glass jar of multicolored candy

Black Friday Essentials: Attract More Clients With Quality Promotional Items

As the holiday season approaches, business executives are brainstorming about the best marketing plans. Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year, so you want to stand out during this consumer spending spree. Regardless of your industry, quality promotional items are still the route to more clients through marketplace recognition. Attract your newest customers by using some of these clever products.

The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword

As a start to your Black Friday success, order promo pens with your logo or name. These items remain a favorite across every industry because you’ll always need a writing utensil during the workday.

When you want a clear winner, try a batch of retractable pens. With a handy clip attached to any style, these pens are perfect for both clients on the go and in the office. The company name shines in bright white along a red, blue, orange or green shaft.

The Marquis Stylus Pen in multiple colors with white print

The Marquis Stylus Pen

Going the Old-Fashioned Route

If you’re trying to engage with your potential clients, try an old-fashioned promo item. Yo-yos used to be the toy of choice among children before electronics hit the market. Spark nostalgia with mature clients while enticing young adults with this physics wonder.

Choose from any yo-yo color under the sun and add your logo to both sides. Your office phone may ring faster than ever with these toys in your clients’ hands.

steal yo yo with company logo

Executive Stainless Steel Yoyo

Speaking Volumes

Your clients carry their cellphones around each day, and they’re used for both personal and professional reasons. Get your clients excited about your company and their new promo item by offering a Bluetooth speaker. Play music, share conference calls and more with these versatile speakers. Several features make these speakers unique, including:

• Handles for portability
• Silver or black hues for logo visibility

customized bluetooth wireless speakers in multiple colors

Sound Dome Wireless Speaker

Offer these speakers as grand prizes or luxury gifts to potential customers. Your generosity may be rewarded with a loyal client afterward.

Exciting the Sweet Tooth

Every office worker craves sweets at some point during the day. Be the company that fulfills that craving while securing a loyal client. Candy jars can be quality promotional items. Choose from acrylic, tin or glass containers with your name on the outside curves.
square clear acrylic container with multicolored gumballs and a red ribbon

Acrylic Gift Jars Cube with Mini Gumballs

After the office finishes the candy, the container turns into a pencil holder or other desktop item. The result is your name being forever remembered on someone’s desk as the holidays come and go.

Work with a company, such as Ad Cetera, Inc., to find traditional and unusual items for your promo needs. Potential and established customers are always excited to see a complimentary gift, especially when it’s unique and outfitted with your pertinent information. Make Black Friday your day to shine in the consumer spotlight with quality promotional items.

red to-go cup

5 Ways a Small Business Can Effectively Use Promotional Items at a Convention

If you are going to have a booth at a business convention or are participating in a business gathering, the simplest way to get your name out there is with promotional products. Promotional items put your business at the forefront of the client’s mind, and a more useful product will ensure they remember you after the show. Here are some tricks and ideas that might be effective for your next convention.

Gaming the System

Having a game is a great way to gather a crowd. You might have a bowl full of pens; the attendee will have to guess how many pens are in the bowl in order to win a prize. Yes, your name or logo will be emblazoned on each pen. After they register and fill out the guessing form, you can let them walk away with their own!

Walk Away Stress

Conventions can be stressful for exhibitors and attendees. Why not hand out stress balls featuring your business’s name as you walk the aisles? Here are some ideas that can get noticed:

Having a laugh over a squeezie or spinner is a great ice-breaker and will definitely be a positive memory for your potential clients.

Discover how our line of unique stress relievers can help your business.

Coffee Buzz

Attendees and exhibitors can be tired by the afternoon hours. Consider having a coffee maker at your booth and handing out a cup of coffee to those who stop by. The Traveler insulated cup is eco-friendly and a great promotional item. Of course, your logo can be displayed right on the side for everyone to see.

Sweet Somethings

If you’re looking for an idea that will sweeten up your potential clientele, consider sharing a little sugar. You can put your logo on a piece of Andes Thin Mint chocolate or another sweet treat and have a picker-upper for those who stop by with the munchies.

Keep ‘Em Warm

Sports gatherings or sports enthusiast conventions might have you wearing a neon green Sportsman 8″ Knit Beanie or another warm hat with your logo on it. You can wear one while giving them out to other spectators who might find themselves reaching for the beanie on their next outdoor adventure.

