Double Agents: Promo Pens That Surprise Your Clientele


Giving away promotional pens is as ubiquitous as handing out baseball caps to clients. However, your pens can do a lot more for your company than just top a colleague’s head. Pens offer a practical solution to your clients’ everyday needs. They’ll reach for a pen each workday, and your name can be emblazoned on that item as a daily reminder. Don’t pass out just any promo pens, though. Surprise your clients with quality promotional pens that allow for multitasking at its finest.


Style With a Stylus

Simplicity is often the best route when it comes to promo pens. The iTwist Stylus pen gives your clients a comfortable barrel with your logo shining brightly along the middle section.

Use one end for the ballpoint ink, and then flip it over to access the handy stylus. Your clients won’t ever want to put this pen down.


Let There Be Light With Imprinted Promotional Products

A Stylus Light pen offers an LED light for those dark moments. Your clients can find a dropped item in almost any situation. This pen also comes with several other perks, such as:

  • A stylus tip
  • Refillable black ink
  • A 1.5-inch long imprint area

A Triple Threat

If you can’t choose between promo pens, try the T. Macy Triple Function pen. Your clients will have three tools in one pen. These are:

  • An LED light
  • A ballpoint pen
  • A stylus tip

The classic, rounded barrel hides all of the features in an elegant writing utensil. It feels light yet strong in your hands as the logo glistens with a crisp imprint along the colorful end.


Screen Cleaning, Anyone?

Add some humor to your clients’ day with an adorable Mop Topper pen. The wild and crazy hair on top of this superhero is actually a soft microfiber. Your clients can use the mop top to clean their devices on the go.

Select pink or blue colors for your Mop Topper and add your logo to the curved section of the barrel. Everyone will clamor for this fun and functional pen.


Measure It All

Try the 5-in-1 work pen that features a small ruler. It’s housed within the pen’s barrel so that any measuring needs are quickly solved. Look a little further for other features, such as a:

  • Flat-head screwdriver bit
  • Spirit level
  • Phillips screwdriver bit

You might wonder where your logo would fit on these imprinted promotional products, but a business’s name is hard to miss as it rests alongside the handy ruler.


There’s so much to explore at Ad Cetera, Inc. that you’ll end up trying several different products at once. Enjoy a vast array of pens and other items that can be outfitted with your company’s name or logo. Quality promotional pens become instant reminders of your brand as they help you secure that next sales opportunity.

4 Ways to Inspire Greater Brand Loyalty in Your Target Market

Brand loyalty is an important aspect of doing business these days. With so many choices, the consumer or client must make quick decisions when it comes to doing business with a particular firm. Especially at conventions, imprinted promotional products get your name out there and can be given away with a smile. We want you to be remembered, and imprinted promotional products can turn leads into clients. Here are four ways to inspire greater brand loyalty:

Give Away Quality Promotional Pens

What better way to put your brand out there than with quality promotional pens? There are many different types of pens to choose from, including:

  • Ballpoint
  • Grip pens
  • Stylus pens
  • Metallic pens

We can imprint your favorite style with a logo or saying; ink choices are also available.

Hand Out Information and Promotions with a Smile

Conventions are a great place to meet new customers or clients, and a little personal courtesy can go a long way. Some winning ideas for contacting new business include:

  • Handing out information with a smile
  • Providing something for potential clients to walk away with
  • Showing them to your booth
  • Looking them in the eye

Tell It Like It Is — Company Loyalty

Even within your own organization, building trust and brand loyalty is important. That’s why our awards and recognition paperweights are ideal reminders of the strength of the organization and the importance of an employee within that organization.

Have Samples on Hand

If your target market is the end consumer, be sure to have giveaways on hand. Don’t forget to give them away with a warm smile! Printed promotional products, such as clothing or hats, are ideal to give to a potential client.

Make Building Brand Loyalty a Top Goal

Emotional involvement is part of why a customer chooses a brand. Loyal customers will come back to buy more or use your services again. We can help you inspire higher levels of brand loyalty with our imprinted promotional products and our quality promotional pens. Moreover, it will feel great to give things away knowing that your company’s name will be out there on display for many others to see.