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Pens vs. Business Cards: Why Promotional Gifts Are Better at Boosting Your Customer Base

Business cards have long been the go-to tool for sharing contact information with current and potential clients. Business cards are compact and easy to distribute, but they lack the punch of personalized promotional gifts. Consider how top-quality promotional products can help you connect with your customers, clients, and peers in a way that business cards can’t.

Promotional Products Offer Greater Visibility

Business cards have limited reach and offer less visibility than quality promotional items. Traditional 3-1/2 x 2-inch business cards tend to pass casually from one pocket to another, where they sit unnoticed. You might spend considerable time and effort designing the perfect business card, nitpicking about layout, fussing over card stock quality, and obsessing about print colors. In the end, however, many potential business associates will shove your card — along with many others — to the back of a desk drawer. Your company’s message will be forgotten. In contrast, visually appealing promotional items with your personalized logo and business contact information can thrust your company into full view. A personalized hand spinnersports bottle, or mouse pad will earn you the positive, repeated attention that business cards don’t.

Promotional Gifts Create Positive Associations

Business cards are standard, impersonal, and predictable. In contrast, promotional items leave a unique and positive impression on clients, customers, and business associates. Imagine yourself at your next major conference or trade show. Picture yourself handing a future customer a personalized memo clip or sun visor instead of a traditional business card. Chances are, he’ll appreciate being gifted with something concrete and functional. That appreciation will foster positive, long-lasting feelings toward you and your brand.

Quality Promotional Items Are Constant Reminders

As mentioned in a previous blog, “5 Ways a Small Business Can Effectively Use Promotional Items at a Convention,” promotional gifts are constant reminders that your business is out there doing great things. A business card gets stashed away in a wallet or purse pocket, but stainless steel travel tumblerssoft touch stylus pensdesk diaries, and drawstring sports bags are all functional items that can be put to use every day. That translates into increased name recognition, more buzz about your business, and, ultimately, new clients who are fired up about your product.

The staff at ad cetera, inc. are masters at choosing the right promotional product for any and every business. If you’ve decided to ramp up your promotional efforts, start by thinking out of the box. Move beyond the standard business card model, which has questionable promotional power. Opt, instead, for top quality promotional items that get your name out there. Contact ad cetera, inc. today to discuss your company’s profile. One of our friendly service representatives will help you find the promotional item that best meets your needs.

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How to Save Money On Wholesale Promotional Products

Quality promotional pens and other good-quality imprinted products are a line item in your budget. But which items offer the most bang for the buck? When you combine a marketing message with a branding statement, you can save money and get the attention of the consumer.

Who Orders Wholesale Promotional Products?

The most commonly chosen collection of imprinted products consists of pens. Quality logo pens include ballpoints, highlighters, and gift sets. Adapt your selection to the likely group of recipients. Typically, business owners choose these items as promotional giveaways for trade shows, during the holiday season, and when launching new locations or product lines.

Add Pizzazz to Your Message Without Breaking the Bank

Business pens are a great option. Case in point is the iBasset II Stylus Pen. It has a great hand feel, offers plenty of personalization space, and comes in four colors to complement your brand message. When you order 2,500 of these pens, you save 13% off the 300-count price.

But what happens when you do not want to choose a pen? There are additional choices.

  • Aluminum Bottle/Can Opener Key Ring. This promotional item’s functionality makes it the type of product your customers will keep with them. It comes in seven different colors, and there’s a quantity discount offered when ordering.
  • Gulf Breeze Recycled P.E.T. Tote Bag. Eco-friendly bags are ideally suited for a large audience. They come in four colors. The bags are great for shopping, outings to recreational facilities, and for keeping travel items nearby.
  • $100 Bill Stack Squeezies Stress Reliever. Stress balls are a good option. However, did you know that you could differentiate yourself from the competition by using a special shape? This item comes in the form of a rectangle, looks interesting, and displays your corporate details. Enjoy great savings when you buy in bulk.