There are plenty of fun and unique ways to get your name out to the public. Choose items that will have individuals fondly remembering your company long after the convention or gathering. ad cetera, inc can help you find effective promotional items for your business.

a bee attracted to white flowers

5 Distinct Promotional Products That Attract New Customers

You want people to stop in their tracks when they see your company name on a functional item. This promotional strategy works wonders for countless businesses because the marketing reach is astoundingly far. One loyal customer might engage with dozens of potential customers as a pen or bag is pulled out for everyday use. Get familiar with the creative ways to visually promote your brand by using common objects. Your business can soar as a result.

Phone Wallets

custom Double Silicone Wallet multicolor

Double Silicone Wallet

Technology has advanced to the point where many people need only their phone for most daily transactions. However, you’ll still probably need identification, debit cards and other essentials. Make your name known with silicone phone wallets. These accessories stick firmly to the back of any cellphone.

Your company’s name graces the wallet’s surface so that every time a person reaches for their phone, they’re reminded of the brand. Imprinted promotional products have grand power in very small packages.

Fidget Spinners

custom PromoSpinner™ multicolor


Get on board with the latest trend by passing out fidget spinners. These toys simply spin and balance on your finger as you stare at the movement. They’ve gained popularity for their ability to help people focus their minds. Your logo fits right onto these spinners, and the name will always be on people’s minds as a result.

Drawstring Bags

Magellan custom Drawstring Bag

Magellan Drawstring Bag

Everyone can use a handy bag at times. A drawstring bag is simple with two ropes that act as a backpack while you cinch the opening at the top. The entire exterior of the bag is dedicated to your logo. One person wearing this bag will advertise your name and product for the entire day. It’s worth the purchase when it comes to these bags.

Quality Promotional Pens for Executives

Javalina® Metallic Stylus Pen custom colors

Javalina® Metallic Stylus Pen

Don’t overlook the value of a traditional promo product. Quality promotional pens come in many different styles. To stand out from the crowd, look for Javalina executive pens. These pens have brilliant colors, quality ink and a comfortable shape for the hand. Your logo is front and center on any customer’s desktop with these items.

Cooling Cloths

ICE Large Cooling Wrap with custom designs

ICE Large Cooling Wrap

As the weather starts getting warmer, everyone is looking for a clever way to stay cool. Try your logo on a cooling cloth. Your customers will wear these cloths to several functions, including:

• Trade shows
• Field demonstrations
• Recreational outings

Choose from a variety of colors for your cooling cloth. Ideally, select colors that are similar to your corporate brand’s hues.

You can’t find quality imprinted promotional products in just any store. Ad Cetera, Inc. is a perfect place to start because we have hundreds of customized products. From hats to apparel, outfit your business with items that are sure to please any customer base. Getting your name out there is half the battle.

5 Most Effective Giveaway Promo Items for Conventions

Promotional products are among the best tools for advertising your services or wares, building your brand and educating your prospects. Best of all, these investments are guaranteed to pay for themselves by generating exponential attention for your business. This is only true, however, if you’re careful to choose the perfect product types for specific marketing environments. Following are the five most effective giveaway promo items for conventions.

1. Care Packages

Pro Care™ First Aid Kit with bandages

Pro Care™ First Aid Kit

There are two things that you want people to do when you give out promo items. First, you obviously want your prospects to keep these items. Second, you want them to use them in a visible way so that overall exposure is optimal. This means that low-cost, low-value goods should be automatically off the table. If people have no way to use the promotional products that you provide or no real need for them, they’ll invariably land in the trash. This is especially true at large events like conventions, where promo products are freely passed out. This is what makes branded care packages or first aid kits such an amazing choice. Although people might not put these goods to use right away, they’ll definitely hang on to them. These pocket-sized packages can include aspirin, bandages, moist towelettes and antibacterial ointment — all with branding details. Care packages send the obvious message of concern for your market and will help keep your business fresh in the minds of consumers for a long time to come.

2. Quality Promotional Pens

Zonita® Stylus Pen custom

Zonita® Stylus Pen

Promotional pens are excellent giveaways for conventions for a variety of reasons. People are virtually guaranteed to keep these items, and they’ll use them again and again. Quality pens are among the most preferred items at marketing events given their value, viability and lightweight designs. These items can be dropped into breast pockets, clamped down on clipboards or attached to folders, binders or portfolios. With countless companies passing out paperweights, laptop cases, desk calendars and other large and potentially cumbersome items, promotional pens are all too easy to hold on to.

