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5 Classic Promotional Giveaway Items That Won’t Lose Their Appeal

Free giveaways are a fantastic tool for raising interest in your business or organization. When it comes to choosing the right giveaway item, oldies are definitely goodies. Pens, mugs, and other classic promotional giveaway items are practical, functional and easy to customize, so they do a great job of communicating your company’s message. Best of all, they never go out of style.


1. Metal Ballpoint Pens: Classic Promotional Giveaways That Always Leave Their Mark

classic promotional giveaway items should be attractive, attracting, and functional. Our Classic Metal Ballpoint Pen boasts all three qualities. This handsome retractable pen has a sleek two-tone barrel, an easy-to-use clicker, and a standard black ballpoint ink cartridge. Have your company name laser printed on the barrel, which is available in bold red or purple.


2. Classic-Fit T-Shirts: Get Your Message Out With a Traditional-Fit Tee

Crafted from cozy pre-shrunk Jersey knit fabric, the Classic Fit Adult T-Shirt is a timeless favorite. This cool tee is available in a dozen rich colors, including sapphire blue, lime green, and dark heather gray. Along with its classic comfortable fit, this tee has reinforced seams for added durability. You’ll adore the look of your company name and slogan screen-printed or embroidered on these great-looking shirts.


3. C-Handle Ceramic Mugs: Nothing Says It Better Than This Classic Promotional Mug

In any list of classic promotional giveaways, mugs rank high. Our Classic White 11 Oz. C Handle Ceramic Mug is crafted from crisp white ceramic and features a traditional C-style handle for an easy, comfortable grip. Great looking and easy to care for, these mugs are safe for use with a dishwasher and microwave. They offer a spacious and pristine background for your company logo.


4. Classic Key Straps: Use Custom Key Fobs to Get Your Message Out

The Classic Key Strap with Large Split Ring features a 6-1/2-inch long woven strap with an attached split ring for reliable storage of assorted keys. Increase name recognition for your business or organization by having your logo woven into the strap in a contrasting color.


5. Cotton Twill Visors: Promote Your Business With Classic Headgear

Caps and visors have long been used to encourage brand allegiance. Folks love a good head covering, and a spacious brim offers the ideal backdrop for your corporate message. For a classic sporty look, consider the Adult Classic Cut Chino Cotton Twill Visor. Available in a variety of colors, this visor is constructed from 100% washed cotton. A self-adhesive closure ensures a custom fit. Your logo will be highly visible on the pre-curved bill, which translates into greater brand recognition.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, Pens vs. Business Cards: Why Promotional Gifts Are Better at Boosting Your Customer Base, items imprinted with your company logo help you build a relationship with your staff, clients, and potential customers. By gifting your employees or business associates with classic promotional items, you create positive associations and ensure that your company’s message will be seen, recognized, and appreciated. Contact ad cetera, inc today to place your next order of classic promotional giveaways. A service representative will be on hand to explain how our products can help boost interest in your business or organization.

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Successful Marketing Through Business Promotional Products

The trick to a successful marketing campaign is the constant availability of your corporate information for the customer. You want to help the buyer connect your products or services with the logo that you have chosen for the company. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is through the use of business promotional products.

Legal Professionals Remind Clients of Their Services with Useful Gifts

Gavel Stress Reliever

Gavel Stress Reliever

Select something that represents your niche. It should be an item that is useful or sufficiently attractive so that the client holds on to it. There are plenty of options open to you.

  • Gavel stress reliever. Whether the client is nervous or frustrated, the squishy gavel is ideally suited. Have some around the office to hand out. Imprint your firm’s name and logo on the handle or head.
  • Madera clock frame. At the end of a successful case resolution, present the client with this distinguished-looking clock and picture frame combination. It displays a tasteful imprint of your firm’s information.
  • USB cell phone holder. This useful gadget is something that your client is sure to use. It is the ideal USB extension cord. It also allows for hands-free use of a cell phone or music player. With your firm’s contact information on the bottom, your details are always in front of the client.


Medical Companies Encourage Patient Engagement with Business Promotional Products

House Hot/Cold Pack

House Hot/Cold Pack

Doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics, and alternative health care providers benefit from the advantages of marketing with give-away items. Build patient loyalty by having your information and contact details always at arm’s length. Health-themed promotional items are the obvious choices.

