Chinese lanterns in various colors and patterns

Discover the Secrets to Marketing Your Brand for the Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is fast approaching! Does your business marketing strategy include marketing for the Chinese New Year? If not, you’re missing out on reaching a giant demographic. For instance, did you know there are over 50 million people of Chinese birth or descent living outside of China, in addition to the over 1.3 billion people living in China?


Organically Incorporate Chinese New Year Promotional Items

If your business decides to reach out to the Chinese community by marketing for the Chinese New Year, it’s important to launch a culturally sensitive campaign that goes beyond just handing out some quickly-designed Chinese New Year promotional products. It may seem like an easy strategy to hand out some quality promotional pens with Chinese themed graphics, but Chinese New Year is much more than just a commercial holiday for people in Chinese communities. Instead, it’s a giant, multiweek family celebration full of traditions and cultural significance.

In order to honor your business’s relationship with the Chinese community, be sure to only use Chinese New Year promotional items that are appropriate and relevant to the holiday. For example, if you choose to hand out pens to clients that are branded with a Chinese New Year greeting, make sure the pen’s graphics and message are culturally appropriate, and choose the best promotional pens you can afford. This will demonstrate to your clients that you truly value the significance of Chinese New Year and your business relationship with the Chinese community.

Your marketing strategy should go far beyond simply distributing culturally-sensitive Chinese New Year promotional items, though. A particularly effective strategy involves integrating your brand into existing local celebrations of the Chinese New Year. This type of marketing will allow your business’s branding to become an organic part of the Chinese New Year celebrations in your community, instead of seeming like a disingenuous attempt to simply sell more products or services.


Promote with Celebratory Events

Retailers may want to consider holding a Chinese New Year event in their stores. Having a Chinese New Year celebration in your store shows that you are a part of the community, and it brings the celebration directly to you.

Your business might consider advertising the event by handing out red envelopes with coupons or some other item of value that customers can use in your store during the event. Red envelopes are a particularly effective marketing strategy since envelopes containing money are commonly exchanged between the members of Chinese families. Keeping a bowl of fortune cookies customized with your own unique fortunes near your register is another great way to participate in the festivities while still maintaining your brand.

custom fortune cookies

Fortune Cookie with Custom Fortune

Regardless of the exact marketing strategy you choose, be sure your brand communicates a genuine expression of care and goodwill to everyone celebrating the Chinese New Year. These qualities are central aspects of the Chinese New Year celebrations in Chinese communities, so any marketing promotion including Chinese New Year themes will be better received by the Chinese community if your message is genuine and heartfelt.

Are you ready to include Chinese New Year celebrations as part of your brand’s marketing strategy? If you are, visit ad cetera, inc to find the best promotional items for your Chinese New Year marketing campaign.

happy new year plate surrounded by other new years items and people enjoying champagne in the background

Celebrating the New Year with the Perfect Promotional Gifts

New Year’s Day is a celebration of new beginnings and new opportunities. What better time could there be than the start of a new year to attract fresh attention to your business, house of worship, or civic club? You don’t have to spend a huge chunk of money on advertising to get your group noticed. When you choose from this impressive selection of quality promotional pens, quality logo pens, business pens, and other custom promotional items, you’ll be giving people a tangible, positive reminder of your organization.

A Whole Menu of Exciting Promo Pen Options

These quality promotional pens come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and prices to fit the varying needs and budgets of different customers. You can choose from some of the most popular value options such as:

These pens are nearly always available in a whole host of styles and colors. They’re ideal for including with promotional literature, handing out to customers, or giving away at fairs and community events. Each pen can be custom engraved with your organization’s name, logo, or slogan. Since pens are often used on a daily basis, they can serve as a lasting reminder of the products or services your group provides.

Fun New Year Items for Everyone

A green champagne bottle stress toy

Champagne Bottle Squeezie

Make sure your clients are ready to ring in the new year by popping open a bottle of California Champagne. Customize your own full-color label with your organization’s logo and personalized text so that everyone will remember you as they celebrate this special occasion.

