colorful foods on the grill cooking

Burgers, Wings and Red Hot Giveaways: Quality Promotional Items for your Clients’ BBQ

Good food, fresh air, and a light and friendly atmosphere are highlights of every backyard barbecue. If you throw in personalized giveaways imprinted with your company name, you’ll turn that awesome BBQ into the ideal promotional event for your business or organization. Fire up the grill, toss on the juicy burgers and wings, and invite your staff, customers, neighbors, and friends to savor the rich flavors. After the event, they’ll head home with full stomachs, great memories, and quality promotional items that bring your brand to life.

Tools of the Trade

11 Pc. BBQ Set

Take the challenge out of grilling, and promote your business with a personalized set of top-quality grill tools. Ad Cetera Inc. offers a variety of full and partial grill sets to suit every budget. Our fabulous 11-Piece BBQ Set features a handy spatula, a two-pronged fork, one set of tongs, a basting brush, two kabob skewers, and four nifty corn-on-the-cob holders.

Crafted from professional-grade stainless steel and boasting solid wood handles, the tools in this oh-so-cool grill set are built to last. For convenience, tools are stored in a rugged, reusable case with a zippered closure. Of course, the case can be custom screen-printed with your company’s name so you can get your name and message out there.

Clean Up Your Act

BBQ Apron (Priority)

As mentioned in a previous blog post, What Story Do You Want Your Advertising to Tell?, apparel is an extremely powerful tool for communication. At Ad Cetera, Inc, we’ve got a super selection of aprons to protect the grill master’s wardrobe while you build your brand name. Messy spills and splattered juices don’t stand a chance against our durable aprons. One of our more popular quality promotional items, our aprons give your customers, staff members, and other budding chefs either partial or complete coverage while they man the grill. We offer a host of options.

  • Materials: Choose from non-woven polypropylene, cotton, cotton canvas, and disposible aprons.
  • Style: Consider our classic full-length, cobbler, bistro, and carpenter aprons.
  • Design: Select from assorted solids, striped, color-block, dye-sublimated, and pocketed designs.

Keep Cool

12 oz. 18/8 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Joe Joe Can Cooler

Your backyard barbecue will be a total fail without ice-cold beverages. Make sure everyone stays cool and hydrated with the Life’s A Party Koozie® Cup Kooler. Ad Cetera, Inc. can print your company logo on these drink coolers, which are crafted from polyester with a foam backing. Choose from red, black, or royal blue.

Now You’re Cooking!

As the weather turns warm and folks head out to fire up the grill, BBQ-themed quality promotional items have incredible appeal. Whether you’re gearing up for a July conference, August trade show, or your annual staff barbecue, be in touch with Ad Cetera, Inc to discuss your company’s promotional needs.

We offer a vast selection of BBQ-themed items, professional advice, and fast shipping and delivery. Whatever your budget, we’ll turn up the heat on your grill fest! Call, fax, or e-mail us today, and one of our outstanding customer service representatives will gladly help you place your order.

Fidgeting your Way to Stress Relief

To put it mildly, people are feeling a lot of stress and tension these days. That tension comes from multiple sources, such as work, family, commuting or household issues. When you can provide a stress reliever that allows a person to relieve their negative feelings, tension, frustration and anger in a positive way, this is a big benefit. Naturally, these promotional items can have your company’s name on it, allowing you to use them as ideal marketing and promotional items at trade shows, exhibits, and other events.


How Fidget Cubes Work

black and white fidget cube

Fun Cube

Fidget cubes are made of plastic and metal. They have six sides, and each of the sides has a different activity or texture. Pushing on the buttons, knobs, and doodads allows the user to release nervous energy. The cubes are quiet, making them a great choice for use in intense office environments or while a person is on a call and activities such as tapping fingernails or feet would be too loud. When the user is able to release that nervous energy by using a fidget cube with your company’s name and logo on it, that person will associate your business with a good feeling. The fidget cubes are quiet and easy to hold in the hands, just like quality promotional pens.


