something that your client is sure to use. It is the ideal USB extension cord. It also allows for hands-free use of a cell phone or music player. With your firm’s contact information on the bottom, your details are always in front of the client.


Medical Companies Encourage Patient Engagement with Business Promotional Products

House Hot/Cold Pack

House Hot/Cold Pack

Doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics, and alternative health care providers benefit from the advantages of marketing with give-away items. Build patient loyalty by having your information and contact details always at arm’s length. Health-themed promotional items are the obvious choices.

  • Aqua bead gel therapy pack. This house-shaped hot and cold pack is ideal for use after sports injuries. Store it in the freezer and use it as a cold pack. When soaked in hot water, it soothes muscle strains. Your patients can reuse this item over and over.
  • Seven day pill case. Help your patients remember to take their medications. This pill case is a functional giveaway item that displays your office’s name. Add contact details for the particular physician who is treating the individual.
  • Large neck tote sun kit. Get your patients ready for the summer. This tote sun kit is a good option for the patient whom you only see for annual checkups. It is functional and has a large surface that you can devote to your clinic’s advertisement.


Small Businesses Benefit from Handing out a Variety of Attractive Consumer Goods

Hand Spinner

Hand Spinner

Find business promotional products that have a niche tie-in. If this is not possible, consider the types of consumer goods that your customers are sure to use. Thinking outside the box is always a good idea.

  • Hand spinner. Everyone loves a hand spinner. It is the universal toy that kids and adults like to handle. With your business’ information at the center, this gadget will be something your customers hold on to.
  • 8-In-1 multi-tool with LEDs. This gadget is the epitome of functionality. It is the ideal tool to keep handy in the kitchen or on the desk. In the process, it will keep your corporate information just as handy.
  • Round pulp board coasters. If you sell food or beverages, hand out these coasters. They are well suited for the eatery that delivers. Your tagline, name, logo, and contact details go on the front.


Who Can Help with a Large Product Selection?

ad cetera, inc. is your go-to vendor for customized business promotional products. If you are already looking ahead to the holidays, consider reviewing the best holidays gifts to show appreciation to your customers.

an office test with computer, mug and keyboard

Build Brand Loyalty With Quality Promotional Items

In a survey of consumers, 90% reported that getting high-quality promotional items increases their sense of loyalty to the brand. The value-added gift makes the consumer feel like the retailer cares about him or her. Of people who get a free gift, 80% report that they share the experience with their friends in-person, and 65% share their experience online. This means that for each of your promotional giveaways, the word-of-mouth marketing will have a wide reach.

Develop Positive Consumer Associations With Quality Promotional Giveaways

When you offer high-quality promotional items such as a 20-ounce Himalayan tumbler, consumers will have positive associations with your brand. Each time a person uses the tumbler to quench his or her thirst or uses the grocery tote at the supermarket, they will see your name and associate your brand with usefulness, satisfaction, and value. When the person uses those items, other people will also see your company name and logo, adding to the value that you get from the giveaway.


Enhance Future Customer Loyalty

People remember the positive feelings that they have about companies. When a person is in need of a product or service that your company offers, he or she is more likely to choose you if you have provided the consumer with a free gift. Your company’s name will be top in the recognition list when you give away high-utility items such as the New Era Adjustable Caps with your company’s logo. These high-quality promotional items also do an excellent job of building retention rates with customers who have already purchased from you.


Expand Your Reach With Products That Make People Happy

Consumer loyalty will also grow when you give away pleasurable items such as custom sugar cookies topped with chocolate or M&Ms in a small glass jar with your company name etched onto it. The person who receives the small glass candy jar is likely to put it in a prominent spot where people will see it. When the iconic M&Ms run out, the person will refill it. Few people can resist a candy jar, and this type of delicious gift will keep on giving in your marketing campaign.


Demonstrate Your Commitment to the Future

Giving away promotional items that last demonstrates your commitment to the future. Not only do eco-friendly promo items such as the Traveler 15-ounce Auto Tumbler get used on a routine basis, but they also save your customers money. The tumblers will go everywhere your customer goes, getting noticed by a lot of people. Reusable items like this also help your customers to be more environmentally friendly. You could even point out how the tumbler would save the customer money over the cost of buying coffee at a pricey coffeehouse every day. Not only are you demonstrating your commitment to delivering quality products and services now and in the future to the customer, but you are also demonstrating a commitment to the future of the world. Customers will recognize this and reward you through future business transactions. In this blog, we offer additional eco-friendly products that are ideal as free giveaways.