  • Aqua bead gel therapy pack. This house-shaped hot and cold pack is ideal for use after sports injuries. Store it in the freezer and use it as a cold pack. When soaked in hot water, it soothes muscle strains. Your patients can reuse this item over and over.
  • Seven day pill case. Help your patients remember to take their medications. This pill case is a functional giveaway item that displays your office’s name. Add contact details for the particular physician who is treating the individual.
  • Large neck tote sun kit. Get your patients ready for the summer. This tote sun kit is a good option for the patient whom you only see for annual checkups. It is functional and has a large surface that you can devote to your clinic’s advertisement.


Small Businesses Benefit from Handing out a Variety of Attractive Consumer Goods

Hand Spinner

Hand Spinner

Find business promotional products that have a niche tie-in. If this is not possible, consider the types of consumer goods that your customers are sure to use. Thinking outside the box is always a good idea.

  • Hand spinner. Everyone loves a hand spinner. It is the universal toy that kids and adults like to handle. With your business’ information at the center, this gadget will be something your customers hold on to.
  • 8-In-1 multi-tool with LEDs. This gadget is the epitome of functionality. It is the ideal tool to keep handy in the kitchen or on the desk. In the process, it will keep your corporate information just as handy.
  • Round pulp board coasters. If you sell food or beverages, hand out these coasters. They are well suited for the eatery that delivers. Your tagline, name, logo, and contact details go on the front.


Who Can Help with a Large Product Selection?

ad cetera, inc. is your go-to vendor for customized business promotional products. If you are already looking ahead to the holidays, consider reviewing the best holidays gifts to show appreciation to your customers.

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Quality Promotional Items to Help Avoid These Top Three Branding Mistakes

When it’s time to invest in quality promotional items, you are probably looking for ways to capitalize on an upcoming event, trade show or conference. Before you spend your precious budget dollars, be aware of common branding mistakes that can occur when you’re looking for corporate giveaway items.


Mistake #1: Selecting the Wrong Item

In today’s competitive marketplace, you want to make sure all aspects of your marketing are buttoned up from strategy through execution. This means that you should select quality promotional items that fit well with your brand and company image. For example, a branded screwdriver might work great for a repair company but not so well for a law firm.

Promotional suppliers have a wealth of creative giveaways for just about any sort of business or organization. You can purchase anything from quality promotional pens to tote bags to customized food packaging. Doing a little research can help you find a creative way to share your brand with your key audiences.

In addition, the right promotional company can help you select not only the best items but also help you with messaging, branding and image management suggestions. You’ll also want to incorporate your call to action, if possible, in your promotional product. Perhaps your item can invite a phone call or a visit to your website.


Mistake #2: Selecting Useless Giveaways

In the age of environmentally conscious consumers, you’ll want to be sure you’re not giving away items that will just take a detour to the landfill. Select quality promotional giveaways that can be useful to your key audience. Items like pens, drink koozies or candy are always appreciated and used.

Another idea would be to ask your customers, shareholders or other partners what types of items they would like to receive. They may have great ideas that you haven’t thought of yet or help point you in a fresh direction.


Mistake #3: Selecting the Cheapest Products

Although all companies are trying to be cost conscious, you want to be careful not to select cheap items that will fail to work or break immediately. That not only conveys a negative impression of your company but also means that your item is not around for very long to do its promotional job.

Select quality promotional items that will work well, convey a positive impression, and float around for a long time reinforcing your brand and your message to a wide variety of audiences. Ideally, the promotional item you select can be re-gifted or passed along to others.

Consider items such as custom calendars, which could be used for an entire year, reinforcing your brand and your message day after day. Each time your customer glances at it to check an appointment, your brand will be front and center. Your phone number and contact information are also constantly available.

Finally, be sure to plan ahead so you can get the best bang for your buck. Give yourself time to ask around, browse through our other blog postings about promotional items, and order some sample items to see what they look like. Spend some time thinking about your branding, how you will distribute the items and what shelf life they will have. Pre-planning always pays off and gives you an overall better result in the end.

Once you’ve sharpened your brand, selected a well-fitting item, and choose quality promotional giveaways from Ad Cetera, you’ll be ready to make a big impression at your upcoming event, conference or trade show.

top tradeshow giveaways

Capture Attention With These Top Trade Show Giveaways

When you set up a booth and represent your company at a trade show, you need to set yourself apart from the competition. Give attendees a reason to stop by your booth and learn about what your company does with these top trade show giveaways. In addition to having an eye-pleasing display and a setup that people can easily see, you could capture plenty of attention by using these quality trade show items for promotional purposes.