Why Stress Balls Are Desirable Promotional Items

red and yellow convertible car stress relievers with company logo

Convertible Car Stress Reliever

Stress balls are slightly squishy. They fit into the palm of the hand and are just the right size for the fingers to wrap around and squeeze. The lightly textured surface and flexible interior allow a person to squeeze his or her stress out with the ball. These fun stress balls come in a variety of colors and patterns, and they can have your company’s name stamped on them. There are even other shapes besides a perfect sphere, such as eggs, footballs, stars, and cubes. Just like with the best promotional pens, people will see your company’s name every time they use the stress balls. The release of tension that happens from squeezing a stress ball will be associated with your company in a positive way.


Benefits of Fidget Toys and Stress Relievers for the Hands

purple fidget spinner with red bull's logo

Platinum Hand Spinner

Chances are good that you have seen someone with raggedy fingernails. That person may have relieved stress with nail biting. Other people might jingle their keys or tap their feet. Fidget toys and stress relievers are quiet, and they can replace the more noisy or messy nervous habits. They reduce anxiety and stress without causing any harm. Many people are able to stay more focused when their hands are busy, which clients will appreciate.

Releasing stress in a productive and healthy way helps to promote workplace wellness, increases productivity and could even boost loyalty. When a person has something to do with his or her hands, a feeling of relaxation and release of tension is the natural result. These stress relievers from Ad Cetera, Inc., whether for your employees or your client’s employees, aim to relieve tension and stress while keeping your company front and center in their mind.

stacks of coins on top of papers and pens

Make Tax Season a Little Less Taxing with Great Giveaways

It’s almost that time of year again. April 15: Tax Day. Whether you or your clients are expecting a bill or a check, the process of preparing the annual paperwork and forms can be draining and stressful. Make the tax season a little less onerous with some fun giveaways that can also keep your business at the top of their mind.

Stress Relief Gadgets

green and gold dollar sign shaped stress balls

Dollar Sign Stress Reliever

There’s nothing like a fun stress relief gadget to help channel a little of that extra angst and nervous energy. Choose from personalized fidget spinners, stress relief squeeze balls, adult coloring books, and light up gadgets.

Desk Toys

a miniature desktop pool table

Pool Table

Taking a break from the mounds of tax paperwork is a little easier when desk toys are handy. Inspiration cubes, desktop dartboards, and executive game sets make great little distractions that can promote your company and a little stress relief.

Massage Tools

clear and blue hand shaped massing tools

Hand Shape Massager

Although not everyone can afford a spa membership or even a relaxing massage, you can help your clients take the edge off by giving away some inexpensive massage tools. Multiple point massagers, hand-shaped massagers, cranial massagers, and roller massagers can be customized with your company logo. You can also select from a variety of back scratchers.

Organizers and Totes

black organizational padfolio with notepad and pen

Executive Crescent Padfolio

There’s nothing like the inability to find important paperwork, keys or other items to raise the daily stress levels. A unique bag that’s full of pizzaz, the Gulf Breeze Recycled P.E.T. tote bag provides the perfect place to store important items. Other organizers, portfolios, and padfolios are available as well.

Extra Quality Promotional Pens

white and green pen with light up money symbol on top

Dollar Sign Light Up Pen

Everyone can use quality promotional pens in desks, in pockets or in the car. Select the best promotional pens to ensure that your clients always have something to take down important financial information. This small item, featuring your logo, will always come in handy to reduce a little stress.

Sweets and Treats

clear plastic cube full of gold chocolate coins

Signature Cube Collection w/ Gold Coins

Perhaps it’s not the healthiest option, but who doesn’t need a little extra sugar when stress levels run high? Share some sweets and treats so your clients can enjoy a little break while they are sifting through statements and receipts during this tax season. Select from mints, chocolates, protein or snack bars and many other items available in promotional boxes or packaging.