If you want to really stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression, consider passing out Champagne Bottle Squeezies at your next trade show or conference. Everyone gets a little stressed during the holiday season, but having this miniature champagne bottle stress reliever on hand will keep a smile on your customers’ faces and your company on their minds.

Your clients will greet the new year in style with a pair of 2018 Black Billboard Sunglasses. These trendy black frames and the fun 2018 design printed right on the lenses will look great on anyone. Don’t worry, though! The vision holes will allow everyone to see your brand name or slogan printed right on the arms of these sunglasses.

Whatever product you decide to purchase to promote your organization, it’s important to order from a trusted provider. ad cetera, inc. offers over 85 combined years of experience in the promotion industry. We know how to help give your brand a much-needed boost to kick off a successful new year. Whatever the occasion, you can search our website for great promotional products to help you celebrate in style while raising awareness of your group or business.

person holding a holiday gift wrapped and decorated with a pinecone

Holiday Gift Giving: Promote Your Business and Spread Holiday Cheer

Happy holidays! It’s time to share a little love and happiness, and we are here to help you with your shopping list. Giving useful gifts like quality promo pens, which display your company’s name and contact information, is a great way to promote your business and spread a little cheer. Plus, promotional products are a great way to encourage free word-of-mouth advertising. Gifts and advertising are our specialty, and we recommend that you spread the holiday spirit this year by giving your clients and employees useful gifts and promotional items that will be used year-round and appreciated by all.

The Best High-Quality Promotional Pens and The Perfect Gifts

T.Macy™ Triple Function Pen

ad cetera T. Macy Triple Function pen

T. Macy Triple Function pen

The number one pen for companies on our gift list is the T.Macy™ triple functioning pen, which you can expect your clients and employees to use over and over again in many different settings. This is an eye-catching piece with the potential to promote questions about your company and to repeatedly generate word-of-mouth advertising and personal recommendations.

The T.Macy™ pen is a 3-in-1 multi-tasker featuring a ballpoint pen that transforms into a stylus for touchscreen devices and a bright LED light that’s push-activated. This pen is available in attractive colors: black and silver, blue and silver, cinnamon red and silver and gunmetal gray and silver. The high-gloss chrome and enamel barrel can be engraved to display your logo, name or custom design in silver to get your promotional message across. This microfiber stylus, useful LED light and black ink pen is the perfect gift for spreading the spirit of the season and will be a treasure that is used year-round. Multiple packaging and engraving options are available.

Textari® Stylus Pen

5 custom business pens in various colors

Textari® Stylus Pen

The Textari® Stylus Pen is a hugely popular choice for the holidays because of the stylus option, writing comfort and the attractive design. The Textari® Stylus pen has shimmering jewel tones set off by striking silver accents and an elegant diamond-etched grip. The Textari® stylus is the perfect tool for use on touchscreen devices, including smartphones, tablets and touchscreen laptops. The stylus pen is available in black and silver, cinnamon red with silver and black, french blue with silver and black, gunmetal gray with silver, and black or green with silver and black.

Vienna™ Pen

custom business pens in various colors

Vienna™ Pen

The Vienna™ ballpoint pen is beautifully styled with a raised rubber grip for writing ease and comes in five eye-catching colors: champagne gold and silver, black and silver, cinnamon red and silver, light blue and silver, and navy blue and silver. This beautiful pen is designed to showcase your company’s name or logo in style and class; the silver engraving matches the silver accents for a striking look on the classic push-action retractable pen. The eye-catching Vienna™ pen is also available with black or blue (default) ink, and for your gift-giving convenience, each pen is individually wrapped in cellophane.