Trail Mix and Energy Bars

People at trade shows may get hungry. If the place has a cafe, the food there is likely to be greasy and unhealthy. Consider trail mix or energy bars. The presentation of the trail mix, energy bars and other edible items is also important. Consider using attractive bowls to hold the packets of trail mix. For tins of mints, consider stacking them up in a fun pyramid design. Serving trays are an elegant option for displaying edible trade show giveaways.


Stress Relievers

Traveling to a trade show, being on your feet all day and the disruption to your usual routine could all be stressful. One of our top quality trade show items is the stress ball. They come in bright colors, and they’re also available in star, football and hat shapes. Let your guests see you use it. Play a game of catch with passersby and the stress balls. Show them how satisfying it is to squeeze the ball and release it. Display these promotional items in clever containers such as metal wash bins or sand pails. Consider setting up a mini basketball hoop for people to throw the stress balls into. In this blog post, we offer additional quality trade show items that are known to help people with stress relief.



T-shirts with your company logo are the ads that keep on giving, but in a good way. Every time one of your trade show booth guests wears the t-shirt that he or she got from you, your business gets a little bit of free advertising. People are naturally observant of what other people wear, and your company’s name could get noticed by dozens of people every time one of the trade show booth guests wears it. You could also wear one of these pre-shrunk cotton t-shirts for yourself. They come in a variety of colors, so you could have a rainbow of them printed up with your company’s details. Arrange them on your display table like trendy stores do with their clothing. Keep everything sorted by size and color and ensure that the shirts are properly folded.


Popcorn Buckets

You know how the smell of popcorn in the office seems to spread around and make other people want popcorn, too? Put this to your advantage at your next trade show by giving away popcorn buckets and setting up a popcorn machine at your booth. The sound of popcorn popping and the smell of the freshly made popcorn could be irresistible to the guests at the trade show. You might even develop a reputation for being the popcorn guy or gal among attendees who come to the shows on a routine basis.


Golf Trade Show Giveaway Items

Many people play golf during their leisure time, so you could take advantage of it by including some golf tee at your trade show booth. In addition to the golf tees, consider adding some coordinating golf towels. When you’re giving away golf items, you could go all out with your trade show booth setup. Bring a mini putting green and set it up on the floor. Have a few putters ready. You could even have a prize wheel set up or give the prizes to people who make the hole in one or two swings. You could do some putting yourself between visitors at your booth.

These fun giveaway items can all be customized with your company’s name, logo, web address and anything else you’d like to add. By showing guests and passersby how much fun the promotional items can be, your booth could be one of the most popular spots at your next trade show. Check out more of our fun trade show giveaway items at Ad Cetera, Inc.

flowers make up brushes for mother's day

Quality Promotional Items That Will Impress Moms On Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the second Sunday of May each year in the United States, and this is an ideal time to honor all of the mothers in a community. Special events that take place around Mother’s Day allow you to give away and network with useful, high-quality promotional items with your company’s name on it. Consider one or more of these items that mothers, as well as others, are certain to enjoy receiving.


Bound Journals and Memorable Pens

multi color hardcover journals with lined paper


Moms have a lot to keep track of, and a bound journal paired with one of your quality promotional pens could be a nice way for her to keep all of her thoughts organized. This little bound notebook would easily slide into a mother’s purse or center console in her car, allowing her to jot down reminders or a short list of things to pick up from the store. These journals pair well with the best promotional pens. All pen styles, including those with a light-up stylus so  mom can see what she’s writing in the dark and these vivid click-action retractable gel pens, would be helpful and useful to any mom for Mother’s Day.


Warm Mugs and Cool Cups

black mug asking what's your mood with chalk writing

11 Oz. Chalkboard Mug

Many moms like to start the day with a refreshing cup of hot coffee or tea. With one of these Kona Joe ceramic mugs, her coffee or tea will stay warm long enough for her to actually finish it. These mugs have a 14-ounce capacity, allowing her to get a full dose of caffeine to start the day. For the mothers who need to take their coffee, tea or flavor-infused water on-the-go, these Glendale stainless steel, vacuum-insulated travel cups are a natural choice. This will be the cup that a woman takes with her everywhere she goes, from a grocery run to sports practice or a parent-teacher conference to a visit to the dog groomer’s. These travel cups keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold. They can be customized with your company’s color logo and name.