3. Promo T-Shirts and Hoodies


green custom t-shirts

Custom T-shirts

Few people will sneeze at well-made T-shirts and hoodies, even if these come emblazoned with the logos and contact information of growing brands. In fact, the right hoodie or tee design can actually play a major role in developing your brand personality. Best of all, these are goods that will turn your prospects into walking billboards for your company and at a very nominal cost.

4. Promo Mugs

Custom 12 Oz. Bistro Mug with spoon

12 Oz. Bistro Mug

Much like T-shirts and quality promotional pens, mugs are essential items that are guaranteed to get put to use. When searching for something solid, durable and reliable to hold their coffee each morning, your prospects can pull these out and make warm associations with your brand. Promo mugs can come in standard, ceramic designs, or you can choose options with lids that are travel-ready.

5. Branded Day Planners or Notepads

2018 Pocket Partner® Weekly Planner with map

2018 Pocket Partner® Weekly Planner

Branded day planners and notepads are excellent, useful gifts that people will find especially handy as they move from booth to booth, building their networks and collecting information. These are the perfect giveaways to pair with quality promotional pens given that they’ll work seamlessly together. Although these are both promo products that your prospects can use to collect info from other businesses, they’ll provide consumers with a constant reminder of your company at both the conscious and subconscious levels.

Whether your conference is for marketing or electronics, you’ll be sure to find the perfect giveaway promo item that represents your business at ad cetera, inc.

5 Best Promotional Pens For Your Upcoming Conference

Imprinted promotional products provide one of the best ways for your company to indirectly advertise and build brand awareness. When your customers receive quality promotional pens that are imprinted with your company name, it reminds them of your business and keeps them engaged. You’ll want to be sure to choose a pen that’s stylish as well as highly functional. We’ve got five suggestions that are just that.

Nitrous Stylus Pen

ad cetera colored Nitrous® Stylus Pen

Nitrous® Stylus Pen

The Nitrous Stylus Pen has a metal barrel with wraparound trim. Colors include black, emerald green, garnet red, indigo blue and pewter. When your customer writes with this pen, their fingers will come in contact with deep grooves that provide a firm, satisfying grip. Silver accents offset the trim, and blue ink is used for creating quick notes or a daily to-do list. A practical stylus tip is also included for tapping out letters or looking for directions on a person’s favorite touchscreen device.

Macaw Pen

ad cetera Macaw™ Pen color pen

Macaw™ Pen

Translucent and sleek, the Mackaw Pen is available in six vibrant colors — pink, orange, black, green, blue and red. This pen is sure to catch the attention of someone who is quickly grabbing it out of a bundle. A rubber grip provides a comfortable spot to grasp, and the blue hybrid ink flows smoothly out the end. Californians take note — this pen complies with the standards set in Proposition 65.

Santorini Torch Pen

ad cetera Santorini™ Torch Pen

Santorini™ Torch Pen

Have you ever been in the dark and needed a quick little light to brighten a door lock or locate your car keys? The Santorini Torch Pen is multifunctional. It provides a bright LED light that can quickly be activated by simply double-clicking. Available in black, blue, red and gunmetal gray, this executive pen looks sharp with its silver imprinting and colorful accents.

The Sunset Pen

ad cetera colored The Sunset Pen

The Sunset Pen

You will appreciate the price and options available for The Sunset Pen. You can choose from eight different tropical colors that range from green and dark blue to yellow and red. With chrome accents, a sturdy black rubber grip and clip, this is an ideal pen to hand out at your next conference.

Mardi Gras Pen

ad cetera colored Mardi Gras® Pen

Mardi Gras® Pen

Who says quality promotional pens can’t also be fun? The Mardi Gras Pen features a company’s name or logo in large, easy-to-read print. It comes in white, purple, teal, yellow blue or red and can be used with either black or blue ink. Silver accents and a black gripping point really highlight the branding message of this pen.

As you can see, there’s a multitude of options that you can utilize when you choose quality promotional pens to highlight your business. Consider handing these practical imprinted promotional products out during your next business conference, and check out all our pen options at!