Promote your business with pens and spread holiday cheer as you give gifts that encourage chatter and word-of-mouth advertising. Personalized service is our priority, and we invite you to explore our wide variety of exceptional promotional items, gifts and the best tradeshow giveaways. Visit Ad Cetera Inc.,  or contact us at 732-940-0894, 1-800-940-9165 or

people working on their computers while wrapping gifts

The 5 Best Holiday Gifts to Show Appreciation to Your Customers

The winter holidays are a great time to reconnect with customers and clients. Even if you have not done business with them in a while, take this opportunity to get your name and brand information in front of consumers’ eyes again. Your holiday gift does not have to be ostentatious. In fact, the best holiday gifts are functional and suitable for use year-round.

The Best Holiday Gifts Keep on Giving

Depending on your business, a nice bottle of wine can be an excellent option when sending a gift to attorneys, doctors, or similar service providers. Food is also a good option when you have a close working relationship with the recipients. When sent to an office, a food gift invites sharing, which exposes office staff and others to your brand too.

Of course, the downside of great food and wine gifts is limited shelf life. Once the recipient has enjoyed the product, only your card remains. If you want something that he or she will use year-round, you have numerous options.

A Taste of Wisconsin 

meats, cheese and crackers with a bamboo cutting board and knife

A Taste of Wisconsin

Why not combine a food gift with a durable bamboo chopping board that will be useful year-round? This gift features beef summer sausage, gourmet water crackers, and mild cheddar cheese. A complimentary knife completes the setup. This is a great gift to send to an office.

Holiday Combo Power Bank and Pen

a brown organizer with matching pen and power pack for charging

Holiday Combo Power Bank and Pen

When you need an executive gift, this faux leather portfolio and pen fits the bill. Envision your name and logo embossed on the front. The versatility that the product offers ensures continued use.

Copper Mug

Copper Mug with a bottle of kahlua

Copper Mug

For a gift your customers will use at home, this copper-colored plated stainless steel cup is excellent. Your client may also choose to keep it at the office as a personal mug. It looks elegant and features your corporate information as a colorful counterpoint to the attractive color.

Stainless Steel Ice Cup Set

a drink with stainless steel ice cubes

Stainless Steel Ice Cube Cup Set

For the gift recipient who is more of a drinking glass type, this combination is a good choice. It features stainless steel ice cubes, which are a novelty item. Even so, they are sure to get the attention of the recipient, who will look forward to trying them out. This is another gift he or she may keep at the office or at home for personal use year-round.

Bundle Up Gift Set

blanket and matching travel mug

Bundle Up Gift Set

The combination of a plaid faux lambs’ wool blanket with a stainless steel tumbler is excellent to commemorate a winter holiday. Because this is a practical gift combination, your customer will appreciate using it for years to come.

Finding the Gifts That Are Right for Your Business

At ad cetera, inc., we do more than just sell pens. (Although we do that too.) We routinely work with business owners just like you to help them find the best holiday gifts for their clients. Contact us today to learn more.

brown paper wrapped gift with curly red bow

Ideal Holidays for Food-Related Business Gifts

Every office is thrilled to see a gift basket in the break room at certain times of the year. From vendors to customers, gift-giving is a generous way to show your appreciation for a colleague while advertising your business at the same time. Explore some of the top holidays that are ideal for sending food business gifts. Your company’s visibility will skyrocket as a result.


Tuscany™ Thermos & Cups Coffee Set in green

Tuscany™ Thermos & Cups Coffee Set

Christmas and the year-end holidays are the most obvious times for food-related business gifts. As a subtle reminder, pass out chocolate truffles to your vendors and customers. Before they unwrap the treat, your name appears as a casual reminder of your business. These treats are particularly effective as marketing tools because they can be passed around to almost anyone, which opens up your business to a larger audience.