Self-care Quality Promotional Items for Busy Moms

multi color round balm

.25 Oz. EOS Lip Balm

Some moms are so busy taking care of others that they do not have the time to take care of themselves. Self-care items are another special way to put the focus on the mothers. Lip balm offers protection from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. This will help moms who spend time outdoors with their kids or who go out for runs and walks. A Clip-It hand sanitizer that attaches to key chains, backpacks and purses will help moms to keep their hands clean.


These quality Mother’s Day promotional items are a nice way to show your appreciation for all of the moms out there. Setting up at a Mother’s Day event and giving away these items is a clear way to show your respect for all of the hard-working, compassionate and giving moms. This small way of giving back will be noticed and remembered by everyone who stops by your booth or display. Check out these great Mother’s Day quality promotional items and many more fun options at Ad Cetera, Inc.
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Eco-Friendly Promo Items That Engage Your Desired Demographic

Today’s consumers increasingly prefer products that have a reduced impact on the environment. This preference even extends to eco-friendly promo items that are received for free at conventions or as part of marketing campaigns. Given this demand for biodegradable, recycled, and sustainable items, savvy brand promoters are provided with the opportunity to engage their audience from an unconventional and often-overlooked angle.

Exposing Your Brand to Engage Sustainable Interest

A rising focus on sustainable consuming habits can make it so that the material your eco-friendly promo items are made from becomes more memorable than the item itself. For instance, if your quality promotional pens are made from sustainable materials, people are more likely to associate your brand with sustainable practices, improving your brand perception. Even better are sustainably produced items like the Growables Planter, which is made from spruce wood without using any glue. A planter with your company’s name on it is the perfect way to show customers of your nursery or flower shop that you care about the environment.

What Are the Best Promotional Pens for Leaving a Mark?

The types of promotional pens that leave the most lasting impression on potential clients are those that effectively convey your brand’s story while also fitting in with the potential client’s priorities and values. Items that are clearly labeled as being recycled are more likely to be used frequently and remarked upon, leading to greater retention of your brand and greater likelihood that the item’s user will share your brand with others simply due to your focus on sustainability. Certain eco-friendly promo items like the Promo Write Recycled Notebook are made from recycled materials and come with a sustainably manufactured pen that will leave a lasting impression on customers of your legal office or consulting firm.

Often-Overlooked Avenues to Biodegradable Engagement

Biodegradable promotional items can be utilized for increased brand awareness in a number of surprising ways. For instance, biodegradable dental office promotional items like the Escape Jute Tote Bag don’t only serve as reminders to come back in for a checkup or further dental work; they also serve as a way to expose your brand to anyone who sees these items at the home or workplace of one of your patients. Using biodegradable promotional items as dental office freebies is a great way to conform to the value judgments of your existing patients while also anticipating the values that potential new clients hold dear.

Any brand can use the end of the old year and the coming of spring to their advantage by using new year promotional items at conventions, through the mail, or at the workplace. Many potential clients look forward to the new year as an opportunity to start fresh and leave behind the habits of the past in order to start something new. This forward-looking mindset is the perfect mentality with which to associate biodegradable promotional items.

Promote Your Priorities with Precision

Nobody likes wasteful merchandise, so choosing environmentally friendly products representing your business shows clients and customers that you’re thoughtful about your branding and business. Whether you’re leaning toward biodegradable products meant to be used for a short (but impactful) time or items made of high-quality recycled materials or designed with an eye to sustainability, we provide a variety of dependable and fun choices.

Many brands opt to work with ad cetera, inc due to the quality of the promotional products that we offer and the plenitude of recycled, biodegradable, and sustainable options that populate our catalog. Take a look at our wide array of personalizable promotional items to get an idea of what ad cetera, inc can do for your brand.

What is your favorite eco-friendly item? Tell us in the comments below!
Wood dining table in a restaurant set with dishes and wine glasses

Send Customers Away With More Than Full Bellies: The Best Promo Items for Your Restaurant

As a restaurant owner, your first priority is to provide quality food at reasonable prices and with excellent service. Although that alone will help boost your business, don’t overlook the power of the restaurant promotional item. Customers love taking free stuff home, so be sure to bid them farewell with more than just a satisfied appetite. Fun, inexpensive promotional products help keep your restaurant at the forefront of their minds and serve as great conversation starters for potential new business.

During Their Visit: Things You Need Anyway

Whether you are a small, local hole-in-the-wall cafe, a major national chain, or a high-class bistro, you need a wide variety of items to serve your patrons during a meal. Dishes, coasters, glasses, napkins, and flatware all have the potential to promote your restaurant to your most captive audience. Be sure to select a restaurant promotional item that fit the decor and atmosphere of your restaurant, whether that be beer steins, cocktail napkins or to-go cups.