Why Pen Theft is a Sign of Good Brand Marketing

When it comes to marketing with imprinted promotional products, the more items you get out into the world the better. Although corporate fleece jackets may offer more big-time visibility and executive leather portfolios emblazoned with a company logo may impress, quality promotional pens remain a cornerstone of building brand recognition. You might give them away on purpose. Or, you might simply make them available and wait for the inevitable pen theft that helps make your brand a household name.

What Types of Pens Get Stolen?

Any pen that does not write when a customer picks it up or feels too flimsy in their hand will get dropped back on the desk or counter and ignored. Anything too fancy or expensive, and pen theft sneaks over into criminal activity.

Choose pens printed with your company name and logo that match the type of products or services you provide. Anything from a smooth barrel Bic to a playful ColorPro Stylus Pen from VibraColor can help spread the word of your brand. Make a better impression with stylus pens with LED lights, USB flash drives in the caps, and with matching notepads too. We offer hundreds of pen styles to choose from at many price points.

How to Encourage Pen Theft

It might seem odd to want people to steal things from your company, but pens and other products expertly printed with company name, slogan, and logo are a wise marketing choice. The most obvious way to offer pens for the taking is simply to display them in bulk on a desk or counter where customers or clients are likely to see them.

Smart marketers do this not only in the shop or office itself but also spread the company’s influence further by seeking permission to leave pens in other, non-competing businesses. Although not as passive as allowing pen theft, active pen placement can improve brand recognition to a wider audience.

While your company undoubtedly invests in security for property and information, when quality promotional pens go missing, no one raises the alarm. Pen theft contributes to your overall brand marketing strategy. As more imprinted promotional products get in the hands of interested consumers, recognition and trust will build. Ad Cetera provides the type of quality products you need to represent your company and brand.

Double Agents: Promo Pens That Surprise Your Clientele


Giving away promotional pens is as ubiquitous as handing out baseball caps to clients. However, your pens can do a lot more for your company than just top a colleague’s head. Pens offer a practical solution to your clients’ everyday needs. They’ll reach for a pen each workday, and your name can be emblazoned on that item as a daily reminder. Don’t pass out just any promo pens, though. Surprise your clients with quality promotional pens that allow for multitasking at its finest.


Style With a Stylus

Simplicity is often the best route when it comes to promo pens. The iTwist Stylus pen gives your clients a comfortable barrel with your logo shining brightly along the middle section.

ad cetera iTwist Stylus pen

iTwist Stylus pen

Use one end for the ballpoint ink, and then flip it over to access the handy stylus. Your clients won’t ever want to put this pen down.


Let There Be Light With Imprinted Promotional Products

A Stylus Light pen offers an LED light for those dark moments. Your clients can find a dropped item in almost any situation. This pen also comes with several other perks, such as:

  • A stylus tip
  • Refillable black ink
  • A 1.5-inch long imprint area
ad cetera Stylus Light pen

Stylus Light pen

A Triple Threat

If you can’t choose between promo pens, try the T. Macy Triple Function pen. Your clients will have three tools in one pen. These are:

  • An LED light
  • A ballpoint pen
  • A stylus tip
ad cetera T. Macy Triple Function pen

T. Macy Triple Function pen

The classic, rounded barrel hides all of the features in an elegant writing utensil. It feels light yet strong in your hands as the logo glistens with a crisp imprint along the colorful end.


Screen Cleaning, Anyone?

Add some humor to your clients’ day with an adorable Mop Topper pen. The wild and crazy hair on top of this superhero is actually a soft microfiber. Your clients can use the mop top to clean their devices on the go.

ad cetera Mop Topper screen cleaning pen

Mop Topper pen

Select pink or blue colors for your Mop Topper and add your logo to the curved section of the barrel. Everyone will clamor for this fun and functional pen.


Measure It All

Try the 5-in-1 work pen that features a small ruler. It’s housed within the pen’s barrel so that any measuring needs are quickly solved. Look a little further for other features, such as a:

  • Flat-head screwdriver bit
  • Spirit level
  • Phillips screwdriver bit
ad cetera 5-in-1 work pen

5-in-1 work pen

You might wonder where your logo would fit on these imprinted promotional products, but a business’s name is hard to miss as it rests alongside the handy ruler.


There’s so much to explore at ad cetera, inc. that you’ll end up trying several different products at once. Enjoy a vast array of pens and other items that can be outfitted with your company’s name or logo. Quality promotional pens become instant reminders of your brand as they help you secure that next sales opportunity.