Fitness Support

multicolor gym duffle bags with logo

Sports Duffel Bag

If you’d feel too guilty about encouraging sugar consumption as a short-term fix for stress, consider providing some long-term fitness items instead. Exercise and activity is a great way to reduce stress. You can provide promotional fitness apparel, drink tumblers and koozies, and gym bag kits to encourage healthier stress management.
Tax season is stressful for everyone. Ad Cetera wants to help you help your clients get through the next few months with a few more smiles. Small giveaways like fidget spinners, tote bags, and the best promotional pens can make a cheerful difference. Visit the ad cetera, inc. today and see what stress-relief gifts interest you the most.
green st patrick's day leprechaun hat with clover

Bring Out the Luck of the Irish with these Inspiring St. Patrick’s Day Giveaways

St. Patrick’s Day began in the 17th century as a feast day in celebration of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Since then, each March 17 is celebrated not only in Ireland but around the world. The holiday is known for green everything, Irish foods and beverages, music and dancing. Many St. Patrick’s Day festivities allow for vendors to set up, and this is a great time to give away some of your promotional items for your business.


Offer the “Write” Stuff with Quality Promotional Pens and More

A green shamrock with a white board and pen

Shamrock Offset Printed Memo Board

When a person has a great thought or needs to remember something, having a handy message board such as the Shamrock Offset Printed Memo Board is an ideal solution. This marketing product pairs well with quality promotional pens with your company’s name on them. Every time a person needs to write something or take notes, he or she will see your company’s name.



Drink Up

green aluminum sport bottle with logo

25 oz Aluminum Sport Bottle

St. Patrick’s Day is often celebrated with ale, but having a bottle of water is key to any successful celebration. These aluminum sport water bottles hold 25 ounces of water and are lightweight and easy to transport. This makes a useful and portable product in a similar vein as the best promotional pens do. Items that come in handy on a daily basis lay a great foundation for turning your company into a household name.


End of the Rainbow

clear plastic cube full of gold chocolate coins

Signature Cube Collection w/ Gold Coins

Be sure to share a little treasure with your customers this St. Patrick’s Day. Chocolate gold coins or shamrocks are a sweet treat your clientele will enjoy. Hand out temporary tattoos  or a pot of gold necklace to be adorned on this magical day and get your company’s name out there.


Go Green With Tote Bags

reusable tote bags in multiple colors

Gulf Breeze Recycled P.E.T. Tote Bag

When you want your promotional item to have some pizzazz, the Gulf Breeze Recycled P. E. T. Tote Bag is a natural choice. This tote bag allows St. Patrick’s Day revelers to put all of their loot into it. Made from 80% post-consumer waste, this promotional item is something that you and the recipients can feel good about using. There is also enough room in this 15 inches long by 17 inches wide bag to slide in a water bottle for quenching thirst while watching a parade or going to an Irish jig. These tote bags can have your company’s logo printed on one or both sides, and they are available in vibrant green and other colors.


Plan for the Party

beaded leprechaun bottle opener necklace

Leprechaun Bottle Opener Medallion Beads

Never forget the classics! Staple items like Shamrock Shutter Glasses, St. Patrick’s Day hats and beaded necklaces are always fun and fashionable on this day of the year. A Leprechaun Bottle Opener is sure to get its fair share of use. Hand these out to your customers to make sure that you’re branding is seen on the big green day.

Many people enjoy the rich culture and festivities of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. From the food and beverages to the music and dancing, plenty of fun can be had at these events. Your presence is sure to make a good impression on all of the guests who are having fun on this annual holiday. Check out these fun St. Patrick’s Day giveaways and more promotional products at Ad Cetera, Inc.

What’s your favorite St. Patty’s Day item? Tell us in the comments below!