The Write Idea: Quality Promotional Pens

Everyone can use extra pens. When you offer free pens to your customers, you are peppering their homes, cars, and offices with tiny ads for your restaurant. The extra writing tools will come in handy whether they end up in a desk drawer, a pocket or on the kitchen counter and will serve as a little reminder of a positive dining experience. Often, they can serve as calling cards as they get passed along to a friend, family member or stranger who is looking for a pen.

Food Fun for All

Consider using food shaped items to get your name out there. A cheeseburger stress reliever or a magnet shaped like a slice of pizza with your company info are great ways to make sure you’re restaurant is memorable and encourage repeat business. Have a more upscale clientele? An elegant corkscrew is a great way to reward your most loyal guests.

A Sweet Farewell: A Treat on the Way Out

Grabbing a few mints on the way out is always a pleasant way to say “Goodbye, and please come again!” to your customers. For just a few pennies, you can create a promotional wrapper for a butter mint that will serve as a reminder of a tasty lunch or pleasant dinner, and perhaps it’ll be shared with a friend or colleague later in the day.

The Take-Out Box: Put Leftovers to Work

Portion size continues to climb, and when your customers can’t quite finish everything on their plate, give them something to take home and remember you by. By hand-selecting promotional takeout containers or take-out bags, you can put all those leftovers to work. Bags and boxes serve as small signposts to keep your eatery in the minds of your regular customers as well as possibly introduce new people to your restaurant as bags get reused or re-purposed in upcoming weeks.

The Cool Association: Give ’em Something to Wear

If you have a hip and happening restaurant, think about selling some attractive T-shirts or hats to get your restaurant’s name out into the community. Come up with a signature design or creative message, and watch your restaurant promotional item goes viral.

If you’re ready to get your restaurant’s name out there and take advantage of the opportunities that come up each day, check out the myriad of products offered by ad cetera, inc. Whether you’re looking for the best promotional pens, coasters, corkscrews, or apparel, ad cetera, inc. is sure to be able to find you a unique item that can deliver your message effectively. Fun and useful promotional items serve as a great complement to delicious food, personal service, and affordable prices.

glass jar of multicolored candy

Black Friday Essentials: Attract More Clients With Quality Promotional Items

As the holiday season approaches, business executives are brainstorming about the best marketing plans. Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year, so you want to stand out during this consumer spending spree. Regardless of your industry, Black Friday quality promotional items are still the route to more clients through marketplace recognition. Attract your newest customers by using some of these clever products.

The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword

As a start to your Black Friday success, order promo pens with your logo or name. These items remain a favorite across every industry because you’ll always need a writing utensil during the workday.

When you want a clear winner, try a batch of retractable pens. With a handy clip attached to any style, these pens are perfect for both clients on the go and in the office. The company name shines in bright white along a red, blue, orange or green shaft.

The Marquis Stylus Pen in multiple colors with white print

The Marquis Stylus Pen

Going the Old-Fashioned Route

If you’re trying to engage with your potential clients, try an old-fashioned promo item. Yo-yos used to be the toy of choice among children before electronics hit the market. Spark nostalgia with mature clients while enticing young adults with this physics wonder.

Choose from any yo-yo color under the sun and add your logo to both sides. Your office phone may ring faster than ever with these toys in your clients’ hands.

steal yo yo with company logo

Executive Stainless Steel Yoyo

Speaking Volumes

Your clients carry their cellphones around each day, and they’re used for both personal and professional reasons. Get your clients excited about your company and their new promo item by offering a Bluetooth speaker. Play music, share conference calls and more with these versatile speakers. Several features make these speakers unique, including:

• Handles for portability
• Silver or black hues for logo visibility

customized bluetooth wireless speakers in multiple colors

Sound Dome Wireless Speaker

Offer these speakers as grand prizes or luxury gifts to potential customers. Your generosity may be rewarded with a loyal client afterward.

Exciting the Sweet Tooth

Every office worker craves sweets at some point during the day. Be the company that fulfills that craving while securing a loyal client. Candy jars can be quality promotional items. Choose from acrylic, tin or glass containers with your name on the outside curves.
square clear acrylic container with multicolored gumballs and a red ribbon

Acrylic Gift Jars Cube with Mini Gumballs

After the office finishes the candy, the container turns into a pencil holder or other desktop item. The result is your name being forever remembered on someone’s desk as the holidays come and go.