Be the company that wakes up your colleagues with gourmet coffee. Each bag offers a different flavor, and your company information is boldly printed on each side.


sliced turkey breast with a bamboo cutting board

Smoked Turkey Breast with Bamboo Cutting Board

The holidays are just barely beginning when Thanksgiving rolls around. Plan on a gift set sent on Monday before the big feast on Thursday. Try a huge confection box that has a mixture of different items. There are a variety of choices, and an entire office can treat themselves to these chocolates.Give your colleagues the gift of an early feast with a smoked turkey breast. The delectable meat comes with a cutting board that displays your name. Imprinted promotional products must be distinct in today’s competitive world. This cutting board can be used in a variety of ways after the holiday.

St. Patrick’s Day

chocolate coins and gold bar

Gold Box w/Dollar Coins

The beginning of the year is typically void of any real holidays. Although Valentine’s Day may seem like an obvious choice for food business gifts, try a more unique angle. St. Patrick’s Day is a time for celebration as everyone wears green, tries corned beef and sneaks a drink or two. Make your business stand out with a meat and cheese set. Your logo is on the attractive cutting board, which reminds everyone of your company. The meat and cheese go well with any spirits that are brought in celebration.Offer the luck of the Irish by handing out chocolate coin bags. The coins look like a bounty of gold while your logo tops each bag’s label section. Enjoy this holiday with imprinted promotional products that solidify your company’s name.

When you’re in need of unique promotional products, Ad Cetera, Inc. is your clear choice for almost any product. From quality promotional pens to customized hats, we have gifts that will keep your name on the tongues of every customer. Being familiar with the marketplace is your ticket to an enhanced profit margin.

glass jar of multicolored candy

Black Friday Essentials: Attract More Clients With Quality Promotional Items

As the holiday season approaches, business executives are brainstorming about the best marketing plans. Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year, so you want to stand out during this consumer spending spree. Regardless of your industry, quality promotional items are still the route to more clients through marketplace recognition. Attract your newest customers by using some of these clever products.

The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword

As a start to your Black Friday success, order promo pens with your logo or name. These items remain a favorite across every industry because you’ll always need a writing utensil during the workday.

When you want a clear winner, try a batch of retractable pens. With a handy clip attached to any style, these pens are perfect for both clients on the go and in the office. The company name shines in bright white along a red, blue, orange or green shaft.

The Marquis Stylus Pen in multiple colors with white print

The Marquis Stylus Pen

Going the Old-Fashioned Route

If you’re trying to engage with your potential clients, try an old-fashioned promo item. Yo-yos used to be the toy of choice among children before electronics hit the market. Spark nostalgia with mature clients while enticing young adults with this physics wonder.

Choose from any yo-yo color under the sun and add your logo to both sides. Your office phone may ring faster than ever with these toys in your clients’ hands.

steal yo yo with company logo

Executive Stainless Steel Yoyo

Speaking Volumes

Your clients carry their cellphones around each day, and they’re used for both personal and professional reasons. Get your clients excited about your company and their new promo item by offering a Bluetooth speaker. Play music, share conference calls and more with these versatile speakers. Several features make these speakers unique, including:

• Handles for portability
• Silver or black hues for logo visibility

customized bluetooth wireless speakers in multiple colors

Sound Dome Wireless Speaker

Offer these speakers as grand prizes or luxury gifts to potential customers. Your generosity may be rewarded with a loyal client afterward.

Exciting the Sweet Tooth

Every office worker craves sweets at some point during the day. Be the company that fulfills that craving while securing a loyal client. Candy jars can be quality promotional items. Choose from acrylic, tin or glass containers with your name on the outside curves.
square clear acrylic container with multicolored gumballs and a red ribbon

Acrylic Gift Jars Cube with Mini Gumballs

After the office finishes the candy, the container turns into a pencil holder or other desktop item. The result is your name being forever remembered on someone’s desk as the holidays come and go.

Work with a company, such as Ad Cetera, Inc., to find traditional and unusual items for your promo needs. Potential and established customers are always excited to see a complimentary gift, especially when it’s unique and outfitted with your pertinent information. Make Black Friday your day to shine in the consumer spotlight with quality promotional items.