Marketing Like a Pro

The best promotional pens and other wholesale promotional products have one thing in common: your message. Because the details of your company become part of the item, it catches the attention of consumers. Depending on the size of the product, consider adding a tagline alongside your name and contact details. If you are unsure what the best message should be to catch the eye of customers, talk to the experts at ad cetera. We will gladly offer you some insights aimed at your targeted demographic.

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5 Ways a Small Business Can Effectively Use Promotional Items at a Convention

If you are going to have a booth at a business convention or are participating in a business gathering, the simplest way to get your name out there is with promotional products. Convention promotional items put your business at the forefront of the client’s mind, and a more useful product will ensure they remember you after the show. Here are some tricks and ideas that might be effective for your next convention.

Gaming the System

Having a game is a great way to gather a crowd. You might have a bowl full of pens; the attendee will have to guess how many pens are in the bowl in order to win a prize. Yes, your name or logo will be emblazoned on each pen. After they register and fill out the guessing form, you can let them walk away with their own!

Walk Away Stress

Conventions can be stressful for exhibitors and attendees. Why not hand out stress balls featuring your business’s name as you walk the aisles? Here are some ideas that can get noticed:

Having a laugh over a squeezie or spinner is a great ice-breaker and will definitely be a positive memory for your potential clients.

Discover how our line of unique stress relievers can help your business.

Coffee Buzz

Attendees and exhibitors can be tired by the afternoon hours. Consider having a coffee maker at your booth and handing out a cup of coffee to those who stop by. The Traveler insulated cup is eco-friendly and a great convention promotional items. Of course, your logo can be displayed right on the side for everyone to see.

Sweet Somethings

If you’re looking for an idea that will sweeten up your potential clientele, consider sharing a little sugar. You can put your logo on a piece of Andes Thin Mint chocolate or another sweet treat and have a picker-upper for those who stop by with the munchies.

Keep ‘Em Warm

Sports gatherings or sports enthusiast conventions might have you wearing a neon green Sportsman 8″ Knit Beanie or another warm hat with your logo on it. You can wear one while giving them out to other spectators who might find themselves reaching for the beanie on their next outdoor adventure.

There are plenty of fun and unique ways to get your name out to the public. Choose convention promotional items that will have individuals fondly remembering your company long after the convention or gathering. ad cetera, inc can help you find effective promotional items for your business.

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5 Distinct Promotional Products That Attract New Customers

You want people to stop in their tracks when they see your company name on a functional item. This promotional strategy works wonders for countless businesses because the marketing reach is astoundingly far. One loyal customer might engage with dozens of potential customers as a pen or bag is pulled out for everyday use. Get familiar with the creative ways to visually promote your brand by using common objects. Your business can soar as a result.

Phone Wallets

custom Double Silicone Wallet multicolor

Double Silicone Wallet

Technology has advanced to the point where many people need only their phone for most daily transactions. However, you’ll still probably need identification, debit cards and other essentials. Make your name known with silicone phone wallets. These accessories stick firmly to the back of any cellphone.

Your company’s name graces the wallet’s surface so that every time a person reaches for their phone, they’re reminded of the brand. Imprinted promotional products have grand power in very small packages.

Fidget Spinners

custom PromoSpinner™ multicolor


Get on board with the latest trend by passing out fidget spinners. These toys simply spin and balance on your finger as you stare at the movement. They’ve gained popularity for their ability to help people focus their minds. Your logo fits right onto these spinners, and the name will always be on people’s minds as a result.

Drawstring Bags

Magellan custom Drawstring Bag

Magellan Drawstring Bag

Everyone can use a handy bag at times. A drawstring bag is simple with two ropes that act as a backpack while you cinch the opening at the top. The entire exterior of the bag is dedicated to your logo. One person wearing this bag will advertise your name and product for the entire day. It’s worth the purchase when it comes to these bags.

Quality Promotional Pens for Executives

Javalina® Metallic Stylus Pen custom colors

Javalina® Metallic Stylus Pen

Don’t overlook the value of a traditional promo product. Quality promotional pens come in many different styles. To stand out from the crowd, look for Javalina executive pens. These pens have brilliant colors, quality ink and a comfortable shape for the hand. Your logo is front and center on any customer’s desktop with these items.