Work with a company, such as Ad Cetera, Inc., to find traditional and unusual items for your promo needs. Potential and established customers are always excited to see a complimentary gift, especially when it’s unique and outfitted with your pertinent information. Make Black Friday your day to shine in the consumer spotlight with Black Friday quality promotional items.

red to-go cup

5 Ways a Small Business Can Effectively Use Promotional Items at a Convention

If you are going to have a booth at a business convention or are participating in a business gathering, the simplest way to get your name out there is with promotional products. Convention promotional items put your business at the forefront of the client’s mind, and a more useful product will ensure they remember you after the show. Here are some tricks and ideas that might be effective for your next convention.

Gaming the System

Having a game is a great way to gather a crowd. You might have a bowl full of pens; the attendee will have to guess how many pens are in the bowl in order to win a prize. Yes, your name or logo will be emblazoned on each pen. After they register and fill out the guessing form, you can let them walk away with their own!

Walk Away Stress

Conventions can be stressful for exhibitors and attendees. Why not hand out stress balls featuring your business’s name as you walk the aisles? Here are some ideas that can get noticed:

Having a laugh over a squeezie or spinner is a great ice-breaker and will definitely be a positive memory for your potential clients.

Discover how our line of unique stress relievers can help your business.

Coffee Buzz

Attendees and exhibitors can be tired by the afternoon hours. Consider having a coffee maker at your booth and handing out a cup of coffee to those who stop by. The Traveler insulated cup is eco-friendly and a great convention promotional items. Of course, your logo can be displayed right on the side for everyone to see.

Sweet Somethings

If you’re looking for an idea that will sweeten up your potential clientele, consider sharing a little sugar. You can put your logo on a piece of Andes Thin Mint chocolate or another sweet treat and have a picker-upper for those who stop by with the munchies.

Keep ‘Em Warm

Sports gatherings or sports enthusiast conventions might have you wearing a neon green Sportsman 8″ Knit Beanie or another warm hat with your logo on it. You can wear one while giving them out to other spectators who might find themselves reaching for the beanie on their next outdoor adventure.

There are plenty of fun and unique ways to get your name out to the public. Choose convention promotional items that will have individuals fondly remembering your company long after the convention or gathering. ad cetera, inc can help you find effective promotional items for your business.

giveaway gift bags

Why Quality Promotional Pens Make the Best Trade Show Giveaways

Trade shows crowd convention centers across the nation every day. You can work within any industry, and trade shows are a necessary part of networking and premiering new products. Giving out complementary gifts is also a tradition. Don’t overthink the swag that you give out. Promotional pens are still one of the best trade show giveaways today, especially with modern enhancements that improve this standard writing tool.

Causing a Scene

Promotional pens aren’t just writing instruments. They cause a scene with their enhanced features, including bright colors. The Eclaire stylus pen offers a brilliant red or blue hue that accents your company’s logo or name.

Along with the color, this pen illuminates with the touch of a finger. Use the item as a stylus or pen with your name glowing in LED light. As you walk around trade shows, show off this light feature. Colleagues and visitors will flock to your side as they get excited about the unique aspects of a simple pen.

Offering Functionality

No one wants a complicated pen for their everyday needs, but they want all of the newest features too. Today’s promo pens use intuitive design to make every feature pop for the user, such as:

• Accessing the ink by twisting the pen’s shaft
• Clicking on the top button for stylus access

Other features might include laser pointers and USB connectors. If you’re in the financial world, consider promo pens with fraud resistance. Writing with ink that doesn’t wash off is a valuable gift to hand out to others.

Sparking Conversation

Consider pen handouts that have different writing options than the standard ballpoint. The Gel Ink pen writes smoothly and is easier to use than a ballpoint.

Spark conversations by trading these pens on the trade show floor. Add a paper wall to your setup area so that everyone can try the pens out. As the writing competition heats up, it breaks the ice among new friends. Your business blossoms with promo pens handed out every hour from your home base.

Lowering Costs

Although you can order almost any item today with your name emblazoned on the surface, it’s not always cost effective. Promo pens are still an affordable option for both established and startup companies. See a strong return on your promo investment when you choose unique pens. Shirts and hats are ubiquitous in the trade show world, but their cost often puts you in the red.

Explore the best trade show giveaways for your next trade show at Ad Cetera, Inc. With countless models to choose from, these promo pens will get your colleagues and customers excited about your next grand innovation. Promotional pens are designed to make a splash so that your name stands out above the rest.