High-quality promotional items help you stand out from the competition. They show that you are paying attention to your customers and that you care about providing high-quality and useful products and services that will enhance their lives. Your efforts will be associated with positive associations that inspire an increased level of brand loyalty. Check out more of the best promo items at Ad Cetera, Inc.

Pineapple wearing sunglasses on the sandy beach

Five Hot Promotional Giveaway Items for Summer Travelers


It’s that time of year again when the days are long and the nights are short. In most parts of our country, the weather ranges from mildly pleasant to scorching hot. It’s more likely that when your business clients are traveling, they will tag on an extra few vacation days to enjoy their destination. Take the opportunity to provide them with corporate giveaway items that can not only contribute to their summer trips but serve as a memorable reminder of you and your company.


Corporate Giveaway Item Keeps Clients Hydrated

In the heat of the summer, there’s probably nothing quite as important as staying hydrated. Whether you’re on the go running from one meeting to another or taking a break to enjoy some relaxation by the pool, you’ll want to make sure drinks are nearby.

Provide a customized insulated can holder with your corporate logo to help keep your clients thinking of you while they are keeping their fluids up.


Quality Promotional Items Increase Exposure

If you have the budget, consider going with something a little higher end that may be used frequently throughout the summer. The pelican cooler is extremely durable and can keep food cold for up to three days.

When your clients are traveling for business or pleasure, a promotional item such as a heavy-duty cooler can become a lifesaver. They will not only be reminded of your organization but they will become a walking advertisement for wherever they may be going, summer day after summer day.


Keep the Sun at Bay with Corporate Giveaway Item

While everyone enjoys time in the sun, it can become hard on the eyes and the face after some time. Providing summer caps or sun visors can be a great way for your organization to help.

Hats and visors are some of those things that you can never have too many of. They are relatively inexpensive and are often left at friends’ homes, in cars or at other public places. Your unique corporate message can be seen by many people who are out enjoying the summer weather.


Help Protect Eyes, Skin, and Lips

It’s tempting to stay out in the warm weather for a little too long at times. Providing your business clients with items they can use while they are traveling in the heat of the summer will be much appreciated.

Simple, inexpensive and extremely useful corporate giveaway items are lip balm and customized sunglasses. It’s easy to print your logo, slogan, company name or special event on these items to serve as a reminder of your business or organization.

A great travel accessory is the no-burn outdoor sun protection kit. It’s small and compact, making it easy to carry on business or pleasure trips.


Specialty Items Make Great Conversation Starters

When you’re selecting summer promotional items, you may also want to go for something more unique that can be great conversation starters for your clients while they are on the go.

Consider investing in golf umbrellas or this folding travel umbrella that’s great for not only blocking the sun but on those rainy days as well. This unique cooling towel is 20 degrees lower than the outdoor temperature once you wet and shake it to activate.

For more great ideas to help you find the perfect corporate giveaway items, browse through the offerings at Ad Cetera, Inc. This promotional item website offers a myriad of items that can be customized and ordered in just about any quantity to help you promote your business or organization.

a hand holds a credit card over a laptop

Quality Promotional Items to Help Avoid These Top Three Branding Mistakes

When it’s time to invest in quality promotional items, you are probably looking for ways to capitalize on an upcoming event, trade show or conference. Before you spend your precious budget dollars, be aware of common branding mistakes that can occur when you’re looking for corporate giveaway items.


Mistake #1: Selecting the Wrong Item

In today’s competitive marketplace, you want to make sure all aspects of your marketing are buttoned up from strategy through execution. This means that you should select quality promotional items that fit well with your brand and company image. For example, a branded screwdriver might work great for a repair company but not so well for a law firm.

Promotional suppliers have a wealth of creative giveaways for just about any sort of business or organization. You can purchase anything from quality promotional pens to tote bags to customized food packaging. Doing a little research can help you find a creative way to share your brand with your key audiences.

In addition, the right promotional company can help you select not only the best items but also help you with messaging, branding and image management suggestions. You’ll also want to incorporate your call to action, if possible, in your promotional product. Perhaps your item can invite a phone call or a visit to your website.


Mistake #2: Selecting Useless Giveaways

In the age of environmentally conscious consumers, you’ll want to be sure you’re not giving away items that will just take a detour to the landfill. Select quality promotional giveaways that can be useful to your key audience. Items like pens, drink koozies or candy are always appreciated and used.