Man traveling with multiple backpacks

Carrying Its Own Weight in Brand Awareness: TSA-Approved Carry-On Baggage as a Promotional Giveaway

The contemporary professional is always on the go and is perpetually looking for new ways to haul around the accouterments associated with the business lifestyle. That said, it’s no surprise that offering TSA-approved luggage as a promotional item is one of the best ways to please potential clients while simultaneously gaining brand exposure wherever they go. Quality promotional pens are a great way to get your brand out there in miniature, but there’s hardly anything more eye-catching than a smartly placed logo on a carry-on bag as it rolls down the concourse.


Promotional Products with a Practical Purpose

silver tsa approved hardcover rolling luggage

High Sierra® 20″ Hardside Luggage

Many types of promotional items look pretty but are easily lost or forgotten. Even the best promotional pens have a way of falling by the wayside, and items like calendars only last a year. A well-constructed and convenient carry-on bag, however, is something that will be used year after year, practically guaranteeing perennial brand exposure.

Plus, a TSA-approved promotional carry-on bag is one of the biggest canvasses available for giving your brand extra exposure. The right promotional bag basically serves as a rolling billboard, drawing attention and raising all the right kinds of questions.


Perfect Packer for the Best Promotional Pens

Promotional carry-on bags can also serve as the perfect containers for other promotional items. There’s nothing more satisfying as the receiver of free stuff than opening your gift and finding even more goodies inside. TSA-approved promotional carry-on bags are the ideal items to pair with other products that bear your distinctive brand logo. Perfect pairings include promotional luggage tagsdeluxe passport covers, and TSA-approved hand sanitizer. While you’re at it, don’t forget to throw in a few quality promotional pens just to be safe.


Equally Enticing Alternatives

Silver luggage tag with custom logo

Metallic Luggage Tag

While the benefits of TSA-approved carry-on bags that bear your logo are certainly alluring, investing in a whole fleet of these promotional items can get pretty pricey. If you want to promote your brand with bags that won’t break the bank, there are plenty of options available besides your traditional rollaboards.

Anyone who’s ever been to a convention can’t help but be familiar with iconic and affordable drawstring backpacks. These promotional items are the cheapest of the cheap when it comes to carry-on bags, enabling you to proliferate your brand on a budget. But there’s also plenty of middle-ground to work with, including medium-priced computer backpacks and convenient sling backpacks.

All of these items do the hard work of getting your logo in front of curious eyes but don’t entail the same degree of financial investment as TSA-approved carry-on baggage. Yet nothing can ever truly replace the sleek style of a beautifully branded rollaboard.


Summing It Up

TSA-approved carry-on baggage stands the test of time because there’s no chance of a disgruntled worker breaking the lock and ruining the bag. These promotional items also positively scream “business,” associating your brand with the elite lifestyle and executive quality. Though more affordable options certainly exist, nothing pairs better with other travel-oriented promotional items than a TSA-approved rollaboard with your logo on it. Take a look through the comprehensive catalog of promotional bags available from ad cetera, inc. to get an idea of the incredible options that are at your disposal.

A woman wearing a blue track suit lines up at the start of a race

Crossing the Finish Line: The Best Promotional Items for Your Walk or Run

The signs are clear: blocked roads on a Saturday morning, a stream of happy individuals or enthusiastic families with paper numbers taped to their backs and cheering onlookers. As the weather warms up, businesses and organizations around the country will begin sponsoring their annual fundraising walks, runs and races.

If you are planning such an event, be sure to stock up on fun, inexpensive giveaways so that all your participants remember the special day regardless of where they finish.


Keep Them Hydrated

multiple water bottles in vary colors

16 Oz. Comfort Grip Flex Water Bottle

Popular giveaways for a walk or a run include items that encourage your participants to stay hydrated. Flip-top water bottles and comfort grip water bottles both make great giveaways at the beginning or end of the race. Koozies and insulators are also a popular choice.


Keep Them Fed

A power bar in a customizable wrapper

PowerBar® with Overwrap

Consuming a big meal right before exercising is generally not recommended, but everyone needs to be sure they have the energy to cross the finish line. While participants are busy completing their paperwork and getting their numbers in the morning, you can provide a small reminder of your business with a customized energy bar or other healthy snack. Individual packs of trail mix are a great option that are sure to provide an infusion of protein before or after the event.


Provide Pocket Reminders With the Best Promotional Pen


ad cetera Macaw™ Pen color pen

Macaw™ Pen

Small items that are always needed like quality promotional pens make affordable, easy-to-distribute gifts when you’re looking for something that can satisfy hundreds of participants. They are not bulky to transport, and they are easy to hand out. For your business or organization, they are easy to personalize with a logo or reminder of the big race day.


Help Them Clean Up

Customized rally towels in various colors

11″x18″ Rally Towel

Rally towels provide a fun, practical way to advertise at these types of events. If your budget allows, you can give these colorful giveaways to onlookers who can wave them from the sidelines of the race to cheer on their favorite walker or runner. Participants are always thankful for a towel to mop up the sweat on a hot day. These washable towels can be a useful addition around the home as well as a reminder of the special event.


Give Racers Totes to Stay Organized

Custom tote bags with a front pocket in various colors

Non-Woven Shopper’s Pocket Tote Bag

It’s amazing how many things can quickly accumulate for participants on race day. Extra clothes, water bottles, paperwork, maps, towels and snacks can be tough to keep together. Consider providing tote bags as a participant giveaway to help racers gather their swag more easily at the end of the day. You can encourage reuse of the totes on shopping days to make an ongoing contribution to environmental sustainability as well.

Planning an annual walk or run event can be a lot of work. The details of signing up participants, coordinating with city officials, planning the route and managing race-day logistics are often a full-time job for someone in your organization. Make the promotional giveaway component a little easier by contacting ad cetera, inc to help. We can provide ideas and customization of everything from water bottles to the best promotional pens for your special event.


What’s your favorite special event swag?

Chinese lanterns in various colors and patterns

Discover the Secrets to Marketing Your Brand for the Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is fast approaching! Does your business marketing strategy include marketing for the Chinese New Year? If not, you’re missing out on reaching a giant demographic. For instance, did you know there are over 50 million people of Chinese birth or descent living outside of China, in addition to the over 1.3 billion people living in China?


Organically Incorporate Chinese New Year Promotional Items

If your business decides to reach out to the Chinese community by marketing for the Chinese New Year, it’s important to launch a culturally sensitive campaign that goes beyond just handing out some quickly-designed Chinese New Year promotional products. It may seem like an easy strategy to hand out some quality promotional pens with Chinese themed graphics, but Chinese New Year is much more than just a commercial holiday for people in Chinese communities. Instead, it’s a giant, multiweek family celebration full of traditions and cultural significance.

In order to honor your business’s relationship with the Chinese community, be sure to only use Chinese New Year promotional items that are appropriate and relevant to the holiday. For example, if you choose to hand out pens to clients that are branded with a Chinese New Year greeting, make sure the pen’s graphics and message are culturally appropriate, and choose the best promotional pens you can afford. This will demonstrate to your clients that you truly value the significance of Chinese New Year and your business relationship with the Chinese community.

Your marketing strategy should go far beyond simply distributing culturally-sensitive Chinese New Year promotional items, though. A particularly effective strategy involves integrating your brand into existing local celebrations of the Chinese New Year. This type of marketing will allow your business’s branding to become an organic part of the Chinese New Year celebrations in your community, instead of seeming like a disingenuous attempt to simply sell more products or services.


Promote with Celebratory Events

Retailers may want to consider holding a Chinese New Year event in their stores. Having a Chinese New Year celebration in your store shows that you are a part of the community, and it brings the celebration directly to you.

Your business might consider advertising the event by handing out red envelopes with coupons or some other item of value that customers can use in your store during the event. Red envelopes are a particularly effective marketing strategy since envelopes containing money are commonly exchanged between the members of Chinese families. Keeping a bowl of fortune cookies customized with your own unique fortunes near your register is another great way to participate in the festivities while still maintaining your brand.

custom fortune cookies

Fortune Cookie with Custom Fortune

Regardless of the exact marketing strategy you choose, be sure your brand communicates a genuine expression of care and goodwill to everyone celebrating the Chinese New Year. These qualities are central aspects of the Chinese New Year celebrations in Chinese communities, so any marketing promotion including Chinese New Year themes will be better received by the Chinese community if your message is genuine and heartfelt.

Are you ready to include Chinese New Year celebrations as part of your brand’s marketing strategy? If you are, visit ad cetera, inc to find the best promotional items for your Chinese New Year marketing campaign.

A book laid open with a pink rose between the pages

What Story Do You Want Your Advertising to Tell?

Promotional products can give a short and sweet description of your company and what it has to offer. This is how you keep your business in front of a target audience long after an initial contact has been made. It helps to give away something useful like a quality promotional pen or an insulated mug. The key is telling your story in a concise and catchy manner.


Conference Giveaways

At conferences and events, everyone’s looking to snag some bling. Make your freebies the best when it comes to quality and style, and you’ll continue to advertise whenever the items are used. What’s the one thing about your business that stands out the most for you? Is it related to quality, dependability or value? Figure it out and then wrap your slogan around a full-color ceramic mug.


The Best Promotional Pens

You can’t go wrong if you give out quality promotional pens since everyone’s always looking for something to write with. The key is choosing an attractive pen and adding a clear message from your company. Ballpoint pens are always welcome, or you can stand out from the crowd with a specialty pen like a combination ballpoint pen, highlighter and stylus.


Desk Accessories

Notepadscalculators and desk caddies are all giveaways that serve a purpose. You’re increasing the chances of putting your company name in front of someone every working day when you give one of these products away. Notepads have the most room for advertising since you can include a background that represents the theme of your endeavor. A personalized photo frame desk caddy is one special gift that’s likely to be appreciated and displayed proudly.


Executive Gifts

High-end gifts for executives in your company or those you’re seeking to do business with can make a big splash. Your theme, company name and/or logo can be tastefully added to an item that the recipient will cherish enough to keep and use. For the employee who values name brand items, a Nike Sport Duffle or glass Bowl might make a substantial impression. The best promotional pens are available in sets of roller ball and ballpoint.


Apparel that Tells a Story

One of the best ways to advertise your business is with quality apparel that employees and business associates will wear with pride. You’re not only putting your logo in front of people, you’re also showing off your company’s taste and style. Corporate jackets can be a status symbol for those who receive them, with name brands available like Eddie BauerPort Authority and Sport-Tek.


There’s a Product for Any Niche

The gamut of promotional gifts isn’t limited to office accessories, mugs, pens and clothing. At Ad Cetera, Inc., you can find a product for any purpose, from the status-conscious to the whimsical. The point of these products is to give away something of value that will remind the receiver of you and your business. It might be a small gift, but if it’s personal and useful it could be used for years. You can’t top that for long-term exposure!

A store sign in the window says "get hooked"

5 Creative Ways to Communicate Your Brand’s Unique Selling Point

While you may know the precise selling points of your brand, it can be difficult to relay this information to your potential customers, which is why you’ll have to get a bit creative to build leads for your business. With this in mind, you can use quality promotional products and other types of items so people can become more aware of your unique business offering. In this guide, we’re going to show you five creative ways to communicate the unique selling points (USPs) of your particular brand.

1. Ask Important Questions

This is very important because you understand the value of your particular offering, but your customers may not. In order to counter this issue, label your promotional items, like quality promotional pens, with important questions for your customers, such as:

• Are you having problems with…?
• Are you looking for a business that can…?

When you pose these questions on your giveaway items, they’ll be intrigued enough to ask about your services, especially since you’re presenting your company as a problem solver.

2. Leverage Your Brand as a Problem Solver That Uses Your USP to Help Customers

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of competition out there in just about any professional space. This is why USPs exist; when it’s time to communicate, you need to stand out as a problem solver. Do you have a large team of professionals that provide a personal touch for your clients? Make sure that you convey this to potential clients. Slogans or images can help put this in the forefront of a person’s mind. A short video of your office and team can help put a face to a company and invite clients in.

3. Be Clear About Your USPs and Differentiate

Do you have a policy of customer service that includes regular meetups with clients and constant contact? Do you go above and beyond the competition? Make sure this is reflected in your branding and marketing strategies. Send out candies and food items to your clients from time to time so they can remember that it’s these thoughtful extras that makes your company different. You can even include small placards that remind them of your specific selling points so you can stay fresh in their minds.

4. Find Unique Ways to Reach the Right Market

It’s amazing what a cap that features your brand and slogan can do for your business. Not only will a good cap or hat look stylish for your customers, but it will also drive awareness of your business offering when people see the cap or hat being worn. The same technique can be used with items like patches and even cuff links; simply find items that can help people find you.

5. Get Into Your Customers’ Minds By Sticking to Your Niche

While it is always a good idea to differentiate, staying within your brand’s established unique niche is crucial. Show your potential customers that you’re dedicated to your specific area of expertise, and they’ll appreciate your determination. For example, a dental practice might consider dental promo items, such as a tooth-shaped stress reliever.  Remember, even the best promotional giveaway won’t be worth much if your clients can’t pick your brand out of a lineup.

Providing unique ways to help you communicate your USPs is part of what makes ad cetera, inc special. Check out our page and we can help you get the message out about our brand and gain the leads that you need for success.

a tart that has missed the target

5 Signs That You’re Missing the Mark on Your Brand Message

Your customer stands with a pen, eager to compensate you for your service. “To whom do I make out the check?” she asks. Right there, you know that your branding strategy has failed. If your in-store customer doesn’t know where she is or whom she is doing business with, how do you expect the consumer at home, online, or in conversation to remember your name? You need a better branding strategy.


5 Signs That Your Brand Message Isn’t Working

The above example is not the only sign that your brand strategy is lacking effectiveness. You don’t even have to be interacting with customers to recognize that something is off. Five signs spell it out for you.

  1. You lag behind the competition. Business is booming in your niche, but you are barely hanging on. Your nearest competitor is doing just fine and shows increased revenues.
  2. Your market share does not grow. Ideally, you should be increasing your market share. If it stagnates, you are just doing business with people who already know you. There is no word-of-mouth advertising, and your marketing falls flat.
  3. Customers do not know what you sell. Sure, they might know one or two products. However, they are unaware of the full breadth of products or services you offer. Some cannot connect your brand to your products.
  4. Social media branding falls flat. Your Facebook page has next to no consumer engagement. The same is true for your Twitter account.
  5. You miss opportunities to raise brand awareness with consumers. When you send out an email without your corporate colors and logo, you miss a valuable opportunity. The same is true for the in-store customer. If this customer does not walk away with something that features your custom imprint, you lose an opportunity to brand like a pro.


Quality Promotional Pens and Similar Products May Be the Answer

The best way to engage your customers is to constantly have your information in front of their eyes. There are plenty of promotional products to choose from, but pens are probably your best bet. They are economical, versatile, and useful. In short, they are something that your customers will like to receive. And, because the prices for customized pens are low, you can hand out multiple pens to the same person.

The best promotional pens will appeal to your target audience. Elegant twist pens have a great hand feel and work well in boardrooms and offices. Highlighters are excellent for in-home use or in the classroom. Find out today which quality promotional pens could be ideally suited for your particular business. Contact our friendly business experts at ad cetera, inc.