Cooling Cloths

ICE Large Cooling Wrap with custom designs

ICE Large Cooling Wrap

As the weather starts getting warmer, everyone is looking for a clever way to stay cool. Try your logo on a cooling cloth. Your customers will wear these cloths to several functions, including:

• Trade shows
• Field demonstrations
• Recreational outings

Choose from a variety of colors for your cooling cloth. Ideally, select colors that are similar to your corporate brand’s hues.

You can’t find quality imprinted promotional products in just any store. Ad Cetera, Inc. is a perfect place to start because we have hundreds of customized products. From hats to apparel, outfit your business with items that are sure to please any customer base. Getting your name out there is half the battle.

5 Most Effective Giveaway Promo Items for Conventions

Promotional products are among the best tools for advertising your services or wares, building your brand and educating your prospects. Best of all, these investments are guaranteed to pay for themselves by generating exponential attention for your business. This is only true, however, if you’re careful to choose the perfect product types for specific marketing environments. Following are the five most effective giveaway promo items for conventions.

1. Care Packages

Pro Care™ First Aid Kit with bandages

Pro Care™ First Aid Kit

There are two things that you want people to do when you give out promo items. First, you obviously want your prospects to keep these items. Second, you want them to use them in a visible way so that overall exposure is optimal. This means that low-cost, low-value goods should be automatically off the table. If people have no way to use the promotional products that you provide or no real need for them, they’ll invariably land in the trash. This is especially true at large events like conventions, where promo products are freely passed out. This is what makes branded care packages or first aid kits such an amazing choice. Although people might not put these goods to use right away, they’ll definitely hang on to them. These pocket-sized packages can include aspirin, bandages, moist towelettes and antibacterial ointment — all with branding details. Care packages send the obvious message of concern for your market and will help keep your business fresh in the minds of consumers for a long time to come.

2. Quality Promotional Pens

Zonita® Stylus Pen custom

Zonita® Stylus Pen

Promotional pens are excellent giveaways for conventions for a variety of reasons. People are virtually guaranteed to keep these items, and they’ll use them again and again. Quality pens are among the most preferred items at marketing events given their value, viability and lightweight designs. These items can be dropped into breast pockets, clamped down on clipboards or attached to folders, binders or portfolios. With countless companies passing out paperweights, laptop cases, desk calendars and other large and potentially cumbersome items, promotional pens are all too easy to hold on to.

3. Promo T-Shirts and Hoodies


green custom t-shirts

Custom T-shirts

Few people will sneeze at well-made T-shirts and hoodies, even if these come emblazoned with the logos and contact information of growing brands. In fact, the right hoodie or tee design can actually play a major role in developing your brand personality. Best of all, these are goods that will turn your prospects into walking billboards for your company and at a very nominal cost.

4. Promo Mugs

Custom 12 Oz. Bistro Mug with spoon

12 Oz. Bistro Mug

Much like T-shirts and quality promotional pens, mugs are essential items that are guaranteed to get put to use. When searching for something solid, durable and reliable to hold their coffee each morning, your prospects can pull these out and make warm associations with your brand. Promo mugs can come in standard, ceramic designs, or you can choose options with lids that are travel-ready.

5. Branded Day Planners or Notepads

2018 Pocket Partner® Weekly Planner with map

2018 Pocket Partner® Weekly Planner

Branded day planners and notepads are excellent, useful gifts that people will find especially handy as they move from booth to booth, building their networks and collecting information. These are the perfect giveaways to pair with quality promotional pens given that they’ll work seamlessly together. Although these are both promo products that your prospects can use to collect info from other businesses, they’ll provide consumers with a constant reminder of your company at both the conscious and subconscious levels.

Whether your conference is for marketing or electronics, you’ll be sure to find the perfect giveaway promo item that represents your business at ad cetera, inc.