Another idea would be to ask your customers, shareholders or other partners what types of items they would like to receive. They may have great ideas that you haven’t thought of yet or help point you in a fresh direction.


Mistake #3: Selecting the Cheapest Products

Although all companies are trying to be cost conscious, you want to be careful not to select cheap items that will fail to work or break immediately. That not only conveys a negative impression of your company but also means that your item is not around for very long to do its promotional job.

Select quality promotional items that will work well, convey a positive impression, and float around for a long time reinforcing your brand and your message to a wide variety of audiences. Ideally, the promotional item you select can be re-gifted or passed along to others.

Consider items such as custom calendars, which could be used for an entire year, reinforcing your brand and your message day after day. Each time your customer glances at it to check an appointment, your brand will be front and center. Your phone number and contact information are also constantly available.

Finally, be sure to plan ahead so you can get the best bang for your buck. Give yourself time to ask around, browse through our other blog postings about promotional items, and order some sample items to see what they look like. Spend some time thinking about your branding, how you will distribute the items and what shelf life they will have. Pre-planning always pays off and gives you an overall better result in the end.

Once you’ve sharpened your brand, selected a well-fitting item, and choose quality promotional giveaways from Ad Cetera, you’ll be ready to make a big impression at your upcoming event, conference or trade show.

top tradeshow giveaways

Capture Attention With These Top Trade Show Giveaways

When you set up a booth and represent your company at a trade show, you need to set yourself apart from the competition. Give attendees a reason to stop by your booth and learn about what your company does with these top trade show giveaways. In addition to having an eye-pleasing display and a setup that people can easily see, you could capture plenty of attention by using these quality trade show items for promotional purposes.


Trail Mix and Energy Bars

People at trade shows may get hungry. If the place has a cafe, the food there is likely to be greasy and unhealthy. Consider trail mix or energy bars. The presentation of the trail mix, energy bars and other edible items is also important. Consider using attractive bowls to hold the packets of trail mix. For tins of mints, consider stacking them up in a fun pyramid design. Serving trays are an elegant option for displaying edible trade show giveaways.


Stress Relievers

Traveling to a trade show, being on your feet all day and the disruption to your usual routine could all be stressful. One of our top quality trade show items is the stress ball. They come in bright colors, and they’re also available in star, football and hat shapes. Let your guests see you use it. Play a game of catch with passersby and the stress balls. Show them how satisfying it is to squeeze the ball and release it. Display these promotional items in clever containers such as metal wash bins or sand pails. Consider setting up a mini basketball hoop for people to throw the stress balls into. In this blog post, we offer additional quality trade show items that are known to help people with stress relief.



T-shirts with your company logo are the ads that keep on giving, but in a good way. Every time one of your trade show booth guests wears the t-shirt that he or she got from you, your business gets a little bit of free advertising. People are naturally observant of what other people wear, and your company’s name could get noticed by dozens of people every time one of the trade show booth guests wears it. You could also wear one of these pre-shrunk cotton t-shirts for yourself. They come in a variety of colors, so you could have a rainbow of them printed up with your company’s details. Arrange them on your display table like trendy stores do with their clothing. Keep everything sorted by size and color and ensure that the shirts are properly folded.


Popcorn Buckets

You know how the smell of popcorn in the office seems to spread around and make other people want popcorn, too? Put this to your advantage at your next trade show by giving away popcorn buckets and setting up a popcorn machine at your booth. The sound of popcorn popping and the smell of the freshly made popcorn could be irresistible to the guests at the trade show. You might even develop a reputation for being the popcorn guy or gal among attendees who come to the shows on a routine basis.


Golf Trade Show Giveaway Items

Many people play golf during their leisure time, so you could take advantage of it by including some golf tee at your trade show booth. In addition to the golf tees, consider adding some coordinating golf towels. When you’re giving away golf items, you could go all out with your trade show booth setup. Bring a mini putting green and set it up on the floor. Have a few putters ready. You could even have a prize wheel set up or give the prizes to people who make the hole in one or two swings. You could do some putting yourself between visitors at your booth.

These fun giveaway items can all be customized with your company’s name, logo, web address and anything else you’d like to add. By showing guests and passersby how much fun the promotional items can be, your booth could be one of the most popular spots at your next trade show. Check out more of our fun trade show giveaway items at Ad Cetera